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Ogregirl Chapter 26

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0026


Named Skill

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/26/ 




《Red Wolf’s Attire》 

4 part set 

Rarity: Named PM 

Defense: +50

Agility: +50

Required Strength: 5 

Named Skill: 《 Wolf King’s Rapid Gallop (Rou ou shikku)》 

A battle attire made from the materials of Aria the Red wolf of Isolation. 

Giving the wearer weightless speed, being able to keep up with the speed of the Red wolf. 

The Red Wolf is ever waiting. For the strong one to defeat him.


※ This equipment is unable to be  lost. When it loses all durability, it will become 《Damaged Standby status》.  

※ Named Skill is a special skill enchanted to the equipment. The wearer can receive its effects ignoring the skill slots.




《Moon Camellia’s Solo (Tsubaki Kanade)》 

Head wear 

Rarity: Named PM 

Named Skill: 《Red Wolf’s Solo Song (sekiro no Aria)》  

The hair ornament where the soul of the Red wolf lies. 

The scarlet petals smile upon the moon, singing an endless song. 


※ This equipment is unable to be  lost. When it loses all durability, it will become 《Damaged Standby status》.  

※ Named Skill is a special skill enchanted to the equipment. The wearer can receive its effects ignoring the skill slots.






Looking at its status, I reflexively looked up.  

I wonder what I should be retorting at? I should retort starting from above to bottom. 


Saying that it’s a 4 part set, its the same as what I heard so I don’t have anything to say about it. When wearing it you wear it all at the same time. and same when taking it off. 

And I don’t really have something to say about the Rarity:  Named PM.  

After all, since it’s just proof that it was a crafted armor made not only from the 《soul》but also the named’s materials.


The problem is the armor’s status.


The iron plate equipment and others that I have equipped up until now, actually most of the defense was from the chainmail. 

Combined, its defense was +20. 

The gauntlet and the greaves increased a bit of the dexterity and agility but, it’s so little that it’s lower than what you can gain from leveling once so, it’s not really related.


Now then, with the《Red Wolf’s attire -Solo-》’s defense. 

The full set is +50. I shall repeat. it is +50.  

Basically, not even using any sort of metal, it has more than twice the defense.


At this point I don’t really get it anymore but I don’t understand more than the +50 agility. 

This just basically, a 10 level worth of bonus point that you just put on it. 

If we go purely by the numbers from leveling up then 《Kijin》is at least worth 40 levels and humans is 50 levels. Really, an extraordinary increase.


「I wonder about that. It’s my first time making a rarity: Named armor too, I was surprised by its status you know. Rather, In the first place everyone who defeated Named had made weapons from them after all. So it was unknown what kind of status it will have when used to make armor」


It was more than I imagined. 

And that was not only me but it was the same for Konekomaru-san too it seems. 

Setting aside my cheap imagination, who isn’t even a crafter, since it’s what the player Konekomaru-san said who crafts equipment, my sense shouldn’t be wrong.


「This one, just how much of a crazy equipment is this?」


「If you put together an order-made from a frontline player then, there is equipment for a light warrior like you where it can go over even 60. Just that, I haven’t seen any equipment that increases agility that much. Moreover, including that having a Named skill」


「Ah……I still haven’t checked out the skills yet」


「If you tap the skill then you can see the details」




《Wolf King’s Rapid Gallop》 

Named Skill. 

You who follow the dying will of the Red wolf, no one would be able to stop you from walking your path.  

・Acquired resistance against Agility degradation(extra large).


※ This Skill is always activated.




「So Agility degradation resistances huh…」


「Looks like it will become a counter plan against debuff type enemies. 」


「Thinking about the other equipment that has resistance that rather has so-so status, It’s not bad. Though still, there aren’t that much enemies that gives you a debuff that reduces agility…」


Of course it is, I thought. 

Even in the old good RPG games that I played together with Rin-chan, debuffs are basically on attack and defense. 

And on top of that, whether you want to put it in your strategy or not, there are buffs relating to speed, though in importance it’s on the lower side. 

And in most cases, the parts that are reduced can be increased which offsets it. 

But, it doesn’t change that I’m still grateful for the resistance,  because movement speed is necessary for me.


「Though still, with high defense,  adding the broken agility increase and on top of that having a resistance, a composition with no openings. I’m proud to say that I have made something that will match with what you want」


「Yes! The looks are lovely and the moreover it has increase in agility which great!」


「I’m glad that you happily received it. By the way, cloth types basically have the property where they are weak against fire, slash and pierce attributes, and it also has strong resistance against water and blunt attributes. It seems that it’s an equipment that won’t be lost but, it still had durability in there so be careful 」


「So there was that setting too…」 


The resistance that Konekomaru-san was talking about was the resistance regarding the durability. Since it’s a cloth that’s weak to burning and strong against being wet, it has that kind of image. 

The red wolf’s attire and the hair pin too can’t be lost or basically won’t be deleted but, it might still get broken.


I heard about this after but, it seems that unlike weapons, armor might get lost but it won’t disappear. Suddenly changing in your inner would become a problem after all. 

In exchange, it would lose all its status as an armor and after logging out it would disappear. They sure are weirdly obsessed in weird ways. 


While exchanging ideas on how to use the red wolf’s attire, Konekomaru-san opened his mouth.


「Sukuna-san, take a look at your other equipment. I might say it like this but, that real thing is that one」


「Ah, okay」


Konekomaru-san said that as he raised his eyebrows.  

From what I heard from him, it was born replacing the equipment he originally made, he might have complicated feelings on that part. 

Returning from the Red wolf’s attire, I checked the details of the Named skill of the moon camellia’s solo.





《Red Wolf’s Solo Song》 

Named Skill 

The endless stamina inherited from the soul of the Red wolf. 

Dance in the battle field, until the flower of camellia that the moon hides wither. 

・Doubles the Death Penalty of the wearer, SP usage is halved.


※ This Skill is always activated.






My brain stopped. 


Ogre chapter 26 end

9: My brain kinda stopped when translating this too….


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  3. Considering how new she is in this game i think that this was a little overkill with so much benefits this early on, she can tecnically compete with the frontliners already with that armor alone now. Especially since there isnt any level requirements. ^^”

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/


  4. Half sp usage ? That’d be godly none of that 10% bullshit ring and shield in dark souls …. I still use them both though.

    That’s kinda broken tbh but if the penalties increase yeah it’s gonna suck.


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