Vtuber Ch34


Vtuber Legend Chapter 34
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 034

Chapter 34 Mar*Ka Stream 2
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054919016172
「Okay then, I will now be showing the lobby id number for those watchers who wants to come and race with us」
「No way Mashiron! Saying “Those who want to Lez with us” how lewd! (3pic: as in lesbian)」
「Is there a doctor who is specialized in ears among the watchers here?」

: I am a doctor of that department, I’m also one of the candidates hoping for the lez play ¥3000
: To the self proclaimed doctor bro over there, before you inspect other’s ears please check yours first
: I’ll participate even if I die
: The competition for participation is gonna get awful
: Saying something like “how lewd”, it’s a extra large boomerang towards you Kusa

「Today we will be doing a race for real, without any suggestiveness please 」
「No way Mashiron! Saying we’ll be doing lez for real, please I als-
「Rules are 150cc and the items are normal, okay?」
「She even blocked me from speaking! How mortifying…! But it makes me feel aroused bikun bikun(tokemeki, hearthrobbing)」
「Okay, since this alcohol brain seems to be an M, so if you see her please attack her without any hesitation 」
「Uso”ta”to”nto”koto”—n!」 (9: a meme about a certain kamen rider show, means “that’s a lie, something like that is a lie!”)

: She is way more shuwa shuwa than usual
: Onto”ururaki”ttante”isukaa—!
: now then, I wonder how many times this stream will be clipped?
: I knew about Mashiron doing a reasonable amount of Marika streams so I know that she knows how to play it, but what about Shuwa-chan?
: Since it’s just been recently that she had gotten a proper setup for playing games, she is probably a beginner

「MuMu! Certainly, I just started but I studied in advance about the course and the controls so it’s alright! 」
「When I asked her earlier she said that before the stream she played for 8 hours」

: That’stoomuch!
: You Hikari-chan or something?
<Matsuri Hikari >: So you have finally understood the wonderfulness of endurance!
: The person herself is here Kusa
: if it’s about endurance or punishing obstacles, then she would arrive as fast as Nekoma www

「It’s been a while since I played it, but as expected of super masterpiece, I really got addicted!」
「Well, it’s not like I don’t understand that feeling. Now then, I wonder what kart and character I should go with…」
「 Ro**etta, I choose you 」 (9: Rosetta, it’s the name they call Rosalina in Japan)
「As for why?」
「Obviously it’s cause she’s hot, I wanna lick her all over」
「Even in front of the world wide Nin**ndo, as expected, you don’t really stray from your way 」 「And the Chi ko that is always beside her is always so cute」 (9: what’s between the chi & ko is up to your imagination)
「You purposely paused in between those didn’t you?」
「There is no possible reason that I would do that!」
「Okay okay. By the way, what’s the reason of using a kart focused in accelerating rather than the bike?」
「I thought that there might be a chance that I could see her pantsu」
「Apologize to all the Ro**tta user in the world」
「I also love her skin tight suit when using the bike so please forgive me!」
「No, I’m not talking about that」

: Kusa
: Choosing a character by your nether region rather than your head lol
: I understand why you would want to PRPR Rotta-chan (9: PRPR means pero pero, which means licking all over) : heavy weight class…..(whispering) : Haa? (Seriously mad) : honestly, I’m also using Rotta kart with the same reason (DOGEZA)

「Yeah, I guess I will go with Ka**n and a kart focused on speed」 (9: Karon, which is dry bones) 「Ka**n huh, what a perverted character」
「Is it cause it’s see through?」
「You understand me well! Mashiron is slowly getting closer to becoming me! 」
「It’s a disgrace to the highest degree」

: It looks like she can connect everything in the world into lewd stuff
: Is she a middle school boy?
: Ka**n is slender after all, it can’t be helped
: Rather than slender, he’s basically all bones
: Even though the race hasn’t started yet, Mashiron had already done an horrible amount of tsukkomis Kusa

「Okay, Well then let’s choose the course! I wonder what will it be ♪ I wonder what will it be ♪」
「Looks like its Tsuru tsuru Tu**suta—」 (9: I couldn’t find the course, if you find it just post in the comments ツルツルツ〇スター)
「I love smooth(tsuru tsuru) and flat too」
「I didn’t ask」
「Mashiron is flat after all」
「How rude of you, well, I won’t deny it though」
「It’s alright! Being flat is justice! It has a rarity value you know!」
「I’m not happy」

: I really love flat
: I know right
: I also love Mashiron’s
: I know right
: I love Mashiron who is conscious that she is flat
: I really understand ¥50000
: you guys wwww

「Okay, let’s leave it at that, the race is starting」
「To think that the ground is all slimy, it’s basically Nin***do saying that you must do Loon play」
「You will really get in trouble so stop」
「No…way….At the starting line, aren’t I at the last place!?」
「It’s my first time seeing someone complain before the race even started」
「Okay! Imma start dash doh~!」

The Karts started to move at the same time. Though I might have started at last place, it seems that I was able to properly do the start dash and I was able to pass Mashiron who started at 8th.

「Fuhahaha! Did you see Mashiron?! It seems like my breaking wind(fart) was bigger than Mashiron!」
「Can you stop calling the start dash breaking wind(fart)? After this, people might tease that shuwa-chan is a person that has big farts you know? 」

: www
: You dug this grave, now fart in it
: Haa?(Angry)
: It’s a dirty conversation that you wouldn’t think a Vtuber would be having Kusa
: The race causing a hell of a lot of laughter has now begun!
9: what makes this series hard to translate is the research that I had to do everytime they do a parody, referring, or memeing
Tasai: Flat is justice. Well, I’m more of the balanced faction rather than the big or flat faction…
3pic: my search history…
Maddy: Yo I updated.


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