Vtuber Ch12

My life as a drunken Vtuber

Vtuber Legend Chapter 12

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 012

Chapter 12 Seiso Stream p 1

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918276877 


「Uooo (ry」 (9: ry means ryaku or shortened and stuff)

The next day after my collab with Mashiron, as usual I was in agony on my bed. No ways of No ways, to think that I promised to have a sober stream. Rather, I’m sure Mashiron is absolutely  having fun about it! It’s cheating to manipulate a drunk you know! Well, most likely about being worried about my health, is probably true, from the message this morning, she chatted with me saying 「You must take a break at least 2 times a week」. Uwu….but I wonder what I should do…..after all that, can I even stream as a Seiso….. But since I said that I’d do it, then there’s no way that I can’t do it….. After worrying for a while, I thought that nothing will do anything about it by continuing to worry, so I hurriedly asked some advice from Suzuki-san.

「Eh? Are you seriously thinking about doing drinking stozero everyday to stream? Are you planning to make a foie gras stozero flavored with your livers?」

She was really dumbfounded. Can’t believe it.

「At least, is there some good plans for streaming….?」

「Hmmm, let’s see……. how about a gaming stream?」

「Ah, that’s good! if it’s Something moderately difficult that I would be so focused in it that I would forget being shy then that’s good!」

「You’re right! Then going on with that direction, do you have a good game with you?」

「Ah…. I’m poor so I don’t have any money to buy games…….」

I lowered my head in sadness. Might be a wound from great success, I’ve come to the point of popularity that I could have a stable life with the monetization but, I’m still not yet monetized. Up until right now, I have been restricted to the streams that I can do too, can’t anyone do something about this. Management-san! please notice me! ….. Ah, you don’t have to look at my drunk streams so please don’t designate it as sensitive content.

「Ah, I know of a game that I recommended that you can play for free」

「Eh, really!?」

「Yes! A game that fits perfectly to 『If you’re planning to clear it then you will completely get into it』!」

「Then, I will start with a bit of marshmallow reading and play that game!」

「Eh, Are you sure about making time to reply to marshmallows? Most of the ones that come are mostly stozero related right? Are you okay doing that while sober?」

「I will do it somehow! After all it’s the questions that the watcher’s thought about !」(edited)

「As usual, you sure are faithful in that part」

Okay! Since Suzuki-san taught me something good, I will do my best tonight! Today will be the day I will take off my Seiso! Just you wait Watchers! …….Ah, I mean take back my seiso….

「 ― ―Everyone Good evening. Today too is a good light snowfall」

With a background of silently and tenderly falling snow, I present my Kokorone Awayuki. Giving off an atmosphere of a rather fleeing avatar that matches with the mystery of a snow. Well, it’s like that but….


: Eh, who? 

: I heard that you are a familiar of a stozero so I came to this stream, but it seems like I made a mistake 

: Ah, it’s the person that was taken over by her 2nd stozero personality! 

: Rather isn’t the other one the real one? 

: Kusa 

: At this point it’s already Kusa 

: Seiso (Shame play) stream is here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 

: I was waiting for this moment━!! 

: The woman who makes people laugh with just her opening greeting 

: Rather than snow falling, the ground is grassy(kusa) that its all green.

And this is the result you know! Well, I expected it but, the chat was full of jokes. It seems like my stream had turned into the last stream of the night.

「Ahem! It seems like the chat has a different mood than usual. It’s my number one purpose to have a fun time with everyone so, if it’s for that sake I will welcome any kind of change. 『But!』The me today is Seiso so please don’t get me wrong 」


: Kusa 

: Kk! 

: I LOL’d at the emphasis of but 

: I’m sure her face right now behind the monitor is red 

: The moment you said “The me 『today』” means that its totally obvious Kusa 

: I moe’d at the Awaawa that I haven’t seen a while

「Now then, first of all, for the fact that I have not been able to stream for the last two days, I am extremely sorry. I did not want to be before everyone when light snow fall is nothing falling….」


: Ha? 

: Ha? 

: Ha? 

: Kusawwwww 

: I see, so you went with that lol 

: She is a planner 

: Wait a min? this is strange? I feel like I have seen the moment of a bow that had been pulled back in standby continuously for 3 months had bean released 

: During the 3 months, I remember the moment that stozero that was waving around getting opened free! 

: This absolutely impossible ! are you alright? Want to drink stozero? 

: Rather than a light snow fall, it was a blizzard ya know!

「H-hahaha. It seems like the chat is somewhat getting excited, it’s a mystery. Now then, first I will reply to the marshmallows and after that I will be playing a free browser game, so I will be doing a gameplay stream!」


: oh, gaming will be good! 

: What’s the game title? 

: So you’re going to reply to marshmallow in that state huh, I’m looking forward to it too much 

: I’m curious about the game!

「Fufu, what I will be playing, will be shown when that time comes so, for now with the marshmallow, I shall be receiving them」 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 12   end

9:  So like Haachama, 2 in one, but instead of eldritch horror we got stozero

Tasai: Well… At least with a lot less trying to murder each other, and with one of them murdering the other without even meaning to(by sheer embarrassment)


  1. She is digging her own grave. Not in the way that she’ll socially die in society, but in the way that she is going to writhe in the swamp of her own shame and embarrassment until her heart stops

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  2. I am now very distracted by the Staff’s conversation about comparing our Mc to Hachama. It scared me for a second, that’s why.

    Liked by 1 person

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