Vtuber Ch35

Chapter thirty five

Vtuber Legend Chapter 35
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 035

Chapter 35 Mar〇Ka Stream 3
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054919072254
Now the race has started, I had finally arrived at first location of this game’s greatest feature, the item box.
Depending on the item, it can greatly change your place in the race, the farther you are from the first place, the stronger items appear more. Since I’m around the middle, I’d like to get an acceleration item to get a better place.
My impression on the games I played before the stream, I feel like the most dangerous area is in the crowded places. Since there a lot of various different items being fired, the possibility of being hit is high.
To digress, Ma〇ka being a game that you can’t really stop playing, because it has a lot of luck based factors in it.
It seems like depending on the course, you would keep a lower placement to obtain a powerful item, and at the end you would aim to break through. It seems that works too, but naturally I don’t really have that much knowledge about that.
That’s why I aim to escape to the higher place!
Now what will the item be!?

「Hmmm, green shell huh. No homing and nothing inside it, not that great 」
「Can you stop saying it like that, it seems like you’re saying that the red shell has something inside it, it might make me not want to throw it okay?」

: those words wwww
: Mashiron is so kind
: Though really, how does a red shell home like that?
: Aren’t they just throwing it more skillfully, QED, proof shown
: Then go ahead and throw green shell just like that
: Stop with that shitty deduction www


Hmmm, As I thought, the person in front of me got hit by triple banana and fell at the lowest place.

「Excuse me, passing through」

It seems like Mashiron used a mushroom and entered the higher placement, mumumu!
This course has a really slippery road, but I properly know the controls that I can even do a drift. It shouldn’t be a problem, I’m still not done yet!
However, it seems that the watchers that is playing with us are rather pro-ish, since the beginning I have not been hit and steadily racing, but my position isn’t getting better as I reach the next item box——
What came out was……was an invincibility star!

「This is! The golden rotation!?」
「No, it’s not rotating okay」

This is good, with this, I finished the first lap with my position in the middle!
And moreover, my next item was a triple mushroom. With this I can get to the front!

「Even with Horo〇i, depending on how you use it, you can get to first! The difference of the item’s effects, I’ll teach you that they are not decided by your racing skills! 」 (9: Horoyoi, some sort of alcoholic drink)
「Though at least as far as I know there are no alcoholic items in this game」

: Horo〇i Kusa
: I see, it’s 3% so triple mushroom lol
: Ah, Mashiron got fell out of the course
: It seems like Shuwa-chan changed places with her on the 2nd place

「Mmm, looks like I couldn’t turn enough」
「She fell so that means that Mashiron is covered with lotion and is soppingly slimy!? Imma go back a little bit」
「I was helped by Ju〇m so it’s alright」 (9: Jugem, jp name of Lakitu, the koopa on a cloud with a fishing rod)
「Ma’ bad Ju〇m, I need ta punch ya, Me can’t calm down if I don’t punch ya」

: (Ju〇m)!?
: Even though Ju〇m was only doing his work properly, he is going to get punch, how sad
: Even in the original story of E〇a, that is cute compared to this unreasonable treatment kusa
: ” Me can’t calm down” (Horniness is)

「Ah, Lucky— got a bullet bill 」
「(≧∇≦) Kya! Mashiron’s scary, fat and black rod is getting closer behind me~!!」
「Because of Shuwa-chan bullet bill withered up and ended」
「My fault!?」

And so we finally reached the last lap! I will keep on like this!
Since I’m in the mood let’s decide this with a shortcut!

「Haa? Oi, the one that dropped a thunder on me come out, I’ll rip you to pie—
「Ah, that was me, it was the item that appeared together with the bullet bill earlier from a double item box」
「Since it would be pitiful to do that I’ll just mess you wet guhehehehehehehe」
「ripping me to pieces would be have been better」
「Oh? Mashiron you becoming an M?」
「Excuse me, passing through (ignores)」

: T h a t ‘ s h o r r i b l e
: With Mashiron, who she has a good relationship with, Shuwa-chan is messed up more than usual
: If it was other LIVERS who would say it, it would be a genius wording, oh my how wonderful! and if it was Shuwa-chan then it would be LMAO material!
: LiveOn’s Comedian position
: Aren’t most of them comedians….
: Kusa

Now then, It’s not the time to play around, the race is already near it’s climax and I’m nearly last.
Last Item box, please, give me something to turn the tables!
T-this is!

「Isn’t this the golden mushroom that I wanted to see more than my parent’s face!」

In a fixed time, I can keep having the acceleration effect of the mushroom, with this I can still have a chance!
Moreover, in this track, there is a shortcut right before the goal! It might be difficult but, If I keep on accelerating then I might be able to get higher position!
Okay! Here me Doh~!

「Rather, look more at your parent’s golden mushroom」
「Eh, wait a sec, Mashiron, that’s rather lewd….」
「Eh…? Ah//////(blushes)」
「Ah, no way!?」

: She was suprised that she failed using the shortcut and fell www
: So cute! ¥10000
: Mashiron Cute Yay! ¥10000
: Got an idea
: we did it ¥3000
: You did well Shuwa-chan ¥2110
: Even though Shuwa-chan too is doing lewd jokes repeatedly, Mashiron’s treatment in the chat is way too different Kusa

「F-fufufufu! I got 3rd place, just as I planned!」

Well, since I’ve seen a seriously embarrassed Mashiron, I basically got first place! Oh yeah!
Vtuber Legend chapter 35 end
9: 9th place is first place for me
Tasai: Good job Shuwa
3pic: damn, 3rd on the JP servers? Shuwa is a pro gamer
9: changed asterisks with circle thingy so that wordpress won’t mess up the format again
Maddy: good work 9.


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