Ogregirl Ch56

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Ogregirl Chapter 56

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0056


Castle of the Forgotten Time

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/56/


(3rd POV) 


「Aah….so it’s already night.」


In a room inside an old castle, one girl muttered this.

With half-asleep eyes, she slowly raised her body. 

On top of an elegant and luxurious bed that didn’t match the aged interior at all, she sat languorously.


「Ryin…Ryin, where are you….?」


「I’m just below you, you know…?」


The girl had called out in a sweet voice for the one she yearned for, but she heard the reply right below her bottom.

Hearing the thorny words, the girl smiled. As if a child had found their toy, an innocent smile appeared on her face. 


「Oh my, Ryin. Just when did you become my bedding?」


「The one who forcefully dragged me to the bed, even though I didn’t want to, was Melty, right!?」


A girl who was wearing nothing lay underneath her. She was a brown-haired lady that had only one area on her that had grown greatly.

She had bite marks all over her body. The female――Ryin――with dark bags under her eyes, gave a reply colored with irritation at the girl playing dumb. 


「Didn’t I make you feel good in the end? Just what are you dissatisfied with?」


Having her own foolishness pointed out, Ryin’s face turned red and after tensing it for a bit, she exploded.


「You id-……. That’s not the problem, okay!? I’m sleepy, you know, I! am!! Sleepy! And because you were biting me with your teeth while you were half asleep, I couldn’t sleep, you know!!」


「Geez….you sure are lively even though you just got up….」


Because she was being shook around by Ryin, who had both hands grasping her shoulders, the girl who looked like she was anemic――Melty Blood Heart――knitted her brows as she said that.


This place was known as the 『Castle of the Forgotten Time』. The《Heavenly Eye》, the 《Witch of the Forgotten time》 , the《Fallen Star》……this was the castle of this being with innumerable names, the strongest vampire. 

Recently, inside this world where time was warped, Melty had been with her favorite toy, living a life where time never changed. 


「…..Melty, a letter came, you know.」


「Oh my, there really is. That’s rare.」


It seemed she was still in a bad mood. Melty retrieved the letter from Ryin, who still had a grouchy look on her face, and with a wave of her finger, she opened it. 

In the first place, she had no idea who would send a letter to her, a being who only descended to the human world when she felt like it. 


「Heee~…….fuunn….Ara ara.」


「Hey, what was written?」


Seeing Melty react to the letter, Ryin became interested in its contents and went to peek at it.

But of course Melty wouldn’t allow that. As Ryin was about to read the letter, it burned and turned to ashes. 


「What do you think it was?」


「I didn’t know, that’s why I asked you.」 


「Geez, don’t sulk……It’s just that the stars have started to revolve.」




In response to Melty’s mysterious words, Ryin tilted her head.

Since the times of old, Melty would always use roundabout expressions when talking about important things. 

Although for Ryin, who wasn’t that educated and didn’t understand them, most of the time Melty’s answers just ended up putting her in a bad mood. 


「I could see a shadow in the first star. A smolder on the second star, and the third star is waiting for its end. The fourth star is no longer there, the fifth and sixth stars are in the Ravine of Eternality.  The seventh star is…..just like always, my eyes can’t see it.」


「What Melty is saying, as always I can’t really understand it no matter how many times I hear it.」 


As Ryin said that, she fell down onto the bed, disappointed.

Maybe it was because she was lacking sleep. She immediately heeded the temptation of the bed to sleep, and Melty began to comb through Ryin’s hair gently. 


「Kishin -Shuten-, Fairy King -Titania-, and also the Slaughterer -Jack-……As it has become the era of humans, I wonder what their resurrection brings.」


While Melty was admiring Ryin, she thought about the beginning of the approaching turmoil.

It might be connected to modern myths or it might end as if nothing had happened. 

A calamity to the world. No matter what the reason was, They were the ones that judged it to be so and thus sealed those Monsters, after all.


「The one star that was closest to being whittled away is from a Kijin child. As the constraints have been removed, I am predicting that it would begin with Kishin. 」


Melty’s familiars who were scattered all around the world gathered any and all kinds of information and sent it back to where she was. 

That was only a trivial matter that counterbalanced Melty’s 《Eyes》. Even if she saw it, she couldn’t hear it. 


「However, still….even though they had finally went extinct, to think that a kin appeared again…..I wonder if this was what the God of Creation wished for.」 


At the point that the lands of beginnings had begun moving, she knew that a new one had been born into the vampire race she had previously been the only one left. 

Once beings that stood above the other races, the one who brought down the glory that the vampires had built up was an exceedingly pure incarnation of Violence.

As one of the three races that had been destroyed by the Kishin, aside from Melty, all the other vampires had been annihilated. 


However, even so, Melty would not resent Kishin.

The vampires reaped the arrogance they had sown, bringing upon themselves the anger of Kishin, after all. And it was Melty herself who had guided them to their destruction. 

Vampires. Dragons. Angels. They who excelled in both physical and magical talent, they who were once lauded as the strongest, they were destroyed by the ultimate violence. At that time, Melty remembered that she even felt ecstasy from it. 

And as a result of the destruction of those races, oddly enough, the race that was both the weakest and had the highest potential, the human race, became the centerstone. The races with high reproduction rates had grown rampantly. 


The current Melty loved that world that was overflowing with the weak.

Although, only Ryin could truly draw her out of her boredom, but this and that were different topics.

If there was a possibility that the races who had already met their ends revived, then there might be a need for her to cut off the possibility. 


「Though…..I think that possibility is very faint.」


Someday they might be born. That was an immutable reality.

However, the Travelers from the other world that appeared at the lands of beginnings, they couldn’t leave a life in that world. 

Dragonians, and Angels as well. As long as those races didn’t prosper, it wouldn’t be a problem to just leave them alone. 


Since the Kishin’s revival would take at least half a year, there was no need to be impatient to deal with it. In the first place, among the gods that had been sealed, that one was on the docile side. 

The ones who brought Kishin’s wrath on themselves were the ones in the wrong. And so, even if she was revived then probably all they needed to do was keep an eye on her. 

The problems were the other gods, who were the highest ranks on the list of 《Murderers》. For some reason, the God of Creation had a habit of purposefully making a way for the sealed gods to be released. 


「Although I can’t predict what the God of Creation is thinking……fufu, after a long time, I kind of want to adventure again.」




It seemed she had totally fallen asleep. Acting completely different than when she was in a thorny mood, Ryin rubbed her cheeks on Melty’s hand. Seeing that, Melty’s cheeks slackened. 

Though they had a master-servant relationship, the reason why she hadn’t put any constraints on Ryin was because of this innocent side of hers. 

Someone who was shy and irritable when trying to be honest, a pampered child through and through. Ryin was a person who had that kind of dilemma, and it was something that Melty knew. 


Ryin was weak. Really weak. But to Melty, she has something that Melty valued more than anything, a certain skill.

Ever since meeting with her and saving her life, and ever since she had become Melty’s blood vassal, before she noticed, just how long a time had they spent together?

It might not be bad for Melty to take her on a date. 

And, thinking that, Melty left the bed for quite a long time. 




「At your service.」 


「I’ll be going out for a bit. I’ll leave the managing of the castle to you.」


「As you will.」


Even though there was a voice, the figure who caused it was nowhere to be seen. Melty gave an order to her familiar Regin, and while as to not wake up the sleeping beauty, she began quietly preparing for her departure. 

At any rate, although Melty had no need for a meal as long as Ryin was there, but as Ryin was a human there was need to prepare a meal for her. 

Due to the circumstances behind her skill’s usage, it might be a good idea to prepare a lot of food. 

Using her magic to throw the necessary things into her inventory, within just a few minutes, Melty had finished her preparations. 


「For the time being……let’s aim for the capital. I have to greet the current king of this period, after all.」


After establishing the aims of her outing, Melty drew letters in the air with a shining magic power on her fingertips and then along with the whole bed Ryin was sleeping in sunk inside the shadow. 

If things went the same as they usually did, Ryin wouldn’t wake up within three hours. During that time, Melty would go on an outing by herself, something  she hadn’t done for a long time.


Growing wings from her back, she departed through the windows. In the night skies, shined upon by the moon, Melty gently flapped her wings as she departed. 


Author noots:

Capital = Fias. Ah….


will be putting an intermission chapter before the next main chapter. 


Ogre chapter 56 end

9: haha, it was not just countries that shuten destroyed but races too lol

9: author you can’t just mix 3rd POV and 1st POV out of nowhere, its confusing you know(rant)

Cassie (PR/ED): The author has been mixing tenses since the beginning too. Probably a solid third of what I do is standardize verb tenses orz. Or at least try to. 

LOL, the “god of creation” probably leaves loopholes in the sealings for player quests, but it isn’t like Melty would know that, so she’s confused lol. 

!!! If one of the designers was from CloClo, and Rin is known to have made a record in CloClo, is Ryin literally based on Rin? The talk about the pampering and the way Ryin is described makes me think maybe…

Maddy: who?


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