Vtuber ch13

Hola, Me llamo Rusty.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 13

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 013

Chapter 13 Seiso Stream p 2

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918311286 


「Now then, the first marshmallow will be this one」

@ーー・ー・  ・ー・ーー  ー・ーー・@


: eh? 

: What’s this? 

: Morse code Kusa 

: I see LoL

「No, it is not I see isn’t it? Was there any need for this to be in secret code? I thought of deciphering it but I couldn’t really understand it so can someone who knows do it please?」 


: Someway or another you still tried to decipher it while saying that, it’s so kind that I wuv it 

: Tsundere Awa-awa! 

: Tsundere….? Well, certainly she is someone who has quite the gap 

: Just why did you choose this for the first one ww

「Ah, about that, for some reason before and after this one all have this word 『stozero』 in it. It’s a mystery」


: Kusa 

: As usual kusa 

: That sure is strange (lol) 

: It’s not for some reason, it was inevitable 

: That guy is acting as if he didn’t do it kusa

@「What do you mean by Seiso Stream? Without me you are no good you know!」the stozero from your ref is said that, what are you gonna do about it?@ 

@ How many cans of stozero do you have in your ref?@

「Ufufu, what are you talking about? that su to ze ro, I have no idea of what that may be but, what is only inside my refrigerator are vegetable juice, ingredients for me to cook with and my favorite ice cream you know 」


: Huh? 

: Huh? 

: Huh? 

: Well, lemons are used in stozero so if you give it a hunred million chances then it might be considered a vegetable juice? 

: Ice…..did she freeze the stozero? 

: Hint, -196℃

「F-fufufu, l-let’s go to the next marshmallow~!」

@ Ever since I saw Stozero-chan’s stream, I’ve wondering whether I should also drink stozero. Is there something that Stozero-chan can recommend others? @

「I wonder what Stozero is~~ it sure is strange. By the way I love peaches」


: So you’re going to answer that lol 

: I’m sure that she is having a bitter smile behind the screen lol 

: Peach flavored stozero might be good 

: I-I didn’t say a peach flavored stozero okay! I only said that I like peaches okay 

: Oh, okay

「Ggu-, uuuoooo! T-then let’s go to next marshmallow!」


: What’s the matter so suddenly? Lol 

: She slowly starting to agonized from embarrassment 

: Ah (I got it) 

: when I think that she is having red face and a bitter smile while streaming Kusa

@ 「Awayuki-san, is there recently you have been careful about regarding your health?」 

「Ah, I decided on Strong zero」 

「Strong Zero!」

「look at this!」 


「C’mon, this one! it’s amazing right !? it’s full, so full!」 

「What is this long can! it’s totally different~」

「You want to try opening it right?」 

「Yes, I want to to see!」 

「Then here we go~!」 

\ Pushu!// 

「Ah~ it’s the sound of Stozer~」

「How long can one of these last?」 

「Tadaa! this one can can last for half a day!」 

「that long~!」@

@ My body is made up of Stozero

My blood is of alcholol and my heart of Lemon.

 I have experience countless drunken times.

 Not even once being victorious,

Not even once understood. 

The bearer lies here alone, getting drunk on stozero.

Thus, Stozero has no meaning. 

This body is made out of absolutely Stozero  @

「F-f-fufufufufu! T-the world sure is big! I wonder who is this marshmallow for?」


: It’s you! 

: It’s you! 

: Now, take a look at mirror 

: Are you having an amnesia? Are you alright? Want to drink Stozero?

「Nuuun! he! He! A”a”a”a”a”a”a”a”a”a”a”a”a”」


: Kusa 

: Voice of reality www 

: Her mental control look like its in panic 

: At least, it’s not a voice that a Seiso shouldn’t produce www 

: If this go on, I feel like she will let out a ear destroying scream 

: It’s necessary to have earplugs with Stozero-chan after all 

: Is she a Tig**x ?

「Now then,  let’s continue on with the next marshmallow!」

@ I love Awayuki-san who works hard in taking value of her Seiso self. 

I also love Awayuki-san who drinks stozero who makes the mood excited

I pray that you would continue to be healthy in both mind and body as you continue to stream, good luck@

「Uum ,,,, ah…….thank you very much ////」 (9: //// means blushing)


: She is seriously embarrassed! 

: I moe’d 

: So this is Seiso 

: The UC played inside my head (9: I still have no idea what UC means) (Tasai: I don’t know too, someone help?)

: I wuv her being not used to being praised. 

: Stozero cute 

: To some people they might not know it but that is quite a nasty power work Kusa

「Ahem! N-now then I shall move on to the game play session! Now then, the game that you all have been waiting for is here! It’s 『Puniki’s Homerun Derby!』!」 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 13   end

9:  Unlimited Stozero Drinks 

Tasai: Now I suddenly wanted a Stozero anime. Wait, if this gets animated then it would be this novel right?


    1. To be slightly more specific, UC refers to the track UNICORN (from Gundam UC), used in videos as a dramatic BGM with the climax coinciding with a victory/defeat moment (try searching 完全勝利 UC or 完全敗北 UC).

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