Vtuber ch5

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 5

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 005

Chapter 5 Solo Stream p.1 

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918127628


「Oshaa~ I’mma start the streeeeaam do~!」


: She’s here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 

: It’s the world’s number one’s stream! 

: Kusa, the curtain opens 

: Eh, who? 

: So she broke free at the start of the stream kusa 

: Is this the strong Fubuki(blizzard) stream that I have been hearing about? 

:  You pro wrestler or something? 

: There is totally no signs of learning from her mistakes at all ww

The chat flowed at a speed that I haven’t ever seen before. Aah, tis is gud! This pleasure level is the same when you open your 3rd can of Stozero.

「No not at all, I learned from my mistake, for real. I won’t ever forget to stop the stream ever again! Everyone too sorry!」


: Wait a minute? Did the person behind change? Even though It’s the same avatar I know, a different person is speaking! 

: Are you possessed? 

: Certainly she is possessed, by stozero 

: There was an alcholic watcher who was a sound sommelier was able to specify that the can was stozero from just the sound of it opening and the the person herself spoke about the underground empire, that made me laugh out loud 

: Are you not reflecting regarding the alcohol?

「Of course I was planning to stop regarding alcohol but, the management seems to be fine with it so I don’t give a thing about it anymore!」


: The Management is sick in the head 

: As usual Kusa, since the Management themselves are chaos, that’s why it’s normal that the one they hire too are chaos 

: Conclusion, LiveOn was LiveOn 

: Rather, Isn’t she drunk already?

「Ha? Of course I already emptied one can ya know! For someone like me who has a bravery of a shitty smallfry can’t appear sober right in front of this many people you know, so let’s open up a long can」


: Pushu! you can’t just go with that lolwww 

: Shitty smallfry( Seiso) 

: Strong( convinced) 

: Oi she really is starting to drink! ww

Around the time that the drink was about to stop working on my head, I did the finishing blow with the long can. 

Aah, right now I’m in ultimate ecstasy!

「gokku gokku gokku (sfx of chugging sound) ! nnmnnnmnn  feeeel zo gooooood!!」


[11:34 AM]

: Wait up,  are possibly doing any bad drugs with it! 

: There is no mistaking it 

: The sound of her drinking made it taste so good but the strange voice after it woke me up to reality 

: You can’t believe it right? Excluding the time when she forgot to stop the stream, this is her first time drinking during stream you know? 

: Return back my seiso(proper and clean) Awayuki-chan! 

「What? that Seiso? Just look at these graceful expression of mine」

I let the Awayuki avatar bigger , getting it closer to the screen. Basically zero distance. Up until right now the comment section would wonderfully parade saying Cute or pretty. However…..


: The Stozero addicted who thinks herself as seio 

: You just reek of liquor 

:  Are you for real when you say that the stream before this, this girl was talking in a rich lady tone and an iyashi-kei(healing) stream?

The panicking comment section is really getting interesting right now to me. Aaah, it was enjoyable up until this point but, I think I have never been this Happy from Today’s stream. Aaah, Thank you Stozero…. you do not only heal me but also gave me happiness….

I’m falling in love

「I’ll marry Stozero」


: Kusa wwwwww 

: Ha? 

: Ha? 

: A vtuber who declares her married during stream, is that for real? 

: The woman who can only make legends 

: Is there a follow up regarding the dochashiko case with Hikari-chan?

「Ha? Innocence stew is my favorite dish you know? it’s rather more insulting if you don’t shlick  to it you know」


: Oi someone shut this girls mouth, every time it opens a bomb comes out! 

: Fapping to it (convinced) 

: my stomach wwwwww

「Rather if you’re a man, whenever you feel attracted to a woman, you should fap right away in that place. A straight and honest man are loved by women you know」


: You have a point 

: No way w 

: Then when I will be able to meet up with Awayuki-chan then without any hesitation I will fap while confessing my love!

「Absolutely no way, I’ll report you」


: What’s with this woman 

: There no filters in her head at all and speaks it right away

And so just like that with the flow of this atmosphere  we continued to chat. The only difference up until now was that I’m streaming with my true self. To that unexplainable  feeling of freedom, I was slowly being charmed by it, not a forced laughter but laughter that came from my heart started to increase. Aaah, Due to the long Black company work and the NEET life made me completely forget, but talking with someone, so it was this fun….. As the time gradually passes the voltage increases making up for a fun time within me and the chat….but-

The direction of the wind suddenly changed.


: Wait up, the 2nd gen are coming lol



Vtuber Legend  chapter 5 end

9:  yay 2nd gen is coming, they already have their character design completed, which is at twitter so I will be showing it to you guys tomorrow or next time I translate the next chapter

Tasai: … Definitely gonna laugh while holding my stomach like that one guy in the comment if this is real for sure alright lol


  1. In terms of being alcoholic, I really love Rushia. She just has this spark when drunk. Lamy is just strong against alcohol lmao.
    My favourite vtuber is Kagura Nana though. She has this air that I’m really into. Plus she teaches martial arts. Always gets to see something amazing when she does.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tho i don’t mind craziness from vtuber once in a while. I take them in moderation. If I were to name vtubers that I like, They would be Hanayori girls, tho they disbanded lately and became indie so that’s Kano, Hareru and Hitona. They were amazing singers

    Liked by 1 person

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