Vtuber Ch10


Vtuber Legend Chapter 10

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 010

Chapter 10 Same-gen Member Collab Stream p3

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918234007 


@ When you forgot to turn off the stream, what did you really think about it? w

I like the Awayuki-from before and also the Awayuki-chan right now too. Since you’re arrived at this point, run to the top of the Vs!! @

「Oh, those are some nice words there」


「Nn? What’s with you being so flustered? Aren’t you happy? 」

「It’s not like that, I’m really happy right now that I’m like this but, it’s just that I haven’t received an encouragement directly like that so I don’t really know how to react…..」

「You an actress or something?  And moreover you didn’t think of a reply? 」

「I was so happy that I thought of doing a quick one but then my thoughts completely stopped right there!」

「You a dog or something」


: Shuwa-chan is embarrassed!? 

: The reaction is just like a Ter**nator showing a reaction as if trying to understand human emotion Kusa 

: Why are you thinking like an actress or something lol

「Well, you see ever since I forgot to turn off the stream, more than 90% of the marshmallow that came was about Stozero you know?」


: Daisougen unavoidable 

: Ah, is that so lol 

: So you’re the one behind it! well, I also did it too 

: The probability for a proper encouragement is around the same probability as a ☆5  Mackarel www (9: Its probably a game ref I think) 

: To Awa-chan Stozero is something like , Pop-**es Spinach, and Wa**o’s garlic you know! (said annoyingly)

「C’mon, you still haven’t done the main reply you know, so what did you think when you forgot to turn off the stream?」

「Ah that’s right! Hmmm, if I were to compare it, then it’s like when you overslept during the entrance examination to your highschool!」

「I see, that’s an easily understandable hellish situation., I totally don’t want to experience that」


: Hiee 

: Uoooooo Stop iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit my bad memoriessssssssssssssssssss!!! 

: So there was someone in the chat that experienced it Kusa

@ If you can mix up Stozero which will you mix it with? Re**ll? Mon**er  ?@

「I will mix it up with a different flavor of Stozero」


@ If you have money, what kind of alcohol will you buy? @



@ what is the ultimate side-dish to make you drink  Stozero endlessly @(edited)


「Yeah, it’s all Stozero, thank you very much」


: Eeeeeh (I’m confused) 

: Stozero, stozero, and stozero, just like that 

: Stozero for Stozero for Stozero, and for the stozero after that stozero 

: The Tempo feels soo geeewd !! 

: Even though she is stozero fan, the way she drinks is like an addict that the question didn’t matter at all Kusa 

: Though obviously you shouldn’t really go with 「It feeels ssooooo geeeeewwwwwdd!!!!!」 as the main advertisement right 

: If it’s Shuwa-chan then, the cm would be her raised thumbs up while sinking in Stozero right? 

: I feel like she will have a super big smile while sinking

「Well If I were to say it honestly, I’m a NEET so I don’t have much money at all, so I can’t buy good stuffs like energy drinks or side-dishes, and I’m already Stozero’s woman so even if I have money I won’t leave her behind」

「The person who needs monetization the most was streamed herself to the point of nearly getting band, I, Mashiron’s eyeball is barely about to pop-off」

「I’m getting sad so let’s go to the next Marshmallow Doh~!」

@ I will marry this girl…..

Why!? Why am I not allowed to marry this girl!? She is a really good girl you know!

Whenever something bad happens to me, she is always beside me making me forget the bad things, I’m really happy you know!

I can’t live without this girl anymore! If you don’t acknowledge it then I will do whatever I can like elope with this girl okay!

Saying that, what she brought along with her was Stozero…. @

@  Stozero 「I also love you. But, I’m sorry. I love a lot of people that I can’t just marry you alone! That’s why, you can just think of me as someone as a partner with benefits. With this I can keep on loving you all」 @

「Two Marshmallows that tells a story of two sad stories makes my tears flow non stop…..」

「Nnーーーーーー no Idea」


: An SS arrived 

: I wonder why the stozero is talking 


「Now then, since its getting late already, should we end?」

「Oh, roger that! well then, We will have this last Marshmallow full of elegance to decorate our ending!!!」

@ Stozero! Stozero ! Stozero! Stozerooooooowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 

Aaaaaaaa……aaaaaaaaa! aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Stozero Stozero Stozerooooowaaaaaaa!!! 

Aaaah Kunka kunka! Kunkakunka! suuu haaa suu haa! Suu haa Suu haa! what a good smell….kunkun (9: these are smelling onomatopoeia) 

Nnhaa! Stozero-tan’s silver can, I’m Kunka Kunka ‘ing it! Kunka Kunka! Aaaah!! 

No, I made I mistake! let;s mofu mofu it! Mofu Mofu! Mofu mofu! Can Can Mofu Mofu! Kari Kari Mofu Mofu…..Kyun Kyun Kyui!! 

One Can of Stozero-tan was delicious you know!! Aaaaaaaaa….Aaaaa….Aaaaaaaaaah!! Fuaaaaaaaannnn!! 

The second can was also delicious, Stozero-tan! Aaaaaaaaaaaah ! So Cute! Stozero-tan! Kawaiii! AAaaaaaaaah! 

Long can is also on sale, I’m so happy…Uyaaaaaaaa!!! Nyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! 

Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I can’t drink all of long can !!!???? Aah….thinking about the first and second can….. 

I can’t d r i n k a l l of Stozero-chyaaan? Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! 

No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! Japaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! 

You! Damnit! I’ll stop it all! something like reality…..te..eh!? It’s-….looking? Stozero-chan inside the ref is looking at me? 

Stozero-chan inside the ref is looking at me! Stozero-chan is looking at me! Stozero-chan inside the ref is looking at me!! 

The second can of Stozero-chan is talking with me!!! I’m glad….the world still hasn’t abandoned me!! 

Iyahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I have Stozero-chan with me!!! I did it Suuppaa dry!! I can do it by myself!! 

Aah, Long Can Stozer-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 

Aaaaan Aaaaan Greeen**bell!! P-premium mo**tsu !! Nodo** shiseiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Clear**sahiiiiiiiiiii!! 

Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! let my feeling reach Stozero!! Let it reach through the stozero across Japan! @ (9: wtf did I just translate)

As the end’s climax brought the chat into the pit of laughter, the stream ended. 

Aah, it was fun! Wasn’t the next one will be me streaming without drinking? Well, If it’s me then I can at least do that much easily!! 

「Aaah, Shuwa-chan. Before we end the call, can I show you something?」

「Nn? What is it?」

After the stream, Mashiron sent me an image data.

「T-this is—-!?」

「What do you think? It’s nicely done isn’t it?」

What was shown there was, My avatar, Kokorone Awayuki, a new standing image rough draft drawing. The usual Avatar is wearing a pure-white one piece that looks like it was mixed snow but, what was drawn was she was wearing a loose T-shirt and short pants, and on her hand was a stozero long can, her face was dyed in the red drunkness, Awayuki’s drawing.

「I drew it right away after the forgot-to-end-stream! Soon, I think it would be ready for a live stream」


It was extremely perfect. Without a mistake it fits the me right now. And moreover…

「Erotic! This is soooo erotic!! hot pants! Thighs! skinny bare legs!!!」

「I know right, I know right! As I thought, a person who usually has a high guard, suddenly having a really lazy appearance, is the best of eroticness! My artistic tastes are so noisy that I can’t help it!」


As I thought Mashiron too was a “LiveOn”! 

(9: you might already know it but, being a liveOn in this context means super crazy or chaotic or etc) 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 10   end

9:  phew, man just what did I translate back there……..btw I just learned from this chapter, the reason why there is terminator jokes, is because Schwarzenegger in JP has a nickname Shuwa-chan which is from the pronunciation of the Schwa (shuwa) from Schwarzenegger

Tasai: … What the hell is that just now? I can’t edit that one, I can only leave it alone… Kusa… 


  1. I think my last remaining single braincell just exploded from that last marshmallow. I shoulda swallowed my pride and let my gray-chan take a rest, she could’ve survived that

    Liked by 1 person

  2. (9: you might already know it but, being a liveOn in this context means super crazy or chaotic or etc) 

    I sure have heard that before. . .


  3. Can you mark which character is speaking? I’m finding it hard to follow with how the story switches between chat and people talking. Thanks for your hard work though!


  4. that chaotic marshmellow, isnt that the parody of HoloID’s wangy wangy thing?
    or did the JP Vtuber have that kind of thing…??


  5. “(9: wtf did I just translate)”
    This might just unironically be one of my favourite parts of this chapter


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