Ogregirl ch9

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Ogregirl Chapter 9

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0009


First Live Stream

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/9/


Author: It’s finally the start of her live stream. 



「Aaa, aaa, test test」


The next day. I once again logged in the Town of Beginning, and I challenged this thing called my first live stream. 

There was a floating object right before me and as I was waving my hand and doing a mic test, and words appeared from the comment section that was left open.


『first timer here』 

『first timer here』 

『first timer yo』


「Ah, hello first timers. Its my first live stream and I don’t know if it’s working well, so can you guys properly hear my voice?」


『I can hear it』 

『Crystal clear』 

『first timer here』 

『The quality of the mic is the same as an high quality one』 

『↑ that’s the game’s feature you know』 

『first time』


While getting a bit happy from the comments that appeared, I was relieved that my voice was reaching them.


「That’s great. Ah, welcome to the first timers. Well then let’s start with the stream. You can call me Sukuna. Yesterday the people from the stream with Rin-chan-..Rinne, then you might know me」


Yesterday, Me and Rin-chan ended the live stream after leveling one last time but, at that moment I had her announce that I will be streaming the next day. 

The title is 『Sukuna’s first live stream』.  While simple, it’s easy to understand, it is a live stream with that kind of title.  

Right now it’s around 6 in the morning. Since it’s early in the morning, I’m honestly still a bit sleepy.


『I saw it』 

『Rinne’s acquaintance?』 

『Sukuna-tan, was it? I remember it』 

『I followed your official Liverz account』  

『↑HEROES new member』 

『I really like Rin-chan nickname』 

『Whoa, so a pro gamer?』


Rin-chan announced it yesterday but seeing new people coming here makes me happy. 

Matching with the pace of the viewers increasing, the comment section had been moving fast. 


Though are they for real when they said they followed my official account? I just made it yesterday, there shouldn’t be anyone following it yet though…..


By the way 《Liverz》 is a famous video site that is cooperating with WLO. (9: pronounces as Lai verz)  

You could watch the live stream there and, you could back up your recording and you could also upload normal videos. 

You could also do a bit of PR, if you follow your favorite viewers, you will get notified when they start streaming.


「um, let’s see. I’m also a 『HEROES』 VR category player, so I guess I am a pro gamer? It doesn’t really come to me yet but, I think that someday I will be doing something in that matter. Ah, This channel is a verified Liverz account so if you could please follow me. I will also put out the notices there 」


『Fumu fumu』 


『Followed you』 

『Lol at Rinne following faster than the official HEROES』 

『Love….is it』


In the first place, it’s an account made by Rin-chan…..


Setting that aside.  Since people are starting to gather already, I should probably move out now.


「Today you see, we will pass through the south plains and grind at 《Forest of the Edge》. Since wolves don’t give that much exp」


『You’re already going to the south?』 

『what do you by already, she started there from the start』 

『Rinne’s leveling spartan course』 

『↑spartan, there was a time I thought of it that way (ry』(9: (ry is the term used to shorten sentence and is assuming others already know what the  whole thing is, it seems) 

『It was more of a labor on the last part after all』 

『An evil spirit smiling as they beat wolves to death』  

『She’s an ogre girl after all, it can’t be helped』


「E-evil spirit…….they are monsters so it should be fine right?」


I think that it’s the wolves’ fault for having paper defenses. 

When I said that, the viewers laughed at me. I don’t get it.


「A-anyhow let’s go through the south plains! Here we go to the Forest of the edge!」


Even though it’s my first live stream, angry like the viewers were already friends that I have gotten used to, I was able to get back into the topic. 

I carried the iron club on my back which I had repaired the durability from the npc blacksmith before the stream started, And early in the morning I walked through the plains.


☆(9: star da ze~☆!) 


「Yahooo, serya!」


Not particularly using any arts, just like a manga’s smashing sound effect, the 3 wolves exploded.


「The iron club’s durability is like it’s charm point but, I don’t really get the method of how the durability decreases」


Checking the results that was not rewarding enough, I muttered it as if I was talking to myself. 

I think that it depends on the live streamer but I don’t really know when I should be formal or be casual. 

I just hope that they don’t really mind that part. 

It would be great if I could do the casual only like Rin-chan but, certainly it makes me relieved to talk formally to people I don’t know.


Halfway  through the plains, I marched through as I crushed three packs of wolves. 

While I was doing that, I talked about the weapon’s durability that was decreasing and not decreasing. 

I thought that it would be reduced by 1 whenever you attack but when I counted it, when I attacked twice it only decreased by 1.


『Teach us, oh naughty one』(9: puns…in the raws, it says eroihito(erotic person), which is a pun of eraihito(wise people, higher up and etc)) 

『Precisely attack their weak spots, head shots or cutting of their head, ways that will instantly kill them, with those action it won’t reduce the durability』  

『It took him 5 seconds』 

『Damn you type so fast』


Everyone praised the knowledgeable viewer’s quick reply. 

I see, If I hit their soft spots they would be killed in one hit , and I was not really aiming for their head or chin anymore. 

That kind of playstyle will only burden the iron club.


「That means that the durability decreased because I was cutting corners…?」


『To much of a muscle brain』 

『Are you telling me if you don’t hold back you can keep hitting their weak spots?』 

『Weak spot hitter Ogre』 

『It looks like in PVP she would mercilessly kick your family jewels』 

『↑ lol so Brutal』 

『I can’t laugh at that…..I felt my crotch stiffen up』


「I-I won’t aim for the family jewels you know~!! you can’t hit it that easily unless you could have a big opening. If you’re talking about fighting against other people, won’t you have to break their legs first? and then go for their eyes?」









Even though I thought that it’s the basic strategy to disable their mobility, it looks like it’s not.


Unlike the upper body that can unexpectedly move freely, the legs that support the body can’t really do any big movements that will be hard to evade with. All you could do is move all your body with a side step or a jump. 

If you could get close and aim low then, all you would have is nothing but a punching bag.


It would be hard to aim for the eyes but, if you could properly steal their sight away then you would have more advantage compared to aiming for the legs. 

Though I don’t know if this game has the system for losing eyeballs, isn’t it the sure thing to break their limbs as how the body would experience.


「Wait, why am I thinking of destroying human bodies?」



『fuoo….please stop saying scaring things』 

『As I thought she really is a brutal ogre girl!』 

『So it’s the period for slaughtering girls…?  』


The viewers are gradually losing reservations. 

Well, since the comment section is having fun with it, let’s just go with it.


「Nn, ooh?」


『What is it?』 

『Is there something?』 

『I laughed from the weird voice』


「No, it’s just the map is-…..wait, was my voice that weird!?」


While I was having a distant look as I had little conversation with the comment section as I walked, a sudden chill came to me. 

Though that was a joke, there was a huge ripple in the map shown by the 《detection》 skill.  

I leaned my head from an unknown phenomenon, when I tampered with it, there was already no reaction.


「That is…I wonder what that is? a red wolf?」


Since my map is not helping at all, I compromised with my eyesight as I looked around, and then there was something obviously out of place. 

And that is, something I haven’t seen in the plains, it was a wolf with a bit reddish tint of red fur.


There was no mistake, it’s looking towards me. No, you could say that, it’s waiting for me. 

Did it notice my gaze? The red wolf -sekiro- gently walked towards me.


『Did something happen?』 

『Something is coming』 

『It’s my first time seeing a red wolf』


「Is it a monster? It sure is big」


I couldn’t properly guess it’s size from far away but,  with a rough look at it, it’s size was about 3 times that of a normal wolf. 

Slowly closing the distance, since it was monster then, I caution myself from surprise attacks. 


『It’s Aria』


And during that time, one comment went through the gaze of my eyes.




This fast typing that lets you feel impatient, it’s the bro that explained the durability! having no time to even make fun of it, a fast response came back to me. 

The contents was very easy to understand, and it had enough information in it that was enough to surprise me.


『South plains boss monster!』


「No way」


When I read that comment, the red wolf was suddenly right before my eyes. 

It’s sharp eyes was full of strife, and the Wolf of isolation raised it’s sublime howl.


――《Kokou no Sekiro, Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria-》 

――Level 28. 


Ogre chapter 9 end

9: oh my god it’s finally here, the first turning point of this story, one of my favorite parts of the story and the part of the story that made me like this story. Sukuna’s first boss battle. just a note… it’s not a normal boss…..


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    How nice of that wolf boss to come and offer itself up!

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  2. I just wanted to state I was curious and tried reading this via machine translating. You’re doing an amazing job translating 9. Thanks a ton I’m so into this story!

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  4. Thanks for the translation! This novel seems really charming so far, it’s one of the most promising I’ve picked up recently. Keep up the good work!


  5. That a cool name for a boss in the beginner area! Somehow the naming Sense remind me of Dark Souls, Bloodborne & Sekiro series


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  7. The author nailed the chat it’s killing me lol.

    That one always inline warrior that always answers first and seems to know everything.


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