Vtuber Ch14

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 14

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 014

Chapter 14 Seiso Stream p 3 

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918333607 


『Puniki’s Homerun Derby』(9: google winne the pooh’s home run derby, you’ll find the game)

According to Suzuki-san, iPuniki is a cute yellow bear character that you control, and you decide from various pitchers and hit a number of homerun, that kind of game it seems. 

The game’s content is really just that, ” you don’t really have to know about the difficult rules of baseball so Yuki-sasn can immediately play it” she said, so to me who hasn’t played a game for a long time, I’ve been looking forward to it. 

Is what I thought but….


: Puniki wwwwwwwwww 

: Ah…. 

: Why did you choose such a mind breaking game 

: Harandeee 

: My trumaaa!!

Arere~? that’s weird~? For some reason the chat is getting noisy isn’t it?

「Umm…. Is there something about this game? I was actually recommended this game by my manager so I don’t really know what kind of game it is but….」


: Wait, what awaits you there is hell(from personal experience) 

<Hirune Nekoma> : Nyanyaan! I sniffed out a trashy game so I came! 

: Fuaa!? Nekoma is here!? 

: You sniffed it out too fast lol 

: As expected by the trash junky


N-nekoma-senpai!? Why Nekoma-senpai!? 

As I have explained before, Nekoma-senpai is LiveOn’s 2nd gen who is a cat girl who is a trash junky that loves trashy games and trashy movies. 

T-to think that she would come to this shame play of a stream…. 

Rather, doesn’t that mean that all of the 2nd gens came to my stream? 

Ah, my heartbeats are… 

……. Hmmm? Just maybe, the reason that Nekoma-senpai came is… Is this game…. Yabai?

A chilling omen ran through my spione. And it seems that came true…

「Ohh! I did it! I hit it!」

While being bewildered by the law defying Puniki’s bat waving, when I got my first hit—-


: Ooh! 

: yeah, normally its something to congratulate but…. 

<Hirune Nekoma>: Nyanaan! Nekoma shall explain it! 

: Did you know about it Nekoma? 

<Hirune Nekoma>: In this game, home runs are the only ones being counted so hitting and missing are all the same



: Hieee 

: Ha? (overwhelming) 

: Her mask is starting to fall off 

: you Mi**kyu? 

: S-she’s still seiso okay!

I see, so that’s why there are no other infield and outfield in the game! in the first place this is not baseball isn’t it!? 

Yeah yeah, just as Suzuki-san, 『you decide from various pitchers and hit a number of home run, that kind of game it 』. 

Next time you should get prepared you brute of a manager! 

Moreover, it won’t only end there, when you advance the game, the way pitchers throw is something you can never see in reality with how they change the trajectory of the ball—

「Hurry up and recruit this damn guy for major league」


: stop with the calm retorts wwwww 

<Hirune Nekoma>: Even though its a game for kids, what was the reason that the makers made it, it was a mystery so no one can do anything about it. 

: Right now, didn’t this self-proclaimed Seiso-chan said this damn guy? 

: It looks like stozeor is being injected to her brain 

: Seis…s… 

: Being influence by such a brutal game, she is slowly turning into Shuwa-chan kusa

And so as I built up a mountain of misses I steadily advanced through the game, and when I entered Stage 6 I faced a wall that I have never encountered. 

The pitcher’s name was 『Orkas』which is an owl, what he throws is incomparable to a knuckle throws, a curve ball that shakes left and right. 

This game had already become a luck based game, against this enemy you must do 19 home runs out of 35 balls. 

And because of this guy, the time is already late at night. 

However, the greatest chance had arrived today! The only remaining ball to be thrown is only 1 left; however, I have already hit 18 home runs. 

Which means that If I home run the last ball means that it’s my win. 

It’s alright, If it’s me then I can do it, Nekoma-senpai and the watcher’s are all looking at me. 

I have perfectly gotten the winning flag, I won, I shall prepare to sleep. 

I, when this battle ends, I will watch everyone’s stream inside my dream….





: Kusa 

: Big Kusa( 9: changed from daisougen to big kusa from an advice at the comment at the site) 

<Hirune Nekoma >: It sure is Kusa! 

: there no more any fragment of Seiso Kusa 

: This girl is basically a green baboon lol 

: Wise words making factory 

: The woman who will cut through all speeches

「——-Okay. And with that, I would like for the stream to end now. Let us meet once again when light snowfalls falls. Someday for sure, I will have revenge against this game」


: Otsu www 

: She sure is an interesting woman 

: She came back to that personality 

<Hirune Nekoma>: This game has more darkness deep within it so I’m looking forward to that! 

: She’s no longer Seiso and become Shuwa-chan but, as Mashiron said, she didn’t drink stozero so good job 

: You’re right 

: In someway or the another, she is a girl that keeps her promise

Next time I will surely clear this game! 

…….So I was the type that gets this fired up on games huh….. 

I didn’t really do difficult games so I didn’t know…. 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 14   end

9:  according to google, apparently there is only around 4 people who was able to clear the game

Tasai: Kusa, I’d have given up long ago


  1. I like how the author picked the name “Orkas” so that he had an excuse to make Awayuki yell “gomikasu”.

    And of course we can’t have the reference without posting the clip of that legendary moment:

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