Vtuber ch22

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 22

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 022

Chapter 22 Monetization Anniversary 4

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918521963


「Ufufu, Goodevening, Everyone’s guide to the cyurmi-…..culmination of healing Yanagase Chami-oneesan has come」

「Okay! And so my colleague chami-chan came! With this, that means that all of my colleagues had come here! 」


: She fumbled 

: She is the same as usual 

: Your voice is trembling you know 

: please shake only your chest 

: Chami-chama’s appearance and personality gap lines up along with Shwa-chan’s 

: Despite looking this erotic, her lack of social ability complicates it so it sums up to Chami-chama 

: Rather, why didn’t she come much earlier! These girls are a happy set of shuwa shuwa  in their heads!  ¥5000

「Ufufu, to be honest I’ve been watching the stream since start but, while I was thinking that will my call overlap with others or what I should talk about, the timing had gotten this late 」


: I get that communication disorder, you’re worrying over your surrounding that you lose the timing 

: I totally understand 

: She looks like an adult and her brain is the same as ours 

: W-when she does a solo stream she is  sexy onee-san okay!?

「By the way, I’m so nervous right now that the conversation card deck that I have thought up, I completely forgot them all」


: Is it the Destruction virus on the death deck? ¥10000  

: Kusa  

: I wuv clumsy onee-san

「Hey Chami-chan」 

「N? w-what is it? 」

「Can’t you marry me?」



: It’s the usual 

: Her preemptive proposal is as stable as ever 

: Rather than stable, depending on the situation it’s a dangerous card that on a level that will end your life 

: Not a sp**m sprinkler but a stozero sprinkler 

: Does stozero come out from her body(taken aback) 

: Well since it’s Shuwa-chan it’s like all the body fluids that come out of her are basically all stozero 

: A flash… a flash….there’ s no flash of ideas

「Well you see, Recently almost everyday i’ve been listening to Chami-chan’s asmr while going to sleep」

「O-okay, thank you」

「That’s why, my body has become a body that can’t sleep without Chami-chan anymore. Without Chami-chan I can’t go on living anymore」



: Kusa 

: You’re mistaking it for not being able to live anymore with stozero aren’t you 

: No, it’s both 

: The woman who can’t live without alcohol and women, Awayuki 

: It’s too sinful lol

「Since it has come to this, I think there is no other choice but for  Chami-chan to take responsibility for making my body like this with marriage」


「That’s right!」


: That’s right (taking advantage of the situation)¥810 

: She is being lead kusa 

: Simple and easy Sexy unsociable onee-san 

: The violence of attributes, Is she an alb**tron?  

: Wait a minute? With that reasoning then doesn’t that also mean that she has to take responsibility and marry us too! 

: That’s right(taking advantage of the situation)!! 

: That’s right(taking advantage of the situation)!! ¥30000 

: Everyone is gathering up and started to take advantage of this kusa

「You’re going to…..take responsibility right!?」

「O-okay! I will marry everyone who can’t live any longer without me!」

「Fuck yeah」

With that momentum, as Chami-chan became everyone’s wife, her call ended. 

By the way in the near future 『Everyone’s Wife』 became Chami-chan’s catchword and was really embarrassed. I can’t get enough of it.

Oh, another call came! This is bad! If this goes on then everyone might have come!

「Yaho~! The sun in everyone’s heart, Asagri Hareru has arrived! 」

「…..waaaa I’m so happy yay (monotone)」


: She’s finally here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 

: Harerun! 

: LiveOn’s root of all evil! 

: The living subculture 

: why are going monotone www 

: hmm? you said that you respect her earlier so I thought you would go mad 

: No wait! There is a possibility that this is Nekoma! 

: Ah, I see lol

That’s right! Even though my admired Hare-senpai came I treated her like this, and that is because I knew by the name of the caller that this is Nekoma-senpai mimicking Hare-senpai after all! 

Nekoma-senpai’s mimicry is crazy good so she shows it off a lot during her streams. 

Wait, I’m making a material convo for  the fact that I knew that it would be exposed that it is Nekoma-senpai but, even so the quality sure is high…..It’s as if it’s the actual person herself! 

…..I Thought of something good! Let’s purposely ask an embarrassing question that will make Nekoma-senpai flustered! 

Well then, starting with the usual ♪

「Hare-senpai, I love Hare-senpai to that point that I have watched all your archived videos, so would you please marry me?」



She agreed! Eh? is this fine? Won’t Nekoma-senpai get mad by Hare-senpai later?

「….N-next time would you do a singing collab with me!」

「Singing Collab! Nice! Actually I want to sing together with Shuwacchi too!」

「Oh, then can we sing Nihon ** Mikata- Ne**da Karakimashita- ? 」(9: Nihon no Mikata -Nevada Karakimashita-) 

T-then what about this!

「It’s fine! It looks like it would really hype up! Then next let’s sing Tokyo ** Iku !」

Ay what~? It’s totally ineffective you know~?

「…….would you eat a cricket together with me?」

「Sure! Let’s spread the fact that you can properly eat an insect! Since having only one variety is boring then let’s also do larvas, dubia roach, tarantula-..」 



: She invincible 

: Shuwacchi www Isn’t that Ult**man wwwww 

: Nekoma….you were a good person…. 

: Nekoma, Harerun is going to make you eat insects 

: Nnn? Is this Nekoma….nnnn??

「T-then lastly, what’s the color of your panties!?」

「A sexy black」


Just like this, being played around till the end, The call ended with Nekoma-senpai disguised as Hare-senpai. 

Rather, Is Nekoma-senpai going to be okay? Didn’t she  basically cross the line with her mimicry? I’m worried mostly about that part.


For some reason there was another call coming from Nekoma-senpai. 

「Nyanyaan! I came upon smelling the scent of stozero! Hirune Nekoma is here」

「eh? um, isn’t this your second call?」

「Nn? Ah, the one before was from Hare-senpai who is beside me☆」


「The one earlier was from Hare-senpai you know」


「It’s the person herself 」

My whole body had gotten pale in an instant.  

Eh, maybe I just asked crazy things to my admired Hare-senpai? 

From Marriage proposals, crazy song collab, eating insects and at the end the color of her panties….

「Since you have gotten Monetized, Hare-senpai was in high spirits that she went “I’ll surprise her big” 」


「Sure is Kusa」

The awaited celebration stream for monetization, with all the members of LiveOn, ended the stream with perfect elegance!


Vtuber Legend  chapter 22 end

9: Kusa da ne 


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