Vtuber Ch17

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 17

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 017

Chapter 17 2nd Gen Offline Karaoke Collab p2

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918415975 


「Now then, let’s go with the first one!」

@ to Sei-sama, what’s your type of girl? @

「Let’s see. My strike zone is on the bigger side but, if I were to say it then it’s a girl who does their best and when they are really troubled they would rely on you I guess」

「Oh my how unexpected! To think that Sei-sama has such a non-degenerate taste!」

「As usual, Shion sure is sometimes toxic towards me. It might make me aroused you know?」

「It’s because of that part of you okay」


: that’s unexpected 

: It’s unexpected that she talked about a person’s innner self not the exterior 

: There’s no stopping of prejudice against Sei-sama 

: Mm? but I feel like I know that kind of person you know?

Wait a sec? Certainly even from my perspective it was a bit of an unexpected answer with how surprised Shion-senpai is about it but, maybe this is…

「Ummm, maybe doesn’t that mean it’s Shion-senpai?」


「Fu, so I got exposed, As expected of Stozero’s A**chi, you’re a detective  」 (9: from my research it’s Kogoro Akechi, google it)

「Who are you calling A**chi!」

「Eh? What!? eeh!? Is this true Sei-sama!?」

Taking a little while, Shion-senpai was finally able to understand the meaning of those words as her face had started to blush.

「O-hoーーー( ◜ω◝ )」

Really, Yuri is the best!


: What a voice….she let it out! 

: it’s not O-ho but lol 

: The stozero that is sandwiched between the yuri is guilty 

: Rather than the ITS HERE reaction, that reaction sure is terrible ww

「M-my apologies. I unintentionally let out such a voice, from now on I shall put effort in not obstructing the holy grounds of yuri!」

「Eh, why are you seriously apologizing!?」

「Shion-senpai, Yuri is something that mustn’t be disturb and be left free, it feel like you have to support」

「I know right, Awayuki-kun! As I thought you and I see eye to eye! I said my love to Shion-kun just earlier but, I also see Awayuki-kun sexually with both of your inner self and appearance!    」

「That’s what she said, Shion-senpai? What about it, wanna have a 3p?」

「Don’t say it like “wanna go to the next party?” okay? Mou! It’s embarrassing so let’s continue to the next one okay!」


: Not the strongest two but the worst two 

: With just the 1st one it’s this, This is bad Shion-mama is gonna die from overwork 

: Now, will Shion Mama be able to protect her chastity being between two lesbians!? 

: Embarrassed Shion MAma is so cuuute 

: Shuwa-chan is more shuwashuwa than before today www 

: Sei-sama look satisfied that she was able to find a comrade

@ A question to Sei-sama, which lesbian partner would you want in a lesbian AV, 「Strong Fubuki(blizzard)」 or 「Seiso Awayuki(light snowfall)」? @

「Hmmm, as expected this one is troubling」

「…… As I thought, do you hate a two faced woman?」

「Not at all, 2 in 1 is good isn’t it!」

「Yay, I did it. Uploader Yuki-onna. Yesterday at 8/15 , the usual Seiso-type Mama and a forceful playgirl and me are getting heated up at a karaoke under the embankment of the river in the north prefecture」

「Yesterday wasn’t 8/15 and we are not under the embankment of the river, I totally don’t get it at all !」


: Big Kusa 

: It’s a copy pasta that a Seiso shouldn’t read 

: As usual the breaks in her head is broken www 

: It’s the worst location for a karaoke kusa 

: Not a borderline mass producer but an out of the line mass producer 

: Everyone…..Do you know about, 「Evilly Drunk」?「Evilly Drunk」 you see, it’s about the when you drink a stozero and forgot to turn off the stream, thats 「Evilly drunk」

@ Please look(sexually) at Shion-mama and say word. @

「Young Mama luv luv」

「Baby play might be okay」

「             (lost for words)」


: Shion-Mama come back! 

: It’s simply just disgusting Kusa 

: Unlimited fetishes 

: These girls are bad news. Someone need to do something about them.

@ Shion Mama so Cute!! @ 

@ Please become my Mama!! @

「Okay! Shion Mama is everyone’s Mama!」

「Shion-kun is woman that might have become my Mama!」

「Mom? Shion-senpai is? Uwaa!」

「Okay okay, ignoring these two who are playing around, let’s go with the next one」

@ To Shion Mama, 

Thanks for the hard work on leading crazy people. I believe that being such a Mama brought you with many troubles so, what was the most tiring collab have you done? If you’re fine with it, can you please tell us the scene of that episode. 

And I’ll be putting this here as a stomach medicine, 【Stozero】@ 

「I remember being tired during a collab between the 1st and 2nd gen which was before when the 3rd gen came… 」

「Ah, that time when that Nekoma-kun started to introduce a trashy movie in which for some reason Hare-senpai also knew about it and intruded in」

「Ah, I saw that! 」


: Isn’t that the Godly episode! 

: It’s the legendary stream that is still talked even until now 

: The movie was full of things to point out so Shion-senpai was running out of breath as she continued to lead. 

: So nostalgic 

: it’s the time when Harerun’s eccentric personality was really showing up lol

「And also, Stozero won’t become a stomach medicine!」

「Eh, you can unexpectedly feel refreshed you know?」

「That only works for Shuwa-chan! Okay next one! This will be the last one!」

「So even Shuwa-chan is fixed name for the 2nd gen too….」

@ A question toward all the V of LiveOn!

With Awa-chan and Shuwa-chan, what would you like for each of them to do?@

「Ah, Sei-sama, what do you think? For me, I’d like to see her eat something deliciously while drinking alcohol I guess」

「Let’s see. For me I’d like to have Awa-chan to look back on her early streams」

「What, that’s all!? I was putting my guard on but if it’s just that then it’s easy!」

「Hou! Then can you promise with Sei-sama that you will do it someday?」



: Wait a min? I feel like I have seen this event happened before you know? 

: She is too easy Kusa 

: Godly episode decided 

: Sei-sama good job 

: looks like I will be on standby naked www 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 17   end

9: O-hoーーー( ◜ω◝ )

Tasai: Flashbacks to certain Vtubers watching their first stream It’s coming…


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