Vtuber Ch26

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 26
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 026

Chapter 26 Side Story A Certain Mashiron Streaming day
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918653029

「Doumo(Hello) Konmashiro~. Mashiron which is me 『Irodori Mashiro』」

: Konmashiro~!
: Someone to live for
: Konmashiro~!!
: uwaaaaa so good voice~
: Certainly this androgynous soft voice, once you hear it, it won’t ever leave your head

At the same time I greeted, the chat sped up so fast that I couldn’t even read it.
I have already streamed so much that I don’t remember the exact number but, even right in this moment, there is that actualization that a lot of people hold interest in myself that makes my heart flutter.
Fufu, it sure is nostalgic. I remember calling my colleague Awa-chan on the last minutes before my first live stream to calm myself down.

「Today I will finish the drawing of Awa-chan that I was drawing during the last stream~」

: Pushu!
: No good, at this point I already knew that it’s the kind where she put lots of love in it!
: Really, it’s obviously something she draws not out of work
: She is a Mama after all
: The woman who has a Mama as her colleagues
: Her titles are increasing www
: I luv these power words in the V kingdom

「Fufu, No matter what I draw I always put my greatest love in it you know. Because I think that’s what being a pro means」

: A model illustrator
: Greatest Love ( mainly, breast, thighs, and crotch part)
: A model Illustration (Enlightened)

「I’m just being honest to my human desires, so first let’s start drawing from the thighs. And about the topic just now, I don’t deny the fact that I feel something special towards Awa-chan」

: Oh?
: Teetee is coming!?
: There we gowwww!?

「There is the obvious fact that I designed her avatar but, either way she is a LIVER that I socialized with for the first time. That’s right, since I got an OK from Awa-chan, let’s talk a bit about the past」

I recall the time when I was inexperienced with living as a Vtuber.

「It sure is nostalgic, Awa-chan that time look like she didn’t really have any confidence」

: Yeah
: I thought at the beginning that she was on the normal side
: Right now rather than having self confidence she just threw away her shame www
: No one predicted about the Shuwanization….

「Yeah. But, I think that Awa-chan and Shuwa-chan too, their love towards Vtubers haven’t changed at all. Even though she is doing whatever she wants, you can’t really hate her, rather you would want to cheer her on. What makes us think that is that they Awa-chan seriously loves VTubers gets conveyed to everyone in someway」

: I see
: Yeah and during the monetization stream she cried after all, makes you think that she is betting her life on it
: And no matter how much she drinks alcohol, she does nothing but say praises of love towards other LIVERs other than her
: Most likely she is most knowledgeable about LIVERs in LiveON
: I really love the fact that she somewhat always keep the promises she made with her watchers

It’s a bit embarrassing to say it to the watchers but, whenever I lose my way, at those times, the one that always listens to me most seriously out of the rest was Awa-chan.
There was also that time when she tried to make me get back on my feet, she kept on raising the aspects that she likes about me that I started blushing…..

「Well, I have always been watching over her, so it just makes me just want to support her. When I showed her avatar illustration to her for the first time she cried, its makes you feel the merits of the artists 」

: I like how the Mama is proud of her daughter
: I guess Mashiron had already fallen for Awa-chan
: The Woman who continually makes a bride out of everyone LIVERs of LiveON
: Kudere Mashiron, can’t get enough of it

「And so, I love Awa-chan and obviously including Shuwa-chan. And right now , seeing her happy figure while streaming, I feel a bit of fulfillment. Well, whenever she drink alcohol, most of the time Shuwa-chan says something ridiculous that I get dumbfounded though」

: Kusa
: Thereitis
: If it wasn’t for the last part then it would have been an overdose of Teetee
: I love Shuwashuwa x Mashimashi! YO!
: And furthermore while talking about this she was drawing the thighs with abnormally high quality and speed

「Whenever they sit, their thighs go kinda like funii and the kneesocks digs in, I really love this stuff」

: Today too, LiveOn is operating as usual

Vtuber Legend chapter 26 end
9: a TeeTee side story.

Maddy : Tee…Tee….


  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    I have caught up unfortunately and will now have to wait for the next chapter of this amazing story.


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