Vtuber Ch6

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 6

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 006

Chapter 6 Solo Stream p.2

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918147016


Among the competition between the rival companies in the same industries, right now the corporation who has the biggest lead in it is LiveON. 

However, no matter what creature it is, they are always born as a weak and small baby. 

LiveON’s beginnings started with just only one female LIVER. 

Moreover it was from a purpose of nothing but only for testing the movement of the avatar, the one who was chosen in charge of it was chosen among the few employees of the LiveOn company who still only has a few employees. 

If I were to say it bluntly, a prototype. That’s why it had only a simple design of a sailor uniform without any special accessories  about it and a short black hair character design, and also having unnatural glitches in its movement here and there, she was released to the sea of internet alone. 

With just only its visual design then it was expected to bring zero popularity. And during the first stream, there were only 10 watchers at that time. 

However a newborn she may be, it’s not like she has no skills. She who has natural talent, while as a newborn she overwhelmed everything around her.

If it was a singing stream then, if a person would hear it once then that person would never forget it, a singing voice overflowing with power that would make the listener’s heart tremble―― 

If it was a chatting stream then, you would want to ask about how a in a person’s lifetime would be able to get such amount of knowledge and the unique ideas she comes up with――

If it was a gaming stream, then it was as if the heavens was by her side by given her a super shitty luck that would exhibit itself causing the watcher to be sucked in swirl of endless laughter――

The LIVERs who are a part of LiveON right now, it would not be an exaggeration that all of them were greatly influenced by her. 

It was not only the anticipated people, it was not only LiveON that was affected by her great tremor but the whole VTuber industry, she is a girl that became the bridge to LiveOn’s growth.

She was LiveOn’s only 1st gen, Even right now, among those who are member in LiveOn, she has the most number of subscription 『Asagiri Hareru 朝霧 晴』.

And what decided the popularity of LiveON in which she spread around was, all of the 3 members of the 2nd gen that you could call them as someone with a lump of individuality.

The first one is someone of deep crimson hair reaching up until her back and a tall figure reaching over 180cm slender body. 

To the viewers who had their expectation of what the personality of this super model like of a visual design, On her first livestream she exposed that she was formally SEXY actress in charge of the lesbian scenes and would recommend the lesbian AV of her favorite SEXY actress which made everyone dumbfounded 『Uzuki Sei 宇月 聖』-senpai. 

With her boldness and freedom-ness, to me who was totally into Vtuber back then, I remember laughing out loud.

The 2nd one was had a yellowish tabby cat ears and tail, and rather short person with brown cat girl, She has that kind of visual full of cuteness but, she extremely likes trashy games and trashy movies that they internet gave her a nickname 《Trash Junkie》 with her name as 『Hirune Nekoma 昼寝 ネコマ』-senpai. 

Nekoma-senpai for some reason loves these oh so wonderful games and movies whether they be from overseas or not,  loving these horrible things that you could call the stain of human history, she interestingly and strangely explains it in her stream. (9: basically like those birdemic or life of the black tiger stuff) 

And of course she does gameplays, 《Must never laugh Yon 〇 (temp), read aloud with all my emotion play》, I remember it making me laugh so hard that my stomach was hurting. ( 9: she still has no character art) 

And the last of the 2nd gen , the two of the three of them having  so strong individuality, she is a person of outstanding talent that could put the two of them in their place, 『Kaminari Shion 神成 シオン』-senpai. 

It was said that Shion-senpai’s individuality was her discerning power that might even be able to see through a person’s emotions. 

Rather than always being able to answer her watcher’s expectation she showed being one step ahead in doing that, having an overwhelming stability and having an interesting stream at the same time was already masterwork. 

Especially during Collabs, her presence shows how great she was as the one leading it like a leader, when the LiveOn members gather, it would mostly all of the time create extreme chaos but if Shion-senpai was there then it would be all right. 

She had a setting as a Miko(shrine maiden, her visual has quite a mysterious feeling, miko outfit and a fleeting gentle eyes, black hair that was cut straightly above her shoulder, without any extreme factor, a natural figure that would give a perfect score of a healing aura. 

Recently she is starting to be getting called 《Mama of the LiveOn world》, the person herself is interestingly using it as her weapon.  And now that she has such a powerful weapon, she is now an existence you can’t control.

Well, I was doing such a long explanation but, what I basically want to say is that all of them are like equal to gods to me. 

And so….. 

Comment Section 

<Uzuki Sei>: I sense a presence of my kin so I have arrived! 

<Kaminari Shion> : As I thought you are a “LiveOn”…….

And among those gods, two of them had descended in the comment section!!!

Actually in the past they appeared in my chat as a senpai caring for their junior. 

However, during those times I fell into extreme tension, I was overwhelmed as I talk that the stream was in shambles. 

I don’t really remember what I talked about so, most likely from that extremely tense condition. If I limit break from that then, I think I would become like what I was during the 3rd gen interview. 

And right now two of them appeared , and this is the first time it happened. If it was the usual me then i would limit break for sure. 


「Sei-senpai, Shion senpai. I have been forever and ever in love with you. Please marry me with the intention to have S*X with me」

Right now, rather than limit breaking I have already pierced through the heavens though!!! 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 6 end

9:  Long introduction and then a bomb at the end kusa

Tasai: Just one word, Yabe.


  1. what the hell is that, so many referemces. especially the stuff about testing avatar which is literally what hololive is in the first place.

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