Vtuber Ch11


Vtuber Legend Chapter 11

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 011

Chapter 11 Side story, the chat during the time she forgot to turn off the stream

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918263124 


「Everyone, Thank you for watching again today. Let’s one again meet when snow falls lightly 」


: otsu (9: means gj) 

: Today was fun too! 

: Even thought you said when the snow is going to fall, recently you stream everyday. You sure do it a lot….

: Snow falls everyday you know, read the air

: Light snow falls everyday, an abnormal yet tender weather 

: She sure is working hard 

: At least this hard work should get verified for monetization 

: Ikr 

: She gives me an impression that she kinda stops during a scene where things get interesting, she might be a bit of a shy girl 

: Even so I will continue being a fan of Awa-chan! 

: I too! 

: Me too! 

: Potatoo! 

: That typo became a potato kusa 

: Hmmm? rather, isn’t getting too long for her to turn off the stream?

「Nn? Mou…Oh.」


: Awa-chan? 

: Here voice has completely become when she is outside the stream 

: Aah, this natural voice of her is good too 

: Rather, isn’t this that forgot to turn off the stream thing….. 

: Oi, this is bad, this is really bad….



: she’s sighing…. 

: From the sound of it, she went away from the mic 

: When I though of saying lucky to hear her daily life sounds, hearing the sigh made me cry 

: As I thought, the person herself is also worrying about not getting any better 

: During stream she shows 0 signs of that, she really is working hard, I want to simp her 

: Haaaa? The one who will be her simp is me you know? 

: Haaaa? 

: Haaaa? 

: Though, wouldn’t it be better to contact the other V’s about her forgetting to turn off the stream? 

: I sent one in case but it’s already late in the night ye know? I wonder if there are any LIVERs still awake…. 

: If it’s Hikari-chan then, she’s someone who might still be up, right? 

: On the previous, Hikari-chan did a 28 hour marathon on that she won’t stop her stream until the point she get donkatsu three times in a row so, at the end of the stream earlier, she said that after the stream, she will sleep for the night right away 

: Rather, in that state she was still streaming up until that point (confused voice) 

: Hikari-chan is quite a marathon addict after all 

: Then what about Mashiron….. though she is someone who’s either asleep or drawing illustration without looking at phone 

: The drawing stream last time, she sure  did something a rather gentlemanly one 

: Just drawing Chami-chan’s breast took 70% of her whole stream lol 

: That girl may look normal but she is secretly LiveON after all 

: Then what about that Chami-chan? 

: Chami-chan is unexpectedly sleeps early so, we can’t really count on her 

: but you know, even if she is still awake, can she even contact Awa-chan….. 

: That girl is ridiculously bad at socializing after all….. 

: Even though she was blessed with that appearance, but when the stream becomes a collab, she gets really clumsy its really kusa 

: Obviously she will run when her comrade is in pinch right, but it might turn to her hesitating a lot 

: Oh, isn’t Awa-chan back?

「Mou, My body has become something that can’t live without this….」



: Eh? 

: oon? 

: I feel like I heard something that I shouldn’t be hearing….. 

: Rather isn’t the sound just now alcohol? LOL 

: Ah( I got it) 

: Is it beer? 

: No, that sound is stozero 

: Thanks for the help, Sound sommelier 

: No, that guy isn’t a sommelier, he’s just an alcoholic….. 

: Stozero is bad you know! 

: She’s opening something way more worse than beer Kusa 

: Uuooooooooo Awa-chan stoooooooooop!!!

「Gokku gokku, Puuhaaaaa!!!」


: She is drinking it so deliciously kusa 

: Her character image is collapsing! 

: I-it’s still safe! its normal for an adult to drink alcohol!

「Man, I can’t really get enough of this. Just for this one can then, for the construction of the underground empire, I don’t mind spending my outrageous wages. Ka〇ji-kun drank beer but don’t they have any stozero?」


: Okay that’s OUT! 

: She really is drinking stozero lol 

: Ka〇ji-kun and the resonance lady 

: So there was that idea! (Hanchou) 

: Kusa kusa of Kusa 

: I feel like I know why she got in LiveOn 

: ( ゜Д゜) (blanked out)



: www 

: www 

: This is www 

: Daisougen unavoidable too much ww 

: LiveOn’s number 1 seiso became LiveOn’s number 1 entertainer…. 

: The gap is too much the the heaven and earth turned over 

: Hey this is bad! this woman ain’t stopping at all!! 

: Its like an Aku**zu fell kusa

「Yossha! Let’s watch my co-workers~!!!!」


: She is so lively like never before kusa 

: What is seiso anymore? 

: On that day, humanity Remember. Seiso Species of Vtubers….. 

: The sound is leaking out. This is….the stream that Hikari-chan did earlier isn’t it? 

: Eh, If I’m right the game during that stream is….. 

: I don’t like a brat with good instincts like you 

: You must not look at that streaaaaaam!!!

「I will become your Mama!!」


: Fuaa!? 

: Was there ever a V that wanted to become a Mama of their colleague? 

: Your family will increase you know! Good for you Hikari-chan! 

: Oi stop it 

: Oi stop it 

: Oi stop it

「Manjuice spurts(卍ル武社亜) is Kusa lol wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that’s not even a sausage anymore wwwwwwwwwwwww」


: Buu!? 

: It’s not on a level of three outs you know! 

: The woman who always gets out whenever she swings the bat 

: The Japanese word that I want them to read out 

: LiveOn’s judgement was never wrong!

「Ha? what about dochashiko( wetshlick)? Hikari-chan your Mama is dochashiko watching this stream you know?」


: Kusa 

: She is making so many Kusa, it became a bonsai already 

: The woman who faps to her colleague’s stream 

: The Mama fapping, what a power word 

: I kinda feel like I’m witnessing the moment of a legend being born 

: Without a mistake this is a legend, It will remain in the history of V 

: A number of people I have never seen came to this stream www

「…..Since the time is this time already, Let’s watch Chami-chan’s stream and sleep」


: Eh, why is she suddenly calm (confused voice) 

: It’s her sage time 

: That’s bad thing to say after she said fap you know! 

: Fapping to a V stream and then going sage mode and then sleeping, its completely me 

: but since this is her real personality, she probably loves her colleagues 

: Teetee!

「Ah, yabee(this is bad), this stream’s addiction is a good match against stozero」


: Is this considered as a praise? 

: Well, since she drank it so deliciously, it probably a praise 

: Ah, she slept 

: The woman who can only speak wise words 

: Okay, I’m really looking forward when she wakes up so, let’s endure and wait it out

And so it becomes a legend…… 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 11   end

9: grass

Tasai: bonsai-sama


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