Vtuber Ch29

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 29
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 029

Chapter 29 Off-collab with Chami-chan 3
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918774616

「Fuu, okay okay! Let’s end the marshmallows with that! 」
「Yeah, for some reason even though we’re just starting, I’m ridiculously tired….」

: Otsu
: Due to the joke machine, Chami-chama is overworked
: Chami-chan even though she has the mental power of a flea, she properly communicated, good girl!
: Certainly
: This might be the first time I see her talk this much in a collab

「Aah, I guess you’re right. How should I say it…. My communication disorder, if someone strongly leads me then I might be able to unexpectedly talk. Rather, when there are people who are similar to me, we would silently treat each other, which is a really bad situation」

: I kinda understand that
: It’s those types of people where no one would be able to speak if there is no one capable of leading mixed up with them…
: And then in the end, when the time to present comes, passing the trouble to one another will start which is a real hell
: You people know too much about this topic….
: Kusa

「I see! Then we are going with the mentality of doing it more and more right? Chami-chan!」
「Please stop, if this continues more then I will die」
「Okay~! Let’s put our spirits into it and go with our next plan! doh~!」
「This is bad, right now before my eyes, I felt like I saw the star of death」

: Look at the skies! You should be able to see it! The star of death!
: ジョインジョイントキィ

 デデデデザタイムオブレトビューション バトーワンデッサイダデステニー

 ナギッペシペシナギッペシペシハァーンナギッハァーンテンショーヒャクレツナギッカクゴォ ゲキリュウデハカテヌナギッナギッゲキリュウニゲキリュウニミヲマカセドウカナギッカクゴーハァーンテンショウヒャクレツケンナギッハアアアアキィーンホクトウジョウダンジンケン K.O. イノチハナゲステルモノ


 セッカッコーハアアアアキィーン テーレッテーホクトウジョーハガンケンハァーンFATAL K.O. セメテイタミヲシラズニヤスラカニシヌガヨイ

 ウィーントキィ (パーフェクト)  (9: sorry, kinda gave up translating this, it’s basically a meme about some character in a fighting game of Hokuto no ken/fist of the north star that was too OP)

「And so, if you’re talking about a collab with Chami-chan, it’s this! Let’s go to the segment where『Chami-chan constructs a conversation deck 』~!」
「Waa waa! Don don!…..P-pafupafu ///」
「I came」
「She brought fear to a person with just 2 words….? I-is this the difference between our communication powers!?」

: Chami-chan please come back!
: Honestly It was cute
: She probably started it by following the flow and couldn’t pull back
: If you insist that this is communicating powers then all of the introverts in the world would be arrested for sexual harassment www
: I only live for this segment
: To you whose hope is such in a precarious state, live strong

「My fap sensors reflexively reacted, I apologize….」
「It’s a big mistake if you think that saying it formally will make everything polite you know?」

Now then, from this point on, the 『Chami-chan conversation deck construction』 we will be doing, it’s a frequently used favorite segment that Chami-chan does during her collabs.
Roughly speaking, Chami-chan would give you a situation where you would have trouble with what to say, and then the other collab member would think of a way to deal with that situation.
However, this is with the members of LiveOn with their uniqueness, since they mix it up with a hell of a laugh, producing novel ideas with proper advice. It makes a really popular segment.

「Okay! Well then, Chami-chan please give me one!」
「Let’s see, at a famous diner where there are no bells to call the waiters, and they don’t directly roam around from table to table, it was terrible. It took me so much time before to call out to the waiter to get my order」

: My understanding understands you completely
: Even though there are also other customers, you can’t really bring yourself to raise a big voice……
: Since the waiters are so busy, you wonder if it’s fine to call them, or would you overlap with other customers, it makes you think that
: All of you are basically doing telepathy
: Nn? Which means that my thoughts are being passed through telepathy to Chami-chan, isn’t that basically S*X?
: Your thoughts are going Shuwa shuwa you know

「Okay! Well then, let’s do a simulation where there are no bells on the table at a popular diner and we have to order a stozero from the waiter! 」
「Somehow something weird was added but I’m kinda used to this already. The situation itself hasn’t changed so let’s go with this」

Okay, then here I go~!
「First, you smack your head on the table (loudly)」
「At this point, I already have a bad feeling」
「And then the waiter would worry and come over. and so you do your order here」
「I see!」
「Uhe, euhihihihihi! W-waiter, give me “that”….that one that makes my head get messed up….! without that I can’t live anymore you know!!! AAah, it’s screaming, my body just wants to do it with that!! Okee! Okekekekekekekeke!!」
「Umm, if you order this, won’t the police come over instead of stozero?」
「Ahahaah! With Stozero your life is zero!」

: ha?
: ha?
: ha?

「A-ahaha…s-setting the joke aside! Actually raising your communication skills, there’s no other way but to get more stronger confidence, which is hard and it’s a problem. It’s not something you can increase like muscles」
「I know right」
「Actually me too, during my student days I didn’t really start the conversation. But while at the black company I was being passed around to the clients or customers that I couldn’t really keep. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to mentally survive it, so I broke through. As a result, I was able to hold a conversation more than an average person. Well, even with that, something like a special place like the interview at LiveOn, my mentality would become shitty weak though」
「Ah, so it’s like that. As I thought, the triggers are important I guess」
「It does feel like that. Mine was drastic measures though 」
「Then Awayuki-chan, can’t you become my trigger?」
「In this stream today, I felt like I could naturally talk. That’s why I thought that, “can’t I have this sensation as my trigger?”」
「Which means?」
「It’s not really that hard to understand, just that I would like you to get along with me more than before」
「Oh! Then if it’s just that then obviously it’s OK! Rather, I was thinking that I could enjoy your body more… guhehehehe」
「….. On this opportunity, maybe I should also learn self defense 」

: Is this even…TeeTee?
: This is nice~

: The woman who can’t be satisfied if they don’t fall w

Vtuber Legend chapter 29 end
9: This chapter was hard in various ways…..
Tasai: I want to be able to do chat telepathy too…
3pic: Wait, Shuwa-chan can be serious?
Maddy: Hello Hime/Hina were the best Vtubers of our time.


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