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Vtuber Legend Chapter 27
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 027

Chapter 27 Off-collab with Chami-chan 1
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918678623

(Chami’s full art, )

This incident happened during a certain stream one day.

「And so, that’s why Nyotaimori(sushi on naked woman’s body) is wonderful…hmm?」

: What did you say?
: Shuwa-chan~?
: The noise is really bad
: Net malfunction?
: Isn’t the culprit the mic?

As usual, I was doing a chat stream, but it seems that my voice wasn’t able to properly reach the watchers.
I tried various ways to tamper with the settings of the mic, but it only changes the ways that the mic sounds terrible. I also tried testing the internet connection, but it was connected without anything wrong with it.
And lastly, I thought that it might be the site’s fault so I checked other LIVERs streams but there wasn’t any problem there either.
Yeah, it seems that my mic broke.
Well, I’ve been using it everyday ever since my first stream after all, this might have been inevitable, rather, it sure did it’s best.
Obviously I couldn’t continue the stream this way, so I ended for today.
I should’ve bought a spare mic…..I have to apologize to the watchers for this.

@ It seems that the mic broke down!
I want to continue but it looks like it’s impossible so I will be ending the stream for today….
I’m really sorry! I will immediately get a brand new mic! @

Posting an apology on SNS, I obediently went to sleep on that day――


The next morning, since I didn’t have that much of a hangover, I made breakfast while thinking of what kind of mic I’m going to buy. But when I took a look at my smartphone, Chami-chan sent me a DM via SNS.

<Yanagase Chami>: Regarding the Mic, if you’re fine with it being already used, should I give you one?
<Kokorone Awayuki>: Eh, really!? Is that fine!?

A helping hand was held out from a place I wouldn’t expect.
To be honest, even though I have a stable income, I still couldn’t get out of my poor person habits so this is really a great outcome.

<Yanagase Chami>: Actually while doing ASMR streams I got interested about mics, so I have quite a lot that I barely used.
: It’d help me out if you were to receive it!

And with that――

「Welcome! Yanagase Chami, rl is『Fujita Michiru』」
「Kokorone Awayuki-chan, rl is Tanaka Yuki! I’ll be in your care today!」
「Fufu, Well, since there is no else but us today so we can just call each other by our LIVER name」

Believe it or not, I came to Chami-chan’s house!
As for why it came to this, at first we talked about getting the Mic delivered, but it seems that Chami-chan is living in the city so, “I want you to choose what mic you want so if you’re fine with it want to come over?” she said!
And also since it’s a good time, we decided to do an off collab stream!
Even so, as expected, Chami-chan was older than me. She kinda feels like a kind onee-san.
After we finished each other’s introduction, we went inside the house.

「Then just relax over here, I will be at the restroom」
「Ah, okay!」

What was a bit unexpected is that she is calmly interacting with me. I thought she would go with the usual socially awkward thing.
But the way she speaks is the same as when she usually streams….it’s strange.

「Now then, I have these microphones, which one do you want?」
「Eh, what’s with this amount!? I can choose from all of these!?」

After sitting while waiting, Chami-chan came back from the toilet with a box of mics.
No matter how much of a LIVER she is, there are a ridiculous amount of mics she barely used.
Moreover, their current state is great, you could even say that they are brand new.
Can I really have something this good….

「Yes, of course. If you want a different mic than a normal one, I could also give you a mic for ASMR as well you know?」
「Are you for real?」
「The number increased so much that I could not use them all up and it ended up being something like a collection. Since its a mic, I want them to be used by someone」
「I really appreciate it….」
「Then choose whatever you want okay! Well then, I will be going to the restroom」
「Eh? didn’t you just go earlier?」
「M-my bladder isn’t full auto, rather, it’s more of a 3 round burst! 」
「Okay!? what do you mean!?」
「And so I will be going now!」

And so she once again shut herself in the toilet in panic.
……..for some reason, I kinda get the situation now.
And after that, gratefully I got 2 mics with the other one being for ASMR.

「Okay okay, then I will be going to the toile-…」
「….By the way what are you planning to do there?」
「Mou, Awuki-chan even though we are the same sex you shouldn’t ask that kind of think okay!」
「didn’t I say earlier, 3 round burst-」
「…..I-I’m going there for a cooling time」
「Cooling time?」
「I’m so nervous that my heart beat rate is getting dangerous so I have to often go to the toilet to calm myself down okay」
「Aah, as I thought it was like that…」

Earlier I said that she seems calm but, as I thought Chami-chan was Chami-chan.
And just like that, most likely she forces herself to speak like that so that she could talk properly.

「No, seriously my heart is beating so fast you know! The beating in my chest….want to hear it?」
「Just by listening to the wording it sounds erotic but, since the situation is so absurd, I can’t totally get a heart throbbing moment 」
「But even so, after this isn’t it bad to keep going to the toilet while streaming right? Do you want to have a nickname of excretion substance manufacturing factory?」
「….But the ones that are going to give me that nickname is without a doubt Awayuki-chan’s watchers right?」
「I’m really sorry」

And so just like that, I persuaded her to endure being together in the same area.
Even when our eyes met a little bit, she would shyly look downwards but, this itself is not bad with the gap with her appearance, it just makes you feel the moe.
Socially awkward onee-san is gewd.
And after that, since we have a stream tonight, believe it or not she cooked our evening meal!
Since my cooking is so-so, I was helping a bit while looking forward to the final product but–…

「Okay here you go!」

Why is there Stozero prepared as if it’s natural?!

「Ah, Does Chami-chan also drink Stozero?」
「no, I don’t usually drink, and even when I do its either wine or cocktail」
「….Then why did this thing come out of your refrigerator?」
「Earlier when I asked my manager, “Can I do a collab with Awayuki-chan at my house?” and when I received my confirmation, 『Properly prepare stozero okay!』 they said」
「Let’s go to the rooftop of LiveOn….for a very long time….I’m pissed」
「Didn’t you snap during Puniki?」

Seriously, LiveOn’s employee understands way too much that it even bewilders me!

「Umm…. are you not going to drink it?」
「I’ll drink(immediate reply)」

If she has those sad-looking eyes, it’s impossible not to drink it. Rather, to be honest, I also just want to drink it.
Today’s stream looks like it would be chaos…..

Vtuber Legend chapter 27 end
9: Are you a full auto, or 3 round burst type
3pic: Hello! I’m the new editor! I will be working on updating the previous chapters as well as chapters going forward so please look forward to them!
Maddy : hello


  1. 9 got himself a new editor but I bet he will keep complaining…
    Well, thanks for the chapter and congratulations for the new slave 9!


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