Vtuber Ch15


VI’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 015

Chapter 15 At the office

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918355150 


「Regarding Awayuki’s new outfit, it seems that it is already done」

「Ah, I see, as expected of Mashiron, she sure works fast….」

Today, I am at the head office of LiveOn in Tokyo. I came here for a meeting with my manager, Suzuki-san. 

Usually it’s troublesome to travel so most meetings are mostly through calls but, as the Policy of LiveOn it’s recommended that you talk directly to your manager at the office at least once a month except that is if you live far away. 

There is totally no strict atmosphere, it’s a place that was purposely made for the smooth conversation between the LIVERs and their managers. 

The travel expenses are all covered by the company so, someone poor like me can just relax and come. 

Rather everytime, Suzuki-san treats me to meals that I normally can’t afford, so I’m getting excited about this is because I am poor…..

「Hmmm? Are you not happy?」

Right now what is before me is the new standing art drawing by Mashiron but, it seems that my conflicted feeling about it kinda showed in my face.

「Well, I’m happy that I get a new outfit but….」

「Haha, so you still have not completely gotten over it? Since I also received the completed model for it, I will show it to you」


Suzuki-san opened up her laptop and showed the screen towards me. 

What was shown there was just like what the rough draft that Mashrion showed me, Awayuki wearing a very droopy T-shirt, and short pants, and on her hand was a long can stozero, her face is red from being drunk. 

And moreover, as a completed product, they added the words 『i <3 Stozero』  at the front of the shirt. (Tasai: The <3 was supposed to be a heart sign but discord to docs conversion are wonky…)

「It is something that you would have never imagined the Awayuki-chan from before wearing」

I reflexively had an awkward smile.

「Is it not good, I think that it is cutely drawn you know」

「Well, surely it’s cute but, I still kinda feel a bit conflicted about it…」

「You should have more confidence! Right now in our company, Yuki-san is being said to be the ace among the 3rd gen. And the numbers proved that right?」


Certainly, it’s something unbelievable but, right now, the number of subscriptions, views of the archives, and the number of watchers coming to the livestream are at the top among my same-gen colleagues. 

As it happened by chance, I recently thought that as long as the watchers find it fun then it might be fine but, getting to be even called ace is quite a big pressure.

「Isn’t it bad to have an ace that does drunk streams that says a lot of borderline words….」

「If that hurts the watcher’s emotions then that would be a problem but, it’s a policy of LiveOn that as long as you make the watcher happy then it’s all good. And furthermore there is a support role such as me to make it so that you don’t cross over the line」

「That’s really broad-minded」

「It is LiveOn after all」

Suzuki-san said so full of confidence.
I really think that this sure is a strange enterprise. 

Why have they chosen such bright talents? 

This company might have just been showing how much they have been so free in playing around but, the truth was that all of the employees are seriously tackling this business. 

Yeah! Since Mashiron worked hard on drawing this, I hope from now on that I will be able to stream with confidence!

「And so , you are now able to use the new outfit starting today」

「Okay! Thank you very much!」

「Please say your thanks to Mashiron-san. Now then, about the next topic, actually the number of LIVERs have increased, and so that many would get to know the LIVERs, there is a project that all of the present LIVERs of LiveOn will make one music video」

「Eh!? All of us!?」

「Yes, from all the First generation to the Third Generation」

This was shocking, without a mistake this is the biggest scale of collab project in LiveOn. 

Rather, by all, that means that I will also be participating right? Even though I still haven’t made a singing stream yet you know!?

「A-are you alright with me?」

「It’s planned to have all 8 of the LIVERs to sing one piece of music each, so there are not really a lot of lines. However it is not like you can not take advantage of it. How about it? Are you good at singing? 」

「I think that I’m averagely as good as a highschooler who sometimes goes to Karaoke. But ever since I graduated from school I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to go to one, so recently I even forget it’s existence….」

「Just how much were you used by the black company? To the point of even forgetting to have amusement activities, Well, if it’s like that then I recommend soon that you go to Karaoke’s to practice. or…… 」


「At during the song’s interlude, you go “stozero Pushu!” and drink it then go “Puha!” , someone who makes the song excited」

「I will practice singing to death!」

Isn’t that basically just a gag role! I can’t really show such a shameful sight of me in such huge collab!

「Ah, and also, usually right after this we go eat together but, the food expenses will be fine so I’d like you to go together with someone else. Since we are basically already done our meeting with each other 」

「Eh? Someone else?」

This development is a new event, so I unintentionally leaned over my head in confusion.

「Actually, today, LIVER Kaminari Shion and Uzuki Sei came to the office with the same purpose as Yuki-san. And Yuki-san has planned to have a Collab with those two right?  And so from the both of them, if you are fine with it, you can eat together while having a meeting over what you will collab about, they asked me to tell you about their invitation」

「….. Eh?」

Does that mean…..an offline meeting and I will be able to meet with the 2 of them who I respect and admire….? 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 15   end

9:  meow, watching vtubers(jp) kinda messed up my sleeping schedule, even though I mostly have the same timezone as them, they sleep so late 

Tasai: By the time I typed this I had just watched a Vtuber breakdown in her stream from too many donos live. It’s fun alright.


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