Vtuber ch30

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 30
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 030

Chapter 30 Stay over at Chami’s House
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918809969

「Okay the stream is finished! Chami-chan, good work~」
「Thank you as well. Now then, Awayuki-chan, what are you gonna do about going back? It’s already quite late you know? I haven’t drank any alcohol, so should I send you home with my car?」
「Nn~ Today I will stay over in Chami-chan’s house~」
「Eeh!? Is that fine!?」

W-wait a sec? I asked her that because I thought she would refuse, but she unexpectedly bit on it energetically, you know?

「About this! It’s my dream to have a sleepover with someone!」
「I-Is that so?」
「Ah, you don’t get it at all do you!? To someone who is socially awkward like me, having a sleepover with a friend is an act of being a Riaju! I’ve been admiring it, you know! Chami CAN DREAM you know!」(9: Riaju basically means someone who have a satisfying RL)

Chami-chan had glittering eyes as she looked at me while talking so fast that I couldn’t catch up.
Her mood was obviously the highest I have ever seen, and her way of speaking might have gone back to how she usually sounded when she was young.

「B-but is it fine for me to suddenly stay over?」
「Ah, you don’t have to worry about that! I have completely prepared myself ever since my student life: an extra futon for the guests, a toothbrush, some pajamas, and other things you need to stay over! 」
「Since your student life!? Even though you have been working hard preparing it, you still haven’t done it!?」
「I have always and always done maintenance on them, never missing a day~, finally the time for them to see the light has come!」

Her yearning is too strong! Isn’t it already conviction!
W-well, the person herself right now is so excited that she might even dance; me as well, I’m in ecstasy with the fact that I’m staying over at a girl’s house, so I’m fine with it.
For some reason, having someone give off an adult atmosphere and seeing them happy and innocent feels nice~, rather than being fappy, it’s more like being smiley; a situation where you can’t help but smile too. (9: Fappy as in fapping)

「Ah, I have heated up the bath so go ahead!」
「Want to enter together?」
「Mou, it’s a joke you know! Your reaction so cute!」

T-to me who has stozero in me is being played around with, you say!?
Kku, I can’t predict her actions! To think that the destructive power of a socially awkward onee-san who is in high spirits is this strong!!
And so while I had my heart beating fast, we both took a bath and prepared the beds.

「I-I’m sorry for earlier…. The dream that I have yearned for has been granted, and I lost myself in happiness」

Chami-chan is on the bed, and beside her I am sleeping on the futon that she really had been keeping clean.
Ah, now that I think about it, it has been since high school since I had a sleepover. For some reason it also makes my heart beat faster.
Since it’s during the dinner that I drank alcohol, I also took a bath, so I might be getting sober. Chami-chan calmed down that her shyness is returning as she was looking downwards.

「A, that’s right! Since it’s like this, should I also clean your ears?」
「W-what did you just say!?」

Was she not able to bear the awkward atmosphere anymore? Chami-chan said something unbelievable.
J-just maybe, will I be able to experience the ASMR that Chami-chan has done almost everyday in real life -degozaru ka!?
YABBEE YABEE…..I might die tomorrow you know?

「C’mon get on my lap! But well, even though I have done that much ear cleaning ASMR, It’s my first time doing it for someone else, so I don’t know if I can do it well」

Due to too much holiness, I was wallowing in my shame as I placed my head on those holy thighs.

「Well then, here I go」

Now I shall burn this into my mind as I proficiently enjoy this fully to my content, is what I thought but….

「Wait a minute Chami-chan, your hands are shaking too much! They’re seriously shaking! If this goes on , I’ll be way too worried about my ears that my mental state will be the same as Kaji-kun when he got an E card!!」 (9: Kaji means Kaiji)
「S-sorry! I have never had someone else’s face this close, so I got nervous! Deep breath, deep breath…..」

As I thought, Chami-chan does not betray expectations!
However, as she had gotten into the situation, it got to the time of supreme bliss from ear cleaning.
Really, I wonder why having your ears cleaned feels this good? My eyes naturally closed and wouldn’t open anymore.
In just a few minutes, my sleepiness is MAX.

「Fufu, it’s fine to sleep you know」
「Nn…I will sleep together with Chami-chan」
「Ara, that’s fine」
「I want to sleep on the same bed」
「!? T-that’s fine! It sounds really like a Riaju! Fuhehe, right now I’m completely being a Riaju, without a doubt!」
「Nn…..a real Riajuu won’t say that they are one, I think…..」

And in the end, somehow we slept in the same bed! YAY!

Vtuber Legend chapter 30 end
9: I never experience the ear cleaning they do in Japan, but if it’s as satisfying as the ASMR I heard from vtubers(who are good at it) then I would like to try it out someday
Tasai: It’s supposed to be fluff… Why is it I feel like I’m empathizing with Chami, WHY!?
3pic: The way this chapter is written makes me use shudder semicolons
Maddy: hello? okay yeah.


  1. Ear cleaning from someone else doesn’t feel good, is scary. Although my brother does enjoy getting his ears cleaned by someone else.


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