Vtuber ch4

Hello? it’s me, Maddy.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 4

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 004

Chapter 4 Getting Over It 

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918107885


「Just how did it come to this?」

I reflexively muttered so as I see the numbers of viewers in the stream had reached a level of where there would be no problem for me to call myself a top Vtuber. I don’t know already how many times I have repeated these words.

◇A While Back◇

After the certain event of forgetting to stop the stream,  I called Suzuki-san to apologize. Though it might have been because of a malfunction of the PC, it was my responsibility that I exposed a shameful sight. I understand if they say that I might have to suspend my streaming activities, rather during that time I could look back my old man habits and resolve to fix it or, I should just resolve myself to cut off stozero that had already basically become like blood and water that I needed to continue living. Is what I thought but….

「Ah, obviously I would like if you do not forget to stop the stream again but, drinking alcohol is totally fine」


What was waiting for me was the totally opposite answer.

「Eh, why are you so fine with it? You know something about me right!? It’s a huge disaster that it’s not on the level of just having a character collapse you know!? Isn’t it just like if Ghandi becomes the champion in the blood boiling dance of flesh in Street Fighter!!」

「Well, Regarding Yuki-san the whole company had already assumed something about this to a certain degree….」


What is this company saying? Well yeah the LIVERs of the LiveOn, a lot of people are saying that they do whatever they want, and that it’s a gathering spot for those crazy people or their chaotic world but, they called the huge disaster just a certain degree?

「Rather during the interview for the 3rd Gen audition, the Yuki-san back then was even more than that, you know? Do you not remember it?」

「What!? What do you mean!? Did I do something crazy during the interview!?」

「Eh? Do you really not remember it? The impact during that time was so strong that even right now I feel something off with the current proper looking Yuki-san….」

Even though 3 months had passed since the interview!?

「Rather, Weren’t you purposely acting as a Seiso(proper and clean) to aim for a gap after? I totally thought that was it 」

「Damn no!!!」

「But the Yuki-san inside me are on the same level as nonsense as Han○○ Yuujiro, Eda○○ Heihach you know」 (9: Hanma Yujiro from grappler baki, and Edajima Heihachi from Sakigake!! Otokojuku)


I was so tense that I have totally no memory but, Just what did I do during such an important event–!!! But at the same time I finally know the answer to the mystery of why I was able to pass the interview.

Those guys at LiveOn, They probably thought that I am like a Super Dreadnought danger level and felt it was interesting so they went with it damnit!!!

「Though, its surprising that you thought of using such an obvious land mine that easily…..」

「Not really, We had thought considerably about it you know? But the criteria for recruitment for LiveOn are LIVERS that are 《Someone who shines》. And we felt that from Yuki-san」

「Right now rather than shining, I think I’m more like stagnating and becoming a muddy water  though」

「Not at all, You’re shining. Right now Kokorone Awayuki is a character in the center of attention. Certainly the impact is too much that there are some negative comments but, it is not on a level on blazing up」

She’s right, I also thought that it was unexpected. Actually after earlier, I did quite a bit of ego searching but, despite there being a lot of teasing, the number of comments that can be regarded as negative is unexpectedly few. Rather the majority might just be for fun but they are voices wanting for the next stream.

「What that means is that, even no matter what situation it is, Yuki-san is in the attention between a lot of people, getting interested, feeling your charm.」

「I see…. is that really so?」

「If it wasn’t like that then they won’t be looking forward to the next stream. From now on I will be watching all over Yuki-san’s stream so, when the time when I think it is really bad comes, I will stop it. So won’t you give it a once chance to crack your shell open?」

「Crack open my shell…」

「I am sure that it will not be bad. Rather have you not come to the point where you cannot step back? And if you go back to being Seiso(Proper and clean) then the feeling of something is off will pierce the heavens you know」


She pointed out the sore spots…… In  the end after that Suzuki-san ended the call so that she could go back to her work.


Without even a minute of the call ending, there was another phone call ringing. The one calling was…..Hikari-chan. Uwaaa this so awakaaaaaaardd. But I can’t just not answer right…… Okay, let’s prepare our resolve.


「Aa! Awayuki-chan, morning! And also congrats~! Its totally buzzing right now isn’t it! Its World number 1 you know! So the usual Awayuki-chan was that much of a fun person aren’t you! It feels like all of it is honest that even me too had fun!」

「A- ahahaha….」

Hikari-chan congratulated me in her usual very energetic voice. This isn’t probably something like a new way of insulting, she is truly congratulating me from the bottom of her heart. I know since I know about her ever since her debut. Hikari-chan is really something who is the same outside of stream and during stream.  She is always brightly moving forward. Wait a sec? If she is like that one both times then me who won’t lose in the area have nothing to complain about aren’t I?

「Ah, also, there was something I’m curious about!」

「Eh, what is it?」

「I saw one of the clipped vids you see」

「Yeah yeah」

It was clipped naturally Kusa.

「When Awayuki-chan was looking at Hikari’s stream, I got curious about the word 『dochashiko』 so I asked my manager!」 (9: according to my research(?) it means wettly fapping, tell me if I’m wrong)

「E h 」

「and then Manager-san said “It means that Hikari is extremely charming” I was thought that!!」

Oi Hikari-chan’s manager, what in the world are you doiiiiiiiiiing!!? I’m sure that there is something behind that! I’m absolutely sure that that person was grinning when telling that.

「Mou! This is embarrassing~ fuhehee! Let’s collab again okay, Bai bai!!」

At the end Hikari messed up my mind just like a storm and left. Aaah, it might be obvious but, even the same LIVERs as me already now know the fact about my true self which is heartbreaking. And after that too, starting with Chami-chan, the LIVERS from the same gen and even the senpais too chat or called me, what were the similar things that they all said that seeing my true self was interesting or was fun, that kind of impression. Thinking about it right now, up until right now I might have been hiding my own true self so I was putting a distance between everyone. Aah, I have been thinking many things that I feel like it’s fine to freely live as I want from now on.

◇And so back to the present◇

「Let’s go then…..」

“Pushu!” ( the sound of the pull tab being opened) I don’t really get it even thinking over it so I just got over it! 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 4 end

9:  “Pushu” and so the prologues are finally done, the chaos shall now arrive

Tasai: The aftermath is always fun


  1. So Snow theme, appear to be Seiso but a YA BE drunk alcoholics, it’s sounds like Yukihara Lamy for me. And there is certain sausage thing which also used by Lamy in one of her stream of “beating big sausage” :3

    Thanks for the chapter


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