Ogregirl ch 21

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Ogregirl Chapter 21

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0021


Unexpected Guest

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/21/




When I woke up, Rin-chan was already out of the bed, and the only one left on the bed was me. 

Yawning while going to the living room, I didn’t only smell the meal but also hear talking voices. 

I thought it was the phone but, there was a presence of another person other than Rin-chan. Thinking that it might be a guest, I opened the door to the living room.


「Good morning. Did someone come to visit?」


「Good morning. Its a girl you know too」


It seems like the guest was talking with Rin-chan at the table, she was on the field of my vision.


Blonde hair and blue eyes. An impression that gives you an appearance of a western look, a really pretty girl. 

There were differences in the height and small portions but, it’s a face that I have a memory of. 

Since Rin-chan said that she is someone I know, I shouldn’t be wrong.


「Are you, maybe, Touka-chan?」


「I am! Long time no see, Nana-oneesama」


A young girl――Touka-chan, said it with a smile like that of a flower.



Her name is Takajou Touka(鷹匠 燈火). As the name implies, She is Rin-chan’s relative, a person which is her cousin. 

The daughter of Rin-chan’s uncle, and her mother is British. 

Her appearance strongly inherited her mother’s looks so she doesn’t look like Japanese that much but, she was born and raised in Japan.


We used to play a lot when we were young, since especially Rin-chan  pampered her, I also naturally got along with her. 

We used to play together up until the middle of middle school.


「Wow, you sure have gotten big. Even though you were smaller than me before」


「My height is the only one that just keeps growing….its embarrassing」


「It’s nothing like that, I’d say it’s cool」


Even sitting, she looks tall but her standing figure is much more amazing. Her height probably goes over 180 cm. 

Her hands and legs are also long, and height is also tall. And the modest part of hers is , in contrast it makes her beauty more prominent. 

Since our height difference is bigger than one head, I mostly have to look up.


「Nana-oneesama have not changed at all it seems」


「Nana has not changed at all in these 10 years. She hasn’t changed at all as if her time had stopped」


「The both of you have just grown too much….」


The meaningless conversation started to get noisy. Its a reunion for a long time, and her looks might have changed too but Touka-chan was still the same Touka-chan that I knew.



「So, why are you here so early in the morning?」


「To meet with Nana-oneesama. I have received contact from Rin-oneesama that you were here」


「Meet me? I’m happy but, why?」




Other than that if she had some business with Rin-chan, I couldn’t think of any reason for her to meet with me. 

I said that thinking about that but, Touka-chan hearing my words, stiffen up like a stone. 

Even if I wave my hands before her eyes, she’s not reacting. I wonder what happened?


「R-Rin-nee….Nana-nee is….」


「okay okay, I know that it’s a shock so don’t cry. It’s way better than being forgotten」


As Rin-chan was comforting Touka-chan as she patted her , Even though she was released from stiffening up, there were tears gathering at the corner of her eyes, Rin-chan said something.


「Nana….you, how long has it been since you have met with Touka?」


「Since it was during Middle school so…..around 6-7 years?」


Being told that, I thought back at the time when My parents died from an accident, a lot of things happened that I didn’t even have the time to play with anyone. 

It was the time where I was so exhausted that I wouldn’t even listen to Rin-chan. 

Since I couldn’t even properly be with Rin-chan so, I think that it’s natural that I would stop meeting with Touka-chan.


「I think that you didn’t know but, there was even a rumor in your hometown that you disappeared you know? After you moved to your aunt’s place, Touka said something like 『Nana-nee died!』and cried a lot, it was a lot of trouble you know」


「Wait a second, don’t tell her about that Rin-nee!」


「eh, you’re kidding right?」


Touka-chan  who was embarrassingly clinging on to Rin-chan, she totally forgot about her shell of formalities. 

This is, when she was trying to act cool it immediately comes off, seeing this scene sure has been a while. 

In the first place, she is someone that does not talk formally with us. 

Though in reverse, other than us, she is a girl that always talks formally.


Though still, disappeared is it? Now that I think about it, other than Rin-chan and her parents, I didn’t  tell anyone else. 

Sure, I went to the graduation ceremony but….the phone that I was given to be just in case too, it only had the number from Rin-chan, former working place, and the agency temp. 

That’s why it was possible for a rumor of me disappearing to come out, but still.


「Rin-chan, did you not tell her anything?」


「Yes I didn’t. Since it was interesting」


「No, well. I won’t think about blaming you since I’m also at fault but….I see. I’m sorry Touka-chan. So you were here to check If I was alive right?」


Not having the right to blame Rin-chan for saying that as if it was nothing, I apologized to Touka-chan. 

Touka-chan heard that, for a moment she had a gloomy face but soon turned back to a face of happiness.


「it’s like tha-……ahem, You are right. So that nothing like this happens again, would you please exchange contacts with me?」


「Yeah, its fine」


I didn’t put the number of my coworkers since they are strangers but Touka-chan is like family. 

Since we have met again like this, we should at least exchange contacts.


Thinking so, I left my phone to Touka-chan which was several generations old. 

After all I didn’t change it for 8 years so, looking at the phones that kept on evolving, it is quite a rare item. 

She is probably used to it. Touka-chan skillfully exchanged contacts and returned my phone in less than a minute.


「Uhehe, Nana-nee’s contact….」


「Touka, your drool is dripping」 


「You’ve gotta be kidding….wait, it’s not dripping, isn’t it!?」


「I told you before It started dripping. I know that you’re excited but, could you just straighten up more」


「uwu, Yes ma’am」


I don’t really understand why but, seeing Touka-chan being lectured by Rin-chan feels nostalgic. 

Rin-chan being the youngest, acts like an older sister since Touka-chan was there after all….. 

And Touka-chan herself also admires Rin-chan, so I remembered that I can only see these two as very close sisters.


「 Now then, I know that we have a lot to catch up to but, for now we should have breakfast. Since I have plans I need to do today too. 」




「It’s not like I didn’t call Touka for no reason」


Rin-chan said that and had a dumbfounded face as she sighs.


「Nana-nee, it’s about WLO」


「Ah, I see…….Touka-chan are you playing it too?」


「She’s not just playing it, Touka is also a streamer. I made her play WLO」


「Rin-chan made me play WLO」


“Playing together”, the point is that they didn’t say that.


「Touka is from the first wave of players but she doesn’t have the same time as me so, you’re around the 4th town Fias right?」


「No, I am still busy with the university, so I am still exploring around the 3rd town Tria’s area」


「Ah, the you’re more closer to me then」


Since I am at the Dualis the 2nd town, I could catch up to where Touka-chan is if I just run through 1 town.


「Touka, don’t you want to collab with Nana?」 


「I want to!!」


「Reach Dualis until noon. You can do it right?」


「I can! I’ll be borrowing the neighboring room. 」


「Sure. come back before it’s 12」


「Roger! Nana-nee, we just met again for a short while but please excuse me」 



It seems that there was some agreement between the two of them, Touka-chan left like a storm.


「So she went」


A sudden reunion and a sudden parting….rather, yeah. 

Being left here, not overusing my head that I didn’t put into work, for now I took a bite on the butter roll on the table. 


Author: Tall clumsy half japanese pretty girl Touka-chan. 

This story’s the most pampered girl. 


Ogre chapter 21 end

9: been wondering if I was able to properly show their personality through the words they are saying. I’ve been kinda doing it subconsciously so I don’t know if I did well. 


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  1. Thanks for the update! I’m always happy when there’s a girl taller than me in a story, so I’m happy Touka’s here!


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        And don’t you dare to compare the cute Sukuna-chan with that perverted Demon God who got a freaking amnesia.

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