Vtuber Ch32

We were busy yesterday.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 32
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 032

Chapter 32 Kokorone Awayuki’s Seiso Recovery Keikaku 2 (9: keikaku means plan)
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918916932
「Now then, Since I think everyone can’t wait any longer, I shall now show the secret weapon I received from Chami-chan! 」

Recently, it’s been said that the boundary between Awa-chan and Shuwa-chan has gotten blurry after all!
I occasionally would like everyone to remember the Seiso Awayuki!
Now then here I go!

te”tte”te”te”te”te! (Kaaan)Te”te”te”te”!

……Having that meme appear in my head, isn’t it already too late?
W-well , pull yourself together!

「Ufufu, Today I think I will be going with this」

It’s the entry for the ASMR mic that I got from Chami-chan!
I changed my voice into a low whispering voice mixed with breathing.

: Fyua!?
: lick! This is potassium cyanide!?
: I’d like to say its ASMR but that bro is probably in his deathbed
: I see, it’s from Chami-chan after all
: I was about to say it reeks of liquor but this is honestly kinda dangerously addicting
: Seiso-chan is so cute, YAY!
: The voice is a wonderful thing
: My ears are getting pregnant
: So this is the power of the vocal cord trained by stozero huh…

「Okay, to that person that said Stozero, I will now pour stozero in your ears. The carbonic shuwa shuwa acid feels good isn’t it~」

: Hiiie!?
: C’mon you guys like carbonated water type ASMR right?
: I felt the chills when I heard it said so close to my ears Kusa
: forgive me, forgive me!!
: To think that there is a possibility that Awa-chan put stozero in her ear that her mind turned Shuwa shuwa which changed her into the Shuwa-chan state, is that possible?
: That way is too novel of a drinking method, if it wasn’t Awa-chan, then we wouldn’t have been able to find out

「Setting the jokes aside, since I got permission earlier, I think I will be talking about a certain event that happened at Chami-chan’s house. Actually you see~, I stayed over at Chami-chan’s house!」

: Wut!?
: I shall wait for 3 seconds! It’s time! let me hear the continuation!
: I love the impatient Muka (9: Muska according to research) : Well the actual Muka waiting for only about 50 seconds
: So you’re a lolicon and loves Yuri (dumbfounded)
: Is Awayuki’s body virtual, or is it Stozero? Even our scientific advancements can’t uncover that
<Uzuki Sei>: Wanna stay over at my house?

「I feel a danger to my body so I would like to refuse this time」

<Uzuki Sei >: (´・ω・`)
: The Kusa of Kusa Kusa
: Even in just the words, she couldn’t hide her desires
: I wuv the rare S Awa-chan towards “Sei”-sama
: Isn’t that the natural reaction towards the people who are in Naked Standby www

「Going back to the topic, at the beginning I didn’t plan to stay over but, when I tried saying it, it seemed like Chami-chan really admired having a sleepover so I ended up really staying over. As a Vtuber I think that I have the responsibility to explain every little details of this event!」

: As expected you understand well
: Awayuki who is a capable person when it only comes to women
: Her horrible and worse nicknames have increased Kusa
: It’s not really like that you know! Regarding making you laugh, she is super capable!
: As I thought, is she more interested in being a comedian?
: I bet that Chami-chan had never had a stay over….
: Please go ahead and stay over everyday
: Isn’t that basically living together
: Thanks for the idea!

「First is the dinner, the two of us made omelette rice and ate it! Fufu, you see Chami-chan got nervous because I was there, so she made a mistake in the wrapping, and was dispirited you know? Isn’t she so cute!? While having a red face, 『I-I can usually do it easily okay! Why does it have to be today…..』 She said」

: Chami-chan’s usual puny smallfry mental power is cute
: I’d rather eat the failed one
: I kinda understand
: So we are going to be continuously be whispered this precious episodes huh, MOAR ¥30000
: A w a i s g o d ¥211
: Awayuki-chan is Seiso! Awayuki-chan is Seiso! ( Happiness is one’s duty) ¥4000

Fufufu! Behold this chat section! They have completely proven that I am Seiso!
Oi, you, the one that said that it’s 100% all thanks to Chami-chan, come in front of me.

「Well, as we are about to eat, Thanks to Chami-chan’s manager, stozero appeared……」

: For real www
: That manager is good kusa
: As expected, LiveOn won’t betray your expectations
: I will be sending superchats to the manger

「Umm, after the stream, we went in separately, but after we had a bath, I helped her dry her hair! Well, it was so smooth that I wanted to continue touching it, you know! Also, she did it for me as well!」

: Ohhooo———( ◜ω◝ )
: Blissful death
<Yanagase Chami>: The reason is that I don’t really go outside so my hair is like that okay
: Kusa
: The person herself is here!
: I cried from the reason

「Then Chami-chan next time let’s go to an amusement park! 」

<Yanagase Chami>: I’ll do my preparations

「Wai! You act too fast! Calm down! 」

: Chami-chan looks like she is so happy inside w
: Thetwoofthemaresoprecious—!
: yet another nostalgic meme…

「U-umm, and then after that before we sleep, I had my ears cleaned by her!」

: What!?
: How envious….
: It’s her ASMR in real life!
: Chami-chan had her pole penetrating shuwa-chan, and sleeping together in the same bed. Isn’t that basically S*X?
: A seme Socially Awkward Chami-chan X an Uke inviting Drunk Shuwa-chan
: looks like that will get released on a thin book

「I really love ear cleaning, you know. In the past, I did it too much that my ears had gotten red and because of that I have to occasionally go to the hospital though 」

: www
: So even in the past you didn’t have any limiters huh….
: You are totally weak against addicting things lol
: Even though it’s supposed to be an ASMR, she sometimes says something horrific, and I can’t relax Kusa
: S-she is still completely Seiso okay!

Noo, my passion towards ear cleaning is so strong that I put my guard down and strayed away from Seiso!
Not yet, I’m not done yet!

「H-hahaha, N-now then for the final part we both happily slept in the same bed together! 」

: There we go
: Oh my?
: Isn’t that basically a wedding
: I’m glad that you were born
: Hmm, that’s hot

「Well because of the ear cleaning, I got sleepier so I slept first. Ah, but I was the one that woke up earlier though! Fufu, And since I did, I went decided to make breakfast, and when Chami-chan woke up, 『Awayuki-chan….? Ah so this is a dream…..』She said and once again slept you know」

: I can’t stop grinning
: Chami-chama MOE
: Her appearance and GAP are the best
<Yanagase Chami>: that’s because I got too much into the fact that it was my first stay over event that I slept late and woke up half asleep okay?
: Are you a kid!

「Ufufu, And after that, since I finished making breakfast I woke her up; then finally she understood the situation and her face was totally red and was flustered」

: Satisfied from hearing an Asachun episode ¥500 (9: Asachun usually means the moment the character wakes up after sex from last night, basically some sort of cliche used a lot in manga/anime and stuff)
: This is Seiso for sure ¥1000
: You finally did it! as expected of a Seiso! ¥1500

Fuu, Looks like this would end up as my flawless victory.
It’s not an exaggeration that I was able to recover my Seiso Status in LiveOn right?
Ufu w fua~HAA~HAA~HAA~wwFUAA~HAA~HAA~HAA~HAAww WA~HAHA~HA~HA~wwww~~HA~HA~HAww(Just like Pa**gas) (9: Paragas from dragonball series according to research)

「Okay, with this, the report ends. Since the time has come, I will be finishing the stream soon okay?」

: Otsu
: Otsu!
<Uzuzki Sei>: It was so precious that I blacked out
: You did well, if you haven’t shared this stay over story then it would have been a loss for humanity
: Otsu—
: What are you going to do tomorrow—?

「Ah, tomorrow I plan to play Ma**o Cart with Mashiron tomorrow! 」

: ah….(Predicts the outcome)
: Unavoidable drunk driving
: I will absolutely watch it
: I can see her messing up
: Godly episode for sure

Yeah, tomorrow, I feel like there won’t be any watchers that would say I am Seiso anymore!
Vtuber Legend chapter 32 end
9: remembers all the mario cart vids I saw at youtube……..
Tasai: “Isn’t that the natural reaction towards the people who are in Naked Standby www” Probably isn’t that funny, but to me, this comment is the MVP of the chapter. That said, I can’t wait for Mashiron
3pic: cue Mashiron doing super shortcuts in mario cart
Maddy: Vtuber


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