Vtuber Ch9


Vtuber Legend Chapter 9

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 009

Chapter 9 Same-gen Member Collab Stream p2

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918075282


Marshmallow is an anonymous message service, various questions from the watchers will reach the LIVER as messages. Since it would make the watchers happy if you reply to them, and it would especially help in making the stream enliven up the stream for the LIVERS who are going to have a chatting stream, it’s a really win-win service.

「Today I will be replying to Marshmallow that arrived to me!」

「Everyone is probably looking forward to that」

「Well, then the first on here we Doh~!」



: Riyo! 

: the doh is already like a part of your speech manner lol 

: Masiron gave up Kusa 

: Mashiron live on strongly….

@ What’s the most number of stozero cans have you drank in one session? @


: It’s suddenly about Stozero Kusa 

: Rather all the marshmallow might be about that 

: So you planted the flag like that yourself huh….

「About this one, I’m not really that strong with alcohol so usually I don’t drink more than 3 in a day but, in the past when I retired from that damn black company, I was so happy that I drank one normal one and 5 long cans which is in total 6 cans I drank. And because of that I’m a neet 」



: Its too much that I can’t even say anything back! 

: It’s my first time hearing that you’re a NEET 

: Well, she was streaming almost everyday after all 

: Rather you drink too much…..Are you doing an RTA of destroying your liver? 

: Were you okay the next day……?

「No it was totally bad. When I opened my eyes and tried to stand up, at that moment I puked and fell on it. I thought I would die from drowning 」

「My colleague is crazy」


: I know that you shouldn’t really laugh about it but Kusa 

: Mashiron super confused 

: So you do not only end your stream with puking but also your life? ( dumbfounded) 

: The woman that nearly died from her celebrating  toast 

: Even though she was nearly ******, she is a woman still couldn’t stop loving stozero

「No no no, Shuwa-chan isn’t that rather bad? And even today too, you drank since noon, can’t you make your liver rest?」

「Nn, so you thought so too」

「Shuwa-chan get sick, I don’t want that at all」


: So genuinely worried, so precious 

: Well they have been get along since a long time so it’s normal for her to get worried 

: As I thought, you like her after all! 

:  a warning out of love

「Okay then, Tomorrow must completely be a rest day! You understand!?」

「but I also have a stream tomorrow….」

「So you’re going to stream everyday at any cost is it?」

「A day of a neet where you don’t really do anything at all is hard you know」


: Ikr 

: I completely agree 

: the understanding is deep 

: you guys (crying)

「Then can’t you just stream without getting drunk」


「The Shuwa-chan right now is interesting but, I wanna see Awa-chan sometimes too~」

「Mou! If Mashiron is saying that then I have no choice but to do it, geez!」

「Thanks! Then from time to time you’re going to regularly stream while sober okay!」

「Yes Maam!」

「Phew, just as planned」

「Nn? Did you just say something?」

「Nothing, I didn’t say anything」


: She is totally being manipulated Kusa 

: This is the resourceful general Mashiro 

: I’m looking forward to it too much when she is going when she is going to get sober 

: Protecting your colleague from alcohol, and furthermore leaving behind an arrangement for a godly episode, what a fine play 

: Seiso Stream confirmed! 

: Looks like I have to do be nakedely prepared

「Look at this Mashiron! Everyone is looking forward to my Sober Stream」


「As I thought everyone loves me despite all the things they are saying! Geez, they don’t really have to be usually shy about it!

「Yeah yeah, you’re right. Okay then, we should get on with the next Marshmallow okay」


@ Recently I have been worried to Awayuki-chan who has been drunk a lot lately. Are you alright? Want to drink Stozero? @

「I want to drink!」




: Their rhythm are so good Kusa 

: Mashiron’s adaptability skills are so high lol 

: Possibly the 2nd Shion Mama? 

: What it means to succeed after Shion Mama is that these beasts called LIVERs must be tamed, is what you’re saying 

: Is this a circus? 

: Shion Mama’s stomach is going mach speed

@ What’s your impression on the first time you drank Stozero? @

「How do I say this, it was bitter and ewwy  I guess」

「oh that’s unexpected」

「But….on the next day, when we see face to face, how do I say it….I couldn’t take my eyes away from it」

「Are we still even talking about Stozero?」

@ Do you vow to only love Strong Zero-chan? Are you not going to cheat on her with other strong branded drinks right? @

「Ah about this, to be honest, there was times when I thought of drinking other stuffs but you see」


「How do I say this…..whenever I try to buy those, I ended up thinking about the face of that person,  and I’ll end up not buying it」

「I see, so it’s the stozero in your head right!?」


: Professor Stozero, please forgive us! 

: So you really do love stozero 

: That feeling, it is surely love! 

: Love !? (confused)


Vtuber Legend  chapter 9 end

9: Shuwa-chan x Stozero?

Tasai: That ship’s already confirmed though? Already proposed. Anyway, it’s gonna be interesting to finally know the sober Yuki stream.


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