Ogregirl Ch58

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Editor: Cassie
Logistics: Maddy

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Ogregirl Chapter 58

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0058


Metal Club and Gorilla

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/58/


「It fits right into my hand, I guess.」


After parting ways with Kohaku and resting to recover my body, I went to the weapon shop in Tria.

There was a one-handed mace that was leaning on the wall. Holding onto the rough-looking metal club-type weapon, I somehow felt that it really fit my grip. 


「Ooh, that’s rare, for such a girlie to look at it like that.」


「Nn~, really?」


「Well, usually they’re drawn to either swords or spears, and after those, people tend to buy staves. Those are the most commonly sold products. I kinda understand why, and those things sell a lot, but even among the maces, they’re not really that popular. 


「Well, because this is how it looks after all. It’s way too far from being fashionable.」


「Yer totally right.」


“Gahaha.” While chatting to the laughing weapon shop clerk, I checked out the metal club’s specs. 

The attack power was over 40, and the durability was quite a bit lower than my other club, at 300. With the damage increase conditions of Finisher it might feel lacking, but using it as a normal weapon, it’s durability was just too high.

The required strength was 30, which felt rather low. Calmly thinking about it though, it was more that weapons made of heavy metal were just too heavy.

Though, I still felt like this was, without a doubt, a light weapon.


「But still, the one on the girlie’s back, that is a heavy metal hammer, right? And moreover the purity is damn high.  I couldn’t really tell from how ya look, but you sure are quite a strong gal, ain’t ya.」


「I’m a kijin, after all.」


「That may be true, but with the level of the fellas that come to this town, even the kijin can’t carry something like that.」


Fumu, certainly, Haruru who made this weapon also said that there weren’t many people who could carry it. I guess that’s just how it was. 


「By the way, the name of that weapon is 《Metal Club -Strike (Ugachi)-》. How about a discount?」


「Yeah, I like it. I don’t have enough money so, can I also use some of my materials?」


「Yeah, I don’t mind at all.」 


And just like that, taking into account the items I sold, the metal club that was originally going for 40,000 Iris was sold to me for half the price, 20,000 Iris. 

According to that uncle, it was made with an alloy of normal iron and a metal called light steel (karuhagane). Apparently, light steel had characteristics opposite to those of heavy metal, and that was why the club was a bit light and had lower durability.

By the way, the color was a bright silver, leaning closer to looking white. Considering the jet-black 《Meteor Impact -Zero Type-》on my back right now, I was guessing that, in contrast to heavy metal, light steel’s ore was white-colored.


Removing the Meteor Impact -Zero Type- from my back and putting it into my inventory for now, I tried putting the metal club I had just bought onto my back. 


「How is it?」


『I think it’s good』

『love it』

『Suits you』

『Revival of the brutal oni girl』

『She beat them to death after all….』


「Fufufu….wait, are you praising me? Hey, are you guys really praising me?!」


Pulling out the good comments, was it fine to say that I was being praised? No, wait a sec, having a metal club suit me, was that even a trait that was good for a girl…?


「I’d like to do some level grinding, but….since Tria is a lake fortress, there aren’t that many monsters around it, right?」


『You can’t swim?』

『A wet Sukuna』

『Its water dragon hunting!!』

『Are you gonna travel far?』


「Water dragon hunting is a crime, you know. By the way, I can swim, but it seems that if you don’t equip the 《Diving》 skill , you will run out of SP in just a minute.」


It seemed that SP was used in exchange for breathing underwater. I wasn’t really super sure about that, though. 

According to the buzz, slumbering within the depths of the lake that surrounded Tria, there were ruins. 

It seemed that even players with diving skills on the higher side could just take a peek at it, so for now, it was just another sightseeing spot. 


「For now, it seemed that there was just one gate aside from the entrance gate we got here through. Let’s go that way. Since it’s a fortress town, I guess it’s designed that way to make it easier to protect.」


『don’t get it』 

『Are there no one here who is good at wars?』


Since I had procured a weapon for myself, after a hunt, let’s go to the dungeon.

Ending our conference by saying that, I went toward the gate leading to Fias. 



Right before my eyes was a single gorilla-type monster, roaring. 

《Powered Gorilla》. Despite having that name, it didn’t look all that strong. I swung my metal club at it.

If I had to describe them in a word, they were tough. But although they were tough, I supposed they weren’t really that strong.


I mean, having faced Kohaku’s attack power once before and moreover, having been punched in the stomach with it, I felt most attacks were lukewarm in comparison. 

It’s punch was quite fast and boastful despite its wide swing. I warded it off with my club then slipped in close, hitting it on its flank. 

Was it because it was light, or perhaps because I didn’t use the heavy metal weapon?

As I thought, it was great, this ease of handling. Its reach could also stretch and you could also throw it. Metal clubs sure were easy to use. 


「There ya go!」


“Gogya.” With a noise like that, I drove the metal club into the chin of the powered gorilla. Not missing the fact that it had been concussed and it was becoming unsteady, I activated a new art from the blunt weapon skill. 

Its name was 《Consecutive Strike》. Striking only two times, it was a rather normal art. 

It was an art that would leave you feeling quite disappointed by its simple name, but striking itself had no restriction regarding your stance which was a rather rare effect for an art to have. For Consecutive Strike, as long as you held it with both hands, you could freely strike at your enemies, which was an advantage. 

Making use of that, I slapped its cheeks as I beat it up. The powered gorilla lost its strength and disappeared as it ran out of HP. 

By the way, I had already hunted ten of them. Since they were tough, their EXP drop was quite good. 


「I really wonder why this plains is just full of gorillas.」


I looked around as far as I could…although the plains weren’t that wide, they were quite expansive and had mostly gorillas wandering around.

Although I said plains, there were slopes here and there, but you mostly had a wide, clear range of vision. 

And the weather was good, with clear blue skies and a warm wind brushing against my skin. Just walking around felt good, it was a really calm area. 

Though, no matter where you looked, there were just a bunch of powered gorillas that obstructed the scenery…


And also, since they weren’t attacking me, I had been ignoring them, but there was also a rhino-like monster,《Red Rhina》.

Compared to the gorillas, their levels were higher and they looked tougher, but it seemed they were non-aggressive monsters.

It felt calming to see them carefreely munching on grass, but sometimes they would get caught up in fights against the gorillas. Seeing various players and some gorillas getting blown away by them, I thought that they were on the stronger side of monsters in these plains.

I would let sleeping dogs lie. Since blunt weapons obviously didn’t really work well on them, and since gorillas gave good XP anyway, I would just stick to hunting gorillas. 


「Go~rilla, gorilla, go~rilla.」


Using the metal club and sometimes Meteor Impact -Zero Type-, I hunted gorillas as I hummed. 

Since you could use the《Blunt Weapon》skill’s arts with a two-handed mace and I naturally also had arts available to use with the 《Two-Handed Mace》skill, I properly used them as necessary.


I had explained it a bit before, but one hit from a two-handed mace would be quite strong. It had a high base attack power, it’s heavy weight converted to additional damage, and the damage magnification it received from arts was high as well.

In exchange, your movement would become noticeably slower, and additionally, its handling was rather hard. 

Basically, it’s a weapon that paired well and showed its best results when used by a tank or a buffer.


Earlier, I talked about Consecutive Strike being able to be used from any position as long as the weapon was being held with two hands, but basically, due to the characteristics of blunt-type weapons, your arts tended to not be shackled by form. 

For example, when using a slashing weapon, you just needed to be able to slice through the opponent. As a result, you were given an advantage of being able to easily connect multiple attacks to form a continuous attack. 

On the other hand, blunt-type weapons’ moves basically had three outcomes: they were warded off, they were deflected, or they crushed the opponent. 

With a sword, slashing diagonally, you could easily continue attacking with a second strike. However, if you did that with a blunt weapon, your attack would just stop on their shoulder, so you wouldn’t be able to quickly change position to do an overhead strike. 

Arts basically followed fixed trajectories, but if you did that with a blunt weapon, it would end up producing a ridiculously long stun time. 

For that reason, blunt-type skills’ arts were allowed relatively free positioning, and fixed form techniques were more focused on simple strong attacks. 


By the way, the basic art for the two-handed mace was 《Smash》.

Swinging in a fixed manner, it multiplied the damage by two. It was an extremely simple smashing technique.

Reducing the HP of the tough gorilla with this kind of firepower felt rather good.






『Does she hate gorillas or something?!』

『Tension too high』

『I wonder if her stress has been piling up』

『The sounds are too visceral』


Gorillas must die, I would show no mercy.

The designers shouldn’t have made their XP so good. 




While I was massacring the gorillas with my metal club, suddenly, I faintly heard a voice that seemed like it was calling for something. 


「Nn? Did someone hear something?」


『not at all』 

『not at all』

『totally nothing』

『maybe you’re imagining it?』

『uwu…..so Sukuna-tan too, has finally…』 


「Finally you say, just what do you mean -finally-. Well yea, I can hear players’ voices everywhere around the plains, though. But this one feels like it’s directed at me….」


While I was looking around, I searched for someone that might match the voice. 

And then, looking behind where I had been standing before, perhaps around two hundred meters away from me, I could see a player running toward me alone. 


「Aah~…I see.」


Something like two hundred meters was, with the bodies of this world, a distance that could be closed in just a few seconds. 

The person was someone familiar…no, rather they were someone I had just played together with recently.

Now that I thought about it, she had also been around Tria.




「Long time no see, Touka-chan.」


It has been two days in this world. 

The one who appeared, a little out of breath, was Rin-chan’s cousin and someone I treated as my little sister, Touka-chan. 



It seems that there is an MC that releases their stress on gorillas when they are beaten up by strong opponents.


Ogre chapter 58 end

9: you guys thought this chapter was full of gorillas, but fear not Touka-chan is here!!

9: head ache + explanation segment = rage headache

Cassie (PR/ED): “It’s their fault for giving too many experience points!!” Lol.

I LOVE the shopkeeper dialogues. Tbh one of my favorite parts of this novel. 

When you realize that light steel reads as a type of mineral found in nature but steel itself is an alloy. 

Maddy: now that I posted, we can play some games! also Nico’s birthday was yesterday.


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  2. [Arts basically followed fixed trajectories, but if you did that with a blunt weapon, it would end up producing a ridiculously long stun time. ]

    I think you mean lock time. Stun is when you get hit by an enemy or you hit an enemy to stun. Skill moves that lock you in a specific pattern is called lock time. The difference is you don’t need to get hit to get locked.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, rather using lock time, stun time is better because it was not implied that when she is using a skill she is unable to do any action rather, it was after when she used the skill, then she was unable to do anything, it was explained in the previous chapters when she did the combo with the armed combat and also inflicting stun is not limited to being hit or hitting a player, it can also be inflicted as a penalty for using a powerful skill or failing to meet certain requirements mid way in order to use a certain skill

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes but note your words “As a penalty”. If it is all the time, it’s not a penalty, it’s an animation lock. Stun implies something working on you, lock implies it is a delay intrinsic to the skill usage itself and not because you failed on stats or something. In this case, it happens all the time using a blunt weapon.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Stun refers to a temporary loss of control, or the temporary disabling of a character.
          And as for stun being a penalty to skills, i was reffering to this in Ch.11 when she used it to finish off the Named Boss called Aria
          《Blunt Weapon》 Skill ―― Arts name 《Finisher》.

          The skill that you could get the fastest among the skills from 《Blunt Weapon》, having a really heavy price with the name that answers it’s demand which is a Finishing Blow.

          “With the stun time of 10 seconds” to use and using up 100% of the weapon’s durability, but in exchange for that heavy price was, three times as strong and three times as fast as 《Strike》.

          and for the stun when she use the 10 hit combo in chapter 45
          Arts 《Ten-Point Cherry Blossom (Teozakura)》

          One out of the 10 unarmed arts from the 《Unarmed Combat》skill that you could get early on.

          With having up to three seconds you can put in between hits, it was an additional combo arts. As long as your fist hit, the combo continued. using the damage of the first strike, its basically become 2x, 3x, 4x and raised up more

          Though if you run out of strikes you would get stunned for 5 seconds, but when you missed it and stopped the combo you would receive a 15 seconds penalty. However, only when you are blown away by your opponent’s attack mid combo, you won’t get stunned.


        2. that is why i noted stun as a penalty since the author set up the skills that way, and although you said Lock time implies the delay in movement between skill or when performing that skills, i don’t mean any offence but are you forgetting that this is a Virtual Reality game?

          there are no animation that the player will do when they use a certain skill (for example, when bashing or slicing, when they use a skill akin to those, their movement are not the same), they only need to fulfill the requirements of the skill to use it, for example, when a player want to use 《Slash》, the player only need to swing the sharp edge of a sword to activate the skill be it a low-slash, horizontal slash or vertical slash, they have freedom to move their avatars body.

          that is why using the term “lock time” is inappropriate in this context, because their movements are not restricted to the skill itself or when they use the skill itself, because the drawback of certain skills only affect the player (unable to do any action or lose control for a brief period of time) after they use the skill, that why it is more correct to use the term “stun time”


          1. if my explanation is still inefficient, let me give you a situation(somewhat) to back up my statement
            2 players fighting each other, in normal fighting games you can do feints to some of the characters skills which the animation or action are alike but has differents use.

            But in the authors game, which is a VR game you can do feints to anykind of skill or fake an action of doing a certain skill, for example, when player 1 looks like he would use a slashing attack then player 2 prepares to block it but player 1 quickly changes his stance to do a low-sweep kick which player 1 succesfuly delivered because player 2 believed he would do a slash so player 2 was cought unprepared.

            the 2 situations i gave is when you play a game with a controler, which the games characters has sets of actions to do when they use a skill meanwhile in the authors VR game, the character inside the game is able to freely move their avatars they only need to fulfill the preriquisite of the skill inorder to use it, they do not need to do a set of actions or movements when they use the skill where they can’t change their course of action midway because they already have activated the skill


        3. and i did not said “all the time” i only said when they “use a certain skill” meaning a skill may have drawbacks or penalty inorder to use it……

          I… I uhh….I’ll just keep it to this, if I go any more into detail it might be longer


          1. lol.

            I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then, though I think I do get where you are coming from, though not enough for me to agree that “stun” is something you do on yourself.


  3. Gorrila is good, smashing them for xp is even better. The remaining gorrila better watch out, now that Touka had joined Nana, hell will be let loose.

    Thanks for the update!

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