Cat 66

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Cat 66

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0066

Things I want to know

Day 9, Part 10



The moment our lips connected, I remembered something else.


「hey, Miina….do you love me?」


Even though I already know it, I still end up wanting to check it. Understanding with one’s body, and being told through words, are the same at the same time totally different. 


「geez, of course I love you」


Our hugging bodies, before I knew it we had embraced more closer.


「How much, do you love me?」


「hmmm, I can’t say it that well you know…」


Miina who let out a troubled voice, “cute”, I thought.


「I want to know, Miina’s feelings」


With those words, I know that she wouldn’t be able to say no. 

Miina, groaned, and then she timidly opened her mouth


「I love you, Kasumi….., I want to be together with you forever, I want to kiss you, and I want to pampered by you…」 


Miina’s face that looked away from me, I could see it getting red. And the arm that was embracing me, had loosened up. 

I let go of my hand that was embracing Miina, and with my right hand I lightly pat her head. Just like when Miina wasn’t still in this form.


「Geez… How about you Kasumi?」


My body unconsciously hardened up. The feelings that I hold for Miina. It hasn’t changed since I noticed my love for Miina. the excitement when we Kiss, and the desire for wanting to get more deeper too. 


「I love you…..I want to be more connected to you, like kissing, or dating, or doing a lot of things that will make my heart beat faster….」


As if a dam had flooded over the words overflow, before I knew it I was looking down as my face had gotten hot. 

After all, all of it, it’s my true feelings, even the muddy parts that I couldn’t say, it feels like those were about to leak out.


「Now that I think about it….what’s a date?」


Did I not tell her about it yet? Because of that, my mind nearly whited out.


「u-ummm you see….it’s what lovers do, they go out with just the two of them you know!?」


I reflexively let out a loud voice. The loosened arm that Miina was hugging me with had gotten stronger and pulled our bodies closer.


「Then…..tomorrow, it’s a date with Kasumi right?」


「…..yeah,…you, don’t want to?」


「no, I’m really happy you know」


Once more our gazes overlapped each other.  My heart is already seeking Miina’s warmth. 

I closed my eyes as Miina’s face approached mine. Our eyelashes touched, and a sweet fragrance drifted about our skins.




As if conveying the words that ascertaining our feelings, a deep kiss as if tasting each other, my body is being melted into Miina. 

In a blink of an eye my body had gotten hot. Miina’s scalding emotions overflowed inside me. 

Our emotions slowly melting into each other. All I could think of now is Miina. 

When our lips had separated, Miina was already breathing roughly.


「nn….I love you….」


These were the only words I said. However, Between me and Miina, I felt that it was already enough for us.


「Kasumi, I love you…」


Our embracing body,staying embraced until we had collapsed to the bed from exhaustion.  


Cat chapter 66 

9: this chapter was cute

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  2. God damn, I unintentionally binged through all the currently translated chapters. It’s so fucking sweet that I was smiling my way through


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