Ogregirl ch14

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Ogregirl Chapter 14

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0014



rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/14/ 


【No way】Nana/Sukuna General Thread 2 【it’s a boss battle】  

1:Nameless Ogre fan

This is the thread for the pro-gamer member of the 『HEROES』VR category 《Nana》 and is《Sukuna》in WLO. Strictly NO trolling and trash talking allowed.


2:Nameless Ogre fan

>>1 GJ

I wonder what’s happening with this


3:Nameless Ogre fan

>>1 GJ

I don’t know, can’t see


4:Nameless Ogre fan

I can see the wolf winning but…


5:Nameless Ogre fan

>>1 gj

Though she evades it all and hits back


6:Nameless Ogre fan

>>1 GJ

Its 30% better and the eyes are sharp


7:Nameless Ogre fan

>>1 gj

I’ll give you the right to be hit by Sukuna-taso

Though I wonder what really is happening


8:Nameless Ogre fan

The camera is too near that I don’t really understand


9:Nameless Ogre fan

Sukuna-tan is smiling


10:Nameless Ogre fan

In the first place what is it with this wolf? 


11:Nameless Ogre fan

Oh the camera is starting to get back


12:Nameless Ogre fan

There sure is an impact from that wolf’s huge size


13:Nameless Ogre fan 


Fromm the previous thread, 997

Its a Name boss monster it seems

Its that one, Aria the red wolf


14:Nameless Ogre fan

Its a wandering type shitty cheaty monster


15:Nameless Ogre fan

Rather than red, I’d say its feels more like scarlet


16:Nameless Ogre fan


So you got killed, rip

Though its wandering, the spawn conditions are unknown


17:Nameless Ogre fan

Though its for certain its a Solo Named


18:Nameless Ogre fan

I really hate this guy cause it won’t let you heal up

It feels that he is higher leveled than he is from that after all


19:Nameless Ogre fan

So there quite a lot of player watching it too huh

well, I can understand that since the comment section is way too fast you can’t catch up


20:Nameless Ogre fan

If I go against this I might piss myself…!




107:Nameless Ogre fan

Somersault www (9: w mostly means lol)


108:Nameless Ogre fan 

What a perfect posture


109:Nameless Ogre fan

Just what in the world is that sense of balance that she could do it in that position


110:Nameless Ogre fan

Man this is awesome, she still hasn’t taken any damage


111:Nameless Ogre fan


she had her iron club support her for that


112:Nameless Ogre fan

She is also not attacking that much isn’t she?


113:Nameless Ogre fan

[8:30 PM]

After if she gets hit she dies

Isn’t she focusing on evading and countering?


114:Nameless Ogre fan

Even though she was attacking really hard in the beginning


115:Nameless Ogre fan

I was able to somewhat get something from the comment section

Isn’t it because she judged that she if she fights like that, her stamina won’t be able to keep up if she fights like that, they said


116:Nameless Ogre fan


I shee 


117:Nameless Ogre fan

Aah, I see


118:Nameless Ogre fan

So she always like in demon mode from a certain hunting game?


119:Nameless Ogre fan


something like that


120:Nameless Ogre fan

So that’s why it’s counter

Though even with that you still need to see through that violence


121:Nameless Ogre fan

So before her senses, her eyes are good is it?


122:Nameless Ogre fan

What does the game do with its eyesight?


123:Nameless Ogre fan

I don’t think it’s on the level of just good reflexes


124:Nameless Ogre fan


There is a bit off a correction to a certain degree

I think that If they  lower it than that it might cause some sort of side effect


125:Nameless Ogre fan

Just like her reflex, she really has talent in VR


126:Nameless Ogre fan

it’s not enough even if you say that


127:Nameless Ogre fan

After all you can raise your VR aptitude as much as you want from training

Though regarding Sukuna-taso its not on that level


128:Nameless Ogre fan

If you saw Rinne in her early day few years ago, you could understand

It seems like she was bad in moving her body

But in the end she became a top player though as always she is only avoiding fighting games

Since she also went full magic in WLO too


129:Nameless Ogre fan

Is that what you call real cheat?


130:Nameless Ogre fan


Yes it is




469:Nameless Ogre fan



470:Nameless Ogre fan



471:Nameless Ogre fan



472:Nameless Ogre fan



473:Nameless Ogre fan

She finally did it


474:Nameless Ogre fan



475:Nameless Ogre fan

Sukuna-tan died tooooooooooooooo


476:Nameless Ogre fan

I was this close to crying


477:Nameless Ogre fan

I became a fan


478:Nameless Ogre fan

It was so tense that my heart exploded


479:Nameless Ogre fan

With an iron club and a low level equipment against the level difference which is two times higher and defeating it, seriously I don’t get it anymore


480:Nameless Ogre fan


Bro with the heart that exploded, you should go to the hospital


481:Nameless Ogre fan

On a serious note, their compatibility to each other is good

With Ogre tribe being a race specialized for physical stats

And the monster red wolf too having a specialized physical stats

though thinking about the difference in level, then it’s the abnormal PS that decided it

Just like the red wolf having an absolute meta with magic jobs and the same with the physical types meta there should be a monster like that too, so in a way its balanced


482:Nameless Ogre fan

Ah, revived


483:Nameless Ogre fan

She really did

Is there a death penalty or something?


484:Nameless Ogre fan


Now that you remind me, the race has a clear weakness

She has too much of a monster PS that it made me forgot

Though there’s another theory that no one can win against her with a specialized physical type


485:Nameless Ogre fan


There is

Time based status reduction and no exp gain

No item lost


486:Nameless Ogre fan


Since the Ogre tribe’s defense against magic just makes you want to laugh

Actually her natural enemies are pure aoe attack magic like Rinne’s

However, Sukuna-tayan sure feels like she is mad for battle


487:Nameless Ogre fan

Since she looks like she really had a ton of un


488:Nameless Ogre fan

Her brave figure during battle and her fluffy figure after battle, that gap is good isn’t it?


489:Nameless Ogre fan

Oh, It seems that she is going to stop streaming for now and log out

Well her death penalty is 6 hours so its reasonable


490:Nameless Ogre fan

So start again this afternoon

But when sometimes she says Rin-chan, it feels like they are childhood friend


491:Nameless Ogre fan

Rinne has the cool type image after all

Rin-chan doesn’t really connect at all Lol 


492:Nameless Ogre fan

I haven’t ever thought of calling Rinne, Rin-chan

Well, according to Rinne-chan they have together since kindergarten so it wouldn’t be weird


493:Nameless Ogre fan

The case of Nana’s privacy being written her from being exposed from Rinne

Even though the person herself didn’t say nothing about herself, Lol at the fact that she really has a profile wiki


494:Nameless Ogre fan

I’m sure it’s out of love(trembling voice)


495:Nameless Ogre fan

I saw something nice early on a day off


☆ (9: it’s……a STAR!!!)


【Lv 40】WLO Named Info share thread 7 【if you go over it】  

1: Millionaire

This is the thread where the players at the frontline gather to hunt for the Named boss monsters. Recognize them as strong people who have gone over level 40, so keep in mind to do things in moderation. And once again, there is no anonymity so I’d suggest you think before you write.




128: Tetsuya

Just came here

I slept again for a 2nd time

The thread is really getting filled up quickly, did something happen?


129: Momosuke



130: Blaze

If it isn’t the corporate slave ranger Tetsu-san, yo!’ssu 


131: Fortissimo

It sure is rare for the corporate slave Tetsu-san to rest on a day-off


132: Noel

From the 2nd wave of players

A Named boss got defeated


No good there not enough content to make up for the 3rd line


133: Tetsuya


A Named is?

From the 2nd wave?

There should be a better lie


134: Millionaire 

We want to say it too but..

We saw the actual scene….


135: Noel

That person was live streaming

there was a recording of it left too

The total watcher reached up until 15k 


136: Tetsuya

Are there any presence cheats?

Wait, who was it that even defeated it?


137: Millionaire

Player name is Sukuna

A newcomer-chan that was decided to be a member of the HEROES VR category

I gave up a million


138: Fortissimo

I like how Millionaire-san’s name goes with who they are

Just where did you get that money?


139: Noel

It’s most likely there aren’t any cheats

With just how much it got attention, she wasn’t banned

By the way, the one that got defeat was Aria



That HEROES you say, is it Nana that had gotten a bit of attention before

The hell, are you talking about Aria, that Solo Named? Just how in the world did she beat that Stamina cheat


141: Noel

If you look at it you would understand but its an all out counter tactics

Thinking about it right now, the reason she did that was too reduce stamina consumption

[9:32 PM]


[9:34 PM]

142: Tetsuya

Everyone can think of doing a counter against that shitty wolf but no one was able to do it.

Oh well, I’ll go check the time shift for a bit


143: Noel


It was so shocking that I’d like to rest from advancing and do some consideration


144: Millionaire

Oh, are everyone from the corporate slave force resting today?


145: Noel

Since it’s still morning, I don’t know but, I’d like to think about Solo Named


146: Fortissimo

Me would like to participate


147: Noel

The way you said it was annoying so no


148: Millionaire

I’ll go and challenge the named at the west


149: Fortissimo

I’m very sorry!!

Millionaire-san, its at the 4th right(convinced)


150: Momosuke

Fumu, looks like this place too which was depopulating everyone who was putting to much energy in the frontline, has gotten some energy -degozaru

It looks like I shall also exert thyself 


Ogre chapter 14 end

9: BBS, BBS I like reading them but translating them is a bit tough due to slangs


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    1. 9: as far as I remember, there aren’t any assholes, if there was and I don’t remember it then it probably won’t be that much. A lot of people she meets are nice people, which makes it a relaxing read

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  2. “118:Nameless Ogre fan

    So she always like in demon mode from a certain hunting game?”

    Thats totally a monster hunter reference of the dual blades isnt it…

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  4. ugh, I hate BBS style content in chapters. It’s basically meaningless filler told in an annoying way


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