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Vtuber Legend Chapter 23

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 023

Chapter 23 Ring **t Stream 1 

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918568488


Several days has passed since the monetization stream, a confidence had sprouted in my heart and the me right now I am able to stream happily from the heart 

Now, Since today is a non-drinking day, I will do my best in sober streaming!

「――Good evening everyone. Today too is a good light snowfall」


: She’s here━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 

: Oh, so today is seiso mode huh? 

: There seems to be no alcohol 

: I was waiting ¥211 

: Respecting the Preemptive Marriage Proposal Deck User, would you marry me?  ¥50000 

「Hiea!? R-red superchat thank you very much! For Marriage I have lot of wives, so are you fine with that!?」


: Kusa 

: The reaction is just like Br*ly Kusa  

: She suddenly got surprised from the question that she said something weird wwww  

: Seiso (Polygamy) 

「A-ahem! Now then, Today is a really really 『Seiso』 Awayuki. After replying to the marshmallows, I will be playing Ring F*t that I was hoping to play before. This is all thanks to all the watchers, at the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!」 


: My Oshi is so happy that I can’t get enough of it ¥2000 (9: oshi means your fave out of the other members or someone you’re willing to simp for,  something like that) 

: Please become the number one world’s Happiest person 

: Oh, that’s good! I was super duper waiting for this! 

: I heard about Ring F*t’s hardest difficulty RTA so I came ¥1000 

<Matsuri Hikari>: So you finally understand me!

「I will do it in normal! I just sometimes want to exercise healthily, it is not like I awakened to masochism! 」


: Really? 

: I can see in the future that you will do it 

: Well, Even if you do normal, Ring F*t is still hard so we can probably see something good! 

: You have a point, I underestimated it and the next day I wasn’t able to move 

<Matsuri Hikari>: Hey hey Awayuki-chan! I kinda got the urge to do it too, so can I also do a stream on it?

「Ah, it is totally fine! I will be watching the archives later!」


: Is this for real?! 

: Wait a minute?  Didn’t Shion-mama too said that she would do a Ring F*t today too? 

: really? 

: Okay, let’s prepare for multi-watching 

: In comparison to this , it will surely produce Kusa to death 

「Eh, really? There are some that are saying ominous things but, w-well, for now let’s reply to the marshmallows!」

@ Shuwa-chan are you someone that can cook? How good can you cook? @

「Since I was living in poverty, I could reasonably cook you know, fufun!」


: I feel like she uses stozero as a seasoning 

: Something like, Salt, pepper and stozero 

: kinda unexpected 

: She looks so proud, so cute 

: Is this gap moe?

「G-gap? what is that(monotone) By the way if you use stozero on meat cooking then it would get softer」


: The way she comments somehow, I really wuv it  

: The affinity of Stozero and meat is for real 

: Though, she will probably drink it while using it 

: It’s bit cute Kusa

「Okay then next one!」

@ Please marry me

Ah, but an alcoholic is kinda….

I am sorry…. @

「Ah, that means that I’m fine right?」


: Ha? 

: Ha? 

: Ha? 


@ (^ω^) STRONG ZERO @

「…..Ah, if you’re giving me one then I will be having it okay」


: She instantly contradicted it Kusa 

: The Seiso is losing to desires Kusa

@ You thought it was a marshmallow? Too bad! It’s a Shijimi clam! @

「The shimiji is going tururu!」

@ Seeing Shuwa-chan’s stream, I tried Stozero(500ml) for the first time but

The size is just too big that only half of it was able to get inside me

 The half of the stozero  wasn’t able to get in feels wasteful so I’m having a bit of a trouble, what should I do?@ 

「Ara Ara, that is because you forced yourself to drink it! By the way by any chance where are you living?」


: Oi! www 

: She’s totally planning to get it kusa 

: There is faintly a chance that it might be for a great achievement by using it as a trap to get an indirect kiss 

: Wait a sec I’mma buy a 5000ml can 

: that’s too many Kusa

「okay! now then, at this moment we shall now play Ring F*t!」 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 23 end

9: Hello I’m 9, I’m the translator of the Lazy 9. My hobbies are drawing, reading manga/wn/ln and watching anime and vtubers. Yuri is my favorite genre. and so what about you?


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Ring F*t, the perfect game to hear the moans of beautiful girls in broad daylight.

    Gender Bender is my favorite genre.

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