Vtuber ch7


Vtuber Legend Chapter 7

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 007

Chapter 7 Solo Stream p. 3

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918174267



: ha? 

: Ha? 

: This is the woman that threw away her passionate proposal towards Stozero from just a few minutes ago. 

: Your mental state is messed up….. 

: Seiso(proper and clean) won’t say something like S*X 

: No wait a bit, Looking at the context from her words there is no intercourse before marriage you know! Isn’t this basically seiso? 

: So she is really not seiso!

Because of my proposal with the premise of having making out, the chat was explosively getting riled up. Ah this is bad, the senpais that I have been admiring for makes my mood at its highest.

「but you see? The streamer you love is right before your eyes you know? They are the people that made me go on living you know? You’re normally going to ask for S*X right」


: QED verified completed 

: What is being verified is just the end of a stozero addict though 

: Drinking Stozero = entwining with body fluids and wife = S*X.  Which means that while having S*X she proposed to them a bigamy with a premise of having S*X. I see…… 

: I feel something exceedingly insulting to life itself. 

: I came here cause I heard that a after the streamer who messed up she invited her senpais into a Lesbian Threesome 

: What a coincidence, Me too, even though she has a wife called Stozero, she still faps to her colleagues, so I heard that same info about this Vtuber who is hitting on her two senpais. It’s a bit different but which is the right one? 

: Both are right though…… 

: Kusa Kusa of Kusa 

: This is the pinnacle of VTuber world’s Seiso…..

「Mou, aren’t all of you just saying whatever you want? Even though I just said earlier that Girls love someone who is directly honest, I am just simply showing you the real thing!」 


: The woman who is true to her words, As I thought she is pure and Seiso! 

: You don’t have to do it you know 

: Rather, what does the 2 from the 2nd gen think about it though www 

: First turn Attack Deck, being the fastest among the fasted quick attack decks, with it’s affinity that it doesn’t consider what happens right after being that way, it’s also a double-edge blade. 

: Now, what’s her affinity with her Senpais――what about it!? 

: “gulps”….. 

: Doku doku dokuu…..( hear beating) 

<Uzuki Sei>: …..blushes.. 

: It’s decideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! 

: What in the world, it was super effective against Sei-sama!! 

: Are you for real! Tomorrow me too, I will propose to my crush with the premise of having S*X while fapping!! 

: Hey Police men? 

<Kaminari Shion>: what’s with this flow…. 

: Shion-Mama is super confused Kusa 

: It’s weirder if she wasn’t confused though

「Fuu, This is Awayuki the Duelist’s power. I will let go of this UC」 (9: honestly don’t know what UC means)


: Why is this Stozero looking so smug? 

: So she is finally not being considered as a human Kusa 

: So it’s your common sense that you need to duel it seems 

: So doesn’t this mean that? maybe Sei-sama and Awayuki-chan have crazy affinity with each other? 

: It’s dangerous to mix them…..Is what I want to say but the probability is high.

Sei(性)-sama is Sei(聖)-senpais nickname. Sei(聖)-senpai usually has contents that are grand and majestic that the watcher or colleagues  call her with sama  but, whenever the subject turns into that of “cultured” things then people who called her Sei(性)-sama increased.  (9: 聖 usually means holy and 性 is usually used in a lot of sex related stuff or just basically means sex)


<Uzuki Sei>: By any chance Awayuki-kun, if it’s fine with you then there is can I ask you something?

「Yes? What is it Sei-sa-….Sei-senpai?」


[12:24 PM]

<Uzuki Sei>: oh, Awayuki-kun, it’s fine if you call me Sei-sama you know?

「Is that for reall!? I’m so glad!」

In LiveON it’s usually recommended that those who debut at the beginning call them senpai. 

Up until now I have been careful about it so even if I wanted to call her Sei-sama, but I couldn’t talk about it. And so did you just see what I did! If you stozero then you can settle it with just one go! So everyone too, gulp down stozero. Rather Stozero and fap, let’s get stofapping.

「And so Sei-sama, what is is that you want ask about? Is it my 3 sizes? my erogenous points? If its for Sei-sama then I will answer you anything?」


: Tee….tee…?…..teete-……. (9: teetee is usually used when something look precious or something, usually used a lot when yuri stuff is happenning) 

: E…e?…..eee…. 

: Having these members, its hard to catch up no matter what you do Kusa 

<Uzuki Sei>: well, I’ll ask about that outside of the stream 

: So you’re going to secretly ask about it lol 

: It’s Sei-sam after all 

<Uzuki Sei>: Let’s get back to the topic, what I want to ask you is that, I’d like to know what your favorite lesbian AV situation is. 

<Kaminari Shion>: (゜Д゜)

「Having the other actress obviously not liking the Lesbian play is my fave」


<Kaminari Shion>: ( ゚д゚) 

<Uzuki Sei>: Okay, that’s decide let’s have a collab next time, Prepare yourself a Stozero

「Y e s  Y o u r  M a j e s t y」


: Daisougen大草原  unavoidable (9: Daisougen is the evolved form of Kusa, with Kusa meaning grass or wead daisougen means great plains with lots of grass) 

: These girls really are the best wwww 

: Shion-mama are you still breathing~? 

: So this are Vtubers 

<Kaminari Shion>: W-when that time comes I will also participate as your observer okay!?

The chat is filled with Kusa that has become an overflowing jungle, with the wish of having a collab with my Senpai decided, the time has already gotten late so I ended the stream. I am so happy to the point that I thought that I was having a delusion. 

And all of this is thanks to Stozero…. 

That’s why everyone――

Drink up stozero!!! 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 7 end

9: Pushu….(゜Д゜) …….( ゚д゚) …….and with that its the end of her first solo stream with stozero

Tasai: Really deserving of being called a Legend alright…


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