Vtuber Ch33


Vtuber Legend Chapter 33
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 033

Chapter 33 Mar*Ka Stream 1 rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918961379 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
「pushu! Gokugokugoku! U””O”O”O”O”O”O”SHA—! Today I will be doing a mar** kart stream today with Mashiron doh~!」
「Hello, Mashiron who loves doing Doub** dash in Mar*Ka is here!」

Mar* Ka, official name Mar** Kart, currently the series has reached to even 8 DX, it’s a really popular racing game in the world.
The gameplay consists of having characters appear from the Mario series that would not be an exaggeration if it was called the most famous game series in the world, and they would compete for the 1st to 12th place.
This sure is nostalgic, I remember playing an old prequel of the game at a friend’s house.
……for some reason I feel like it was not called Mar** Kart but Fu**ky Bike.

: Pushu!¥211
: It’s the first time seeing this much big kusa from just her first line of the day ¥211
: What in the world…is that voice
: I was surprised, I really thought that it was some sort of engine noise
: It was so heavy and low that I thought the ground shook Kusa
: Mar*ka, the secret method to winning is having Shuwa-chan becoming a cart herself
: Refueling (Stozero)
: I heard that this is a “you laugh you lose stream” so I came
: It’s here it’s here!
: Since I didn’t have a friend, I played alone in a 2 player game
: wipe your tears

「After replying to marshmallows I will go on a rampage, so treat me well! 」
「The fact that you declared that you will rampage proves that you have confidence. By the way, Shuwa-chan do you have a license?」
「I don’t have one!」
「Then, though it might be just a game, first you have no license and then you’re drinking while driving, when this stream ends just how many crimes will you have done by then?」
「Count my crimes」

: So you’re having other’s count for you….
: with the past streams, it feels like with just a few seconds of it you can consider it one crime
: As expected of Shuwa-chan! The things we can’t normally do, you can easily do it!
: That’s not admiration, you’re just getting numb! ¥1000
: Kusa

「Of course, with the real thing you must not do it at all cost okay? Absolutely do not okay?!」
「What’s not good with the law is no good after all 」

: Ok—ay!
: Oh, yeah you’re right
: Isn’t that normal?
: That’s right(going with the flow)
: If you want to see it, I’ll show you(Driving License)

「Okay, everyone is a good kid! Then let’s go on with the marshmallows doh—!」

@ If you were to get married to stozero, will you be strong Awayuki? or on the stozero side would it be Kokorone Zero ? @

「It would be Strong Fubuki」 (9: fubuki means blizzard/snow storm while awayuki is light snowfall)
「It’s different from the both choices」
「Rather isn’t the Kokorone 0 a kewl name! For some reason it sounds strong!」 (9: kokorone means heartbeat)
「Stop your through process and calm down, and then think about it, Kokorone 0 usually means you’re dead」

@ What’s your fetish? @

「Girl Fetish」
「I guess this is rather a safe answer」
「Only towards Mashiron!」
「Mou! If you say it with such a chilling voice I might get horny! You might have made me fap you know!」
「Oh, oh so you held back before you acted, good girl (gave up)」
「When it is fine to fap is when you’re resolved to be fapped to」
「I’m absolutely sure that you only wanted to say that; rather, you don’t have any resolve?」
「Of course I have! however……can you fap to to me——?」
「Then let’s continue on the next one—」

: The watchers that are here are already used to it, but isn’t marriage with stozero too powerful of a word?
: Kokorone 0 , is my trauma for a certain game so it’s NG for me
: I wuv Mashiron S voice ¥500
: Mashrion and Shuwa-chan’s Sadistic abuse voice pack! Soon to be on sale!
: Ah, this is Kinoshita(the bottom “wood”) ~, can I have the other one muted?
: If I let out to Shuwa-chan, I feel like I lost, so my “son” says it’s impossible
: If it’s a veteran like me, then I can only fap to Shuwa-chan
: A person who is addicted to stozero or a person addicted to someone, I totally don’t know anymore

@ OH Stozero-sama heed my wish.
Opening sound of the can and 「Gokku gokku gokku! n”n”n it feeels so geeewwdd!!」
Can I make a 1 hour loop of it?
Rather I already made one.
I was satisfied from making it but I thought you would get mad so I couldn’t upload it.
so may I have your permission?@

「I don’t mind, do it more」
「It feels like it would become the world’s most disastrous hour」

@ You did ring f*t but, did you exercise in the past? Also, do you want some stozero to hydrate yourself? @

「I guess during middle school I did a little bit of ballet (3pic: like the dance, with tutus and stuff). Ah, and also please make it lemon flavor」
「Stozero and exercise sounds dangerous, it feels like it would become a vomit style fitness. By the way how did your ballet go?」
「It was full of only girls and it was heaven! 」
「Yeah, I wanted to know what your impression towards ballet is, though」

@ I am the spirit of the lake. Did you drop this 【Seiso Awayuki】 ? or this 【Strong Zero 500ml x 24 cans set】? @

「The Strong Zero 500ml x 24 cans set x 24 sets」
「I hoped you could have at least got greedy by choosing both of them」
「Awa-chan already has the Seiso Awayuki so it’s fine! Shuwa-chan onlys wants to keep on being Shuwa Shuwa!」
「What a convenient lore」
「Isn’t it!」
「I’m not praising you」

: gangmarivoice 60 minutes huh, it could make your head go crazy (9:gangmari means voices of an addict or imagine nukige voices)
: it feels like it would be called to stozero listening
: Full stozero lmao ¥2000
: So she was already done for ever since middle school….
: Mashiron’s disinterested straight man and Shuwa-chan’s rampage, their difference is way too interesting www
Vtuber Legend chapter 33 end
9: Shuwa shuwa
Tasai: Shuwa
3pic: S-shuwa?
Maddy: Hello


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Wow, ballet for heaven… I’m pretty sure there’s a VN for that (Only in back stories tho)


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