Ogregirl ch11

Ogregirl Chapter 11

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0011


The Instant of the Clash

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/11/ 


(3rd POV)  

The state of the fight between these 2 figures can now be watched throughout all of japan. 

Behind the scenes, It is because the girl called 《Sukuna》didn’t stop her live streaming before switching to fighting. 

No, there was even no time to stop it, which means that there is no room in her mind to think of it at all, and the viewers know of it. 

The status difference between them is large. 

The fight shown on the screen was, in a glance it looks like Sukuna is being played on. 

However Aria the red wolf’s HP gauge was reduced to half and dyed in yellow, and furthermore Sukuna’s HP was mostly unscathed.


1 hour. 

That was how long the fight between them had continued on, the time that Sukuna put the red wolf’s gauge into red.


『Is she really a human?』


One of the viewers commented so.


Sukuna’s fighting style was very simple. 

A counter following a counter. 

Having a very extraordinary precise control of the avatar, to continue hitting the smallest opening. 

With godly predictions and reflex to protect herself and putting in a returning attack.


Saying it is simple. 

There is no mistake that this is the most valid strategy to overturn the difference in status.


However, no matter how much of a melee specialist the ogre tribe is, with the difference of level, one clean hit would put her on the verge of death, if her vitals are targeted then she won’t escape death. 

And that is for 1 hour. Moreover what was on her face wasn’t a face of exhaustion, but one filled with joy. 

With the concentration of the likes of putting a thread on the hole of the needles and to continue maintaining it, the player, Sukuna, trifles with the overwhelmingly higher ranked monster.


Though her reputation increased from《Rinne》’s live stream yesterday, Nana the member of 《HEROES》,  the number of《Sukuna》’s viewer didn’t even go over a hundred during the start of her live stream. 

And that is natural. If there are popular live streamers in the first wave of players then, yesterday there should be famous live streamers in the 2nd wave of players too. 

Rather, she should be grateful that there were that many viewers to come so early in the morning.


However, right now, the number of the people in 《Sukuna》’s live stream is over 10,000.


Named Boss Monster, since their appearance is rare in  itself, it is normal for it to gain enough attention.  

At the beginning there was only a report in the BBS that Sukuna encountered Aria the red wolf. 

After a few minutes of it being reported, the stream’s url was spread. 

It raised into the ranking of the streaming site, and because of that it furthermore scattered and a cycle began, and finally the number of viewers had reached 10,000. 


At the edge of the deathmatch, reducing until the red gauge, the red wolf was wrapped in a mysterious aura, and attacked Sukuna with a speed incomparable from before.  

And Sukuna too, having a really violent smile as she faces the red wolf. 

All of the gazes that have been watching them have felt that the time of climax is closing in.




When  it’s HP was reduced to 20%,  it’s limbs started to have a flame looking like aura.  

And that attack has shaved off her HP gauge that hasn’t been reduced up until now.  

The attack  itself only scratched her for a little but, and the damage  it’s not that big. But still  the reduced HP is there. 


She has been reacting the same until now but, she wasn’t able to react to it. 

Sukuna accepted that fact, and guessed that the aura’s ability is some sort of speed buff. 

The increase rate is a mystery. With the acceleration, at worst it might be doubled. 

It was a simple yet powerful effect.




The claws that have been slashing her as if passing by, she was barely able to ward it off with her Iron club. 

Not being able to perfectly kill the force, the claws scratched her arm taking off around 5% of her HP.  

She could see it. However, it is too fast that her avatar couldn’t react fast enough due to  it’s status.


However, in just those 2 blows, Sukuna noticed a clear weak point hidden inside the burning aura. 

And that is, Sukuna’s only way to break through the formidable foe Aria is. 

A really convincing, fatal weak spot.


That time will certainly come. 

However, the method Sukuna took was not even a counter but pure defense.


From the movement of the Red wolf’s muscle, sight, and from the experience in the fight, she could predict the incoming attacks. 

Before the enemy attacks, She puts up her defenses. 

Of course Sukuna’s HP will reduce even if  it’s just a scratch but, there was still a room to relax with the 90% she has while nearing the climax.


「Ra- aaaaaaaaaaaah!!」


Since she got the point, all she needs to is her concentrating strength. 

Scattering large sparks, she wards off the incoming claws.


Depending on the opponent’s movements, she puts up an attack. 

It’s not about the attack hitting, it is so that the opponent’s attack will be taken unprepared with 「 It’s going to hit」. 

Precisely, It means that  it’s not a counter to the 「opponent」but their 「Attack」, but setting that aside. 

What Sukuna right now is doing that, if she fails even once then  it’s instant death, an act of suicide.


But still, Her rising concentration and a little bit of luck has guided Sukuna’s action to success. 

5 times. That is the attack that Sukuna has defended the red wolf’s attack sacrificing about 30% of her HP.


The moment that she was able to succeed 5 times from that despairingly predictions, the time she was waiting for has finally come.


The red wolf’s HP, continuing to activate the mysterious burning aura. 

Even though Sukuna wasn’t giving any damage at all, it was decreasing by a dot.


That is one of the demerits that Sukuna noticed. That mysterious aura forcefully reduces HP as you activate it.


Its speed may be lagging but, having only a remaining 20% percent left, it may be small but  it’s fatal. 

The red wolf right now is weakened so much that if you inflict damage on it, it would be defeated.


However,  it’s not all good. 

In the current situation, Sukuna can only defend from the red wolf’s attack, even though it had started to put on  it’s aura, all that was there was only just a dot of damage.


And more than that, even if there is only a dot of HP left, the HP reduction stopped at that timing, and moreover the aura increases in force. 

And that is fighting with a wall on your back. 

Killing your opponent even at the cost of your life, it was as if Aria the red wolf’s will had incarnated.


Aria the red wolf took distance to accelerate.  

The next one will decide it. 

The both of them believed in so. 

Reading each other’s movements, predicting one another, so that they would get the most optimal solution to kill their enemy. 

badump, badump. feeling the beat that they shouldn’t even be able to hear.


「here I go!」




Both of them shouted, the final exchange had begun.


As if Aria the Red Wolf’s greatest speed is not enough to kill his opponent, It bulged up all of his muscles. 

A running slash is no good. 

This claws of his, with all his strength it shall pierce through the bowels of her heart. 

His speed was just like that of a sound.


While feeling the sudden burst of force from straining himself to the utmost limit, the red bullet was fired――, right before Aria’s eyes, it perceived a tiny sparkle. 


That was just one metal weapon that has been hanging on Sukuna’s belt since the start. 

The 《Throwing Knife》 that Sukuna has never used once in this battle. 

The projectile that he was never able to expect since Sukuna has been fighting melee from the start, However for it to just happen now, the red wolf wouldn’t be able to evade it.


That was the 2nd weak point that Sukuna found. 

These speeds were strengthened through a skill, the named that is Aria the red wolf 「can’t control it」.


The mysterious aura that Aria the Red wolf is officially called, the Named Skill 《Ravenous Wolf’s Pride -Garou no Hokori-》.


It forcefully activates when your HP is reduced to 20%, continuously consuming your HP and a the same time having a fatally harsh condition to activate, in exchange for that, it increases the speed of the target by 2 fold, and an extraordinarily strong effect by the skill.


However, the overwhelmingly strong one like Aria the red wolf, this skill was rarely activated. 

It’s because it was rare for his HP to be reduced until 20% of it.


And due to that, the speed that was increased was too much to handle, and can only attack with just a charge or with his claws. 

That is why, even with the very Apart status from Sukuna, with the godly skill of 「putting up an attack beforehand」she was able to endure through the red wolf’s attack.


That was a perfect surprise attack. 

I can’t avoid it. 

If it hits I die. 

As If I would die like that. 

There is no way that I will face my end just like that! 


That moment of time of thought that didn’t even take an instant. 

In his extensive mind, an end that he couldn’t accept, he crunched the incoming knife. 

“I would probably be able to do that a second time” it was such an idealistic act that made him think of such.


However, that projective was nothing but just a bait. 

That moment of thought’s instant opening, that was the only time that Sukuna wanted.


The speed that slowed down for only a moment. 

That was, to an attack that was originally unable to make it in time, it was supposed to make it time.


《Blunt Weapon》 Skill ―― Arts name 《Finisher》. 


The skill that you could get the fastest among the skills from 《Blunt Weapon》, having a really heavy price with the name that answers it’s demand which is a Finishing Blow.


With the stun time of 10 seconds to use and using up 100% of the weapon’s durability, but in exchange for that heavy price was, three times as strong and three times as fast as 《Strike》.  

The one and only trump card that Sukuna had never used in this battle.




Swinging down with all her might, an attack that you could call midway suicidal attack, the wolf who slowed down for a little bit, was aimed on as it swung down.  

The iron club with all her soul, the claw attack that was pushed by the overwhelming speed, produced a thundering sound as they clashed.


The collision of the attacks caused the cloud of dust, as the wind pressure blew violently.


Behind Sukuna, there was a large sound as something fell. 

What was blown away from the violent winds was Sukuna’s right leg. 

It was mostly cut off from the roof of her leg, it was the result of the iron club’s final blow changing the angle of the claw. 

The red wolf that had his HP blown away with the 《Finisher》, had a satisfied look as it disappeared.


From the fierce battle, even losing one leg, the last one standing on the grassy plains was the black haired Ogre Tribe.




『Named Boss Monster 《Red Wolf of Isolation (Kokou no Sekiro)  Aria》has been defeated』 

『Title Obtained《Red Wolf’s Pride》』  

『Title Obtained 《Named Boss Hunter》』 

『Title Obtained 《Challenger of the Strong》』 

『Accessory Obtained 《The Proof of the Named Solo Subjugator》』  

『Skill Obtained 《Ravenous Wolf -Garou-》』 

『First Subjugation Bonus: Named Item 《Red Wolf of Isolation -Aria-‘s Soul》』 

『You Leveled up』 

『You Obtained Bonus Status Points』 

『You Obtained Drop Items』





「I..did it….」


While understanding the fact she lost one leg, Sukuna still slowly let out a voice of joy.


She was barely able to avoid taking it on her body but, from the last attack, stealing her right leg, at that point her HP had already reached the red zone. 

And moreover, from the flickering notice on the edge of her vision, she could see her HP decreasing.


The info that Sukuna doesn’t have, she didn’t know that it is the bleeding status from loss of body part but, she understood that she is steadily reaching death.


「I guess, this is fine…」


“I don’t really have to care”, as she mutters satisfied.


Sukuna hearing all the notices, from the bleeding of loss of limbs, she received slip damage, and she came to meet her first death in the game. 


Author: first boss battle end, she won but she died 


Ogre chapter 11 end

9: fuck that was fun, Aria is the best.

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    1. 9: well, in my opinion, I think it can’t be helped, First Sukuna didn’t really know about the bleeding status, especially since its her first time getting damaged in this game if you think about it. And also I don’t know if her potions are enough to heal her limbs, and those potions are probably beginner potions that doesn’t really heal much, it might close the wound but I doubt it can heal her limb, and then even if the bleeding stops, she has to go back to town with only one leg and then on the way back she will be attacked by wolves and then plus she is mentally exhausted from the battle, she might be able to do it but its not that worth it. If I had to deal with all of that, I’d rather respawn log out and take a quick nap.

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