Vtuber Ch3

Just kidding, I’m Maddy.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 3

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 003

Chapter 3  I Forgot to Stop Part two

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918089180 



Opening my eyelids, I was exposed to the sunlight as if I was being baked waking me up.


Aaah, this is bad, I feel like vomiting. It’s a good time when I am drinking Stozero but can’t someone do something about this hungover in the morning. But yeah, I won’t stop drinking though. My mornings have been like this everyday. That’s why its for certain that my body will see hell so, it had become a routine. So if I trying changing that right now then that will be poison to my body, okay. If I was streaming this then, the comments would probably be filled with 「haa?」. Well, that will never happen at all though, since during the stream I make sure that I am seiso(proper and neat) so I haven’t drank any alcohol during then.


As I slowly try to raise my body to go for a drink of water, my smartphone was ringing for a call this early in the morning. It seems to be from the manager Suzuki-san. Suzuki-san will be 24 this year so in LiveON she is a younger female manager, but she is someone who deals with problems head on so her position got promoted, it is said that she is one of the leading people in getting promoted quickly. She always looks after my livelihood so that I can focus on my streaming activities, really, she is someone I owe a lot to. I heard from the person herself but, it seems that she volunteered to be my manager. When I ask her why she volunteered…

「Well, I thought that if it is not me then no one can keep up if Yuki-san gets serious」

She said something like that which I don’t get at all. Suzuki-san has an attitude and looks that feels like she is a sports person, so does she know something that a person like me who is an indoor type can’t understand?


「Ah! Yuki-san! That’s great you finally answered!」 

Nn? What’s the matter? Unlike me who was answering the phone with no energy in my voice, just hearing Suzuki-san’s voice I could easily understand that she was panicking.

「Um, just what ar-」

「Shhh! be quiet! It would be bad if private info leaks out so Yuki-san, if possible please do not speak a word right now. And then right now just listen to my words without panicking please」


Suzuki-san said so that she even cut me off from saying anything. Private info….Those words obviously feel dangerous so my sleepiness immediately got blown away. Eh….maybe, did I just do something crazy that I have no idea about?

「Well then, calm down and listen okay?…….please stop the stream 」

Please stop the stream 

Please stop the stream 

Please stop the stream

The same words looped inside my head. I forgot to stop the stream…..in the worst case, it might lead to leaking a person’s private info so, it’s one of the things that Vtuber must mostly be careful about. And actually  this has a really devilish side to this. Unfortunate or not, as someone who had spent a ridiculous amount of time streaming, I know the answer to that. That’s right, even if you haven’t leaked dangerous info, if you forgot to stop it then in most cases is that your viewers would see your real personality. And to add salt to the wounds, I’m a Vtuber who role plays a character which is an avatar. It’s extremely rare for the viewers to see your real personality. Which means that showing such a rare you…..

The viewers would treat you like a toy and tease you like hell.

「”insert desperate sounding voice” !?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?」 

Instantly what came to my mind was the bad performance that happened to my PC when I tried to finish my stream. With an overflowing amount of cold sweat, I once again opened the PC’s streaming screen. And then what was right there was……


: g’morn! You see this~? 

: Strong alcohol drinking was fun yo 

: It’s usually different kind of gap moe that the  distance of the gap has transcended that I felt something new, it was a stream like that 

: Lol, it’s not Awayuki(light snowfall) anymore it’s completely a Fubuki(Blizzard) www 

: Okay, right now, the Time has come for you to become a Mama for Hikari-chan 

: The woman that compared a co-worker’s asmr stream with stozero 

: I, Right now, without a mistake, experience a legend 

: Without a mistake it was stream that would be written in the history of the Vtuber world 

: I wonder why a lot of VTuber who call themself seiso( proper and neat) are all Yabai(crazy) people 

: I was laughing like hell. Y’know seeing you like this without keeping up to your appearance, I just can’t hate it at all 

: ^ yeah, wanna drink stozero together?

「What in the world is thisssssssssssss!!!!!!???????」

I reflexively shouted. Despite being this early, the comment flew so fast that I couldn’t catch up. And more than that, the viewer count has gone way way way over my average. And just looking at it properly, the number of channel subscriptions was about the same as my co-workers-…..no, even right now it’s increasing in ridiculous speeds that it might even get over them. 

Aah, this is bad, my head is starting to hurt.


: Congrats for World 1st in trending~ 

: The woman who took the world over just by drinking stozero right in front of a computer

「World 1st!?」

In panik I took a look at the SNS 『Kattata( I Talked)』 which boasts of having the most registers being Japanese, I looked at the trending rankings. (9: its prolly a parody of twitter) 

……..Seriously I can’t believe it, it’s not just Japan but what was written on the 1st trending in the whole world was the name 『Kokorone Awayuki』, and a bit lower to that 『Forgot to stop stream』 was also trending.

Aaah……god help me…..

「As expected of Yuki-san. Ever since I met you during the Interview, I resolved myself on the time you’re going to explode but to think that it would be forgetting to stop the stream. It’s an attack from a blind spot, as expected of you. From now on I too should do my best even more to support you!」

Too many things are happening that Suzuki-san’s words are not coming inside my brain. Ah, rather, due to the hangover, the uncomfortable feeling and the amount of info that my head can’t process, I started to feel worse.


Ah…this is yaba(bad)…..

「☆Due to the disgusting sound this was censored☆」

And so while I was vomiting I was somewhat able to press the button for the stream to end. By the way, including the forgot to stop the stream , the way of how I ended the stream that no one has ever done , the name being 『Vomiting style Stream End』 became a legend.

Just how did it come to this? 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 3 end

9: And so the start of the legend

Tasai: This chapter alone is worth the pain I felt from the previous chapter.


  1. This made me remember a vtuber that I used to watch that forgot to stop the stream as well. She didn’t stop until a colleague called her.
    Forgot who though. I just watch hololive, kagura nana and a little bit of tsukino mito rn.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I… would dig a deep hole and get inside and never come out until the end of apocalypse.
    This is definitely dark history.


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