Vtuber Ch36

Playing hearts of iron IV.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 36
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 036

Chapter 36 Mar*Ka Stream 4
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054919131790
After that we did quite a lot of races.
Since my first match was like that, I was a bit worried. But from the 2nd race onwards, as a result of my practice, I was able to get high placement that I’m satisfied with.
With the time we have left right now, the next race would probably be the last one.
Though really, this game sure is fun. The listeners are having fun, and for me since I got into it, I’ll try making a stream with this game next time.
With the contents of the game, you will always be moving, and you can naturally get reactions since the people watching are having fun; the viewers who join also have fun, I can’t seem to get enough of this.

「Everyone let’s all love Nin***do!」
「What’s with you so suddenly? You already said those types of things, and I think it’s kinda too late to gain favor from them you know? Also Shuwa-chan, you’re unexpectedly good. As someone almost as experienced as me, we were an even match, which is a surprise」
「During the time when I didn’t have enough money to buy it, while watching some LIVERS play it, I made my smartphone a pseudo controller and played! So I’m basically an experienced player! 」 「Next time let’s do a Mar Kart with all the other LIVERS okay?」
「Hmmm, that’s weird? Your voice is way more kind than usual, you know? Ha! Could this be a chance? Next time let’s have S*X together!」
「I wonder where the next track would be?」
「Why you ignore!」
「Shuwa-chan are you really aiming to become a comedian?」

: She’s saying “Live” YO! ¥1000
: Holy Mother Mashiron ¥3000
: LIVER big collab contest, I’m looking forward to it
: With Hikari-chan, even though its a contest, she would release a blue shell while at 1st place and self destruct herself purposely; until she takes 1st place won’t she start saying “I’m not done yet” which I’m worried about
: Hype-ing and then lowering the hype, genius

「Oh the track is decided!」
「Rainbow road huh. Just right for the last one」

Ugge, it seems like the hardest leading track in the series is chosen.
A rainbow road made in a space like place, a fantastic track, but unfortunately it’s easy to fall; moreover, the curves are so steep that I’m bad at it.
If I got used to it then it would be fun, but I still lack experience, so I’m worried.
While I was thinking of those things, naturally, the time won’t wait for me and displayed the Karts, and Ju**m appeared to start the countdown.
Even though I’m worried, there no other choice! Since it’s come to this, let’s change the way we think!

「The Kart beside my that Ha*a -chan is riding it, it kinda looks like an A*al beads!」 (9: Hana-chan, or wiggler in english)
「Eh, Do I have to say something back to that? That’s something that I would never want to say anything back」

: I burst out the tea I drank
: That’s way too sudden www ¥500
: Stop calling Ha**-chan an a*al bead
: Though as an A*al beads its way too big Kusa
: A Vtuber that made the chat filled with A*al beads, I totally don’t get it anymore

「So, here I doh~!」

Mmm, even though I properly did the start dash, I’m focusing so much on the curves that placement from 4th place is falling back slowly.
Ah, Mashiron pushed me and I fell out of the track.

「I see Mashiron, so you’re that kind of person huh, fine then, it’s time for war」
「This isn’t a war though」
「From the bottom of my heart, I hope for it to be a naked association」 (9: naked association can mean take a bath together naked or something)
「If it was Hikari-chan then I would totally be okay with it though」
「Why am I not good!?」
「Cause I could feel danger towards my body」
「No way….but seeing you two naked and flirting might not be so bad! So this is that NTR thing huh!」
「If you say it like that, it would seem like I have slept with Shuwa-chan so please stop it」
「Suimasorry—」 (9: Shitty Japanglish, combining suimasen and sorry which means the same thing)
「at least, if it was Awa-chan I’m fine with entering together though」
「Ah, you fell again」
「I-I got your word for it okay!」
「Okay okay, if that ever happens okay」

: wha? wha? for real? ¥12000
: drops dead (going to heaven) ¥2000
: hmm? did she just say naked association ?
: Well as a pronounciation she did say it, the Japanese language sure is convenient
: impish Mahsiron suko suko no scottish hold (9: a play on word with suko meaning stan/super love and scottish hold)
: I also suko Shuwa-chan who is totally weak against mental attacks ¥1000

This is bad! I got tricked and fell, and so I entered the 2nd lap on the last place!
Since the situation is like this, I made sure to get an item box.

「Oh, it’s the lewd flyer! 」
「Bullet bill okay」

Okay okay, luck is also one’s talent, with this I will be back in the middleth place!
And moreover the next item is a bob-omb, I’ll use this to hit Mashiron who is straight right in front of me!

「Mashiron, eat this, my loyal subject! 」
「Oh, how dangerous」
「Gyaaaa, bob-omb don’t come this waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!」


「Pukukukukusu, Good for you, your loyal subject returned to its owner」

: It’s a grand self destruct Kusa
: that was a masterpiece www
: As if she was aimed by Bob-omb, it walked towards Shuwa-chan, Kusa kusa of Kusa
: As expected of the woman loved by laughter ¥1000
: It’s so good I’m having fun

Muuu, entering the 3rd lap, I’m at 8th, This is rather really bad….

「Oi, Ju**m, Carry me right before the goal right now, I’ll give you stozero」
「Don’t perform a bribery in the open okay. And also, the only one that works on is shuwa-chan okay」

To break through this situation, I need some sort of big move…..
That’s right! This track should have a shortcut in the endgame that you can use without any items!
Since I only saw it in a vid, and haven’t practiced it or tried so it will be for the first time but, if I don’t do that then Its for sure that I will be last.
Since this is my last stand, let’s give it our all!

「I’ll show you my driving technique that I trained by watching Initial **!」
「You only watched and never actually tried is obvious 」
「Tu! Heeeeeeeeere!」
「Ah, she passed me」

Yeah Yay! I did it everyone!

: Oooh!
: that’s nice!
: Can she go for the top!?
: 8888 (9: for those who don’t know, in JP it pronounced as Hachi which sounds the same as clapping)

And in the end with that momentum I got to 3rd place, and Mashiron got 4th. With this, the stream ended.
Ok—ay! Up until the next stream, I’ll train more and make everyone surprised from my super play doh~!

「Good job Shuwa-chan, did you properly turn off the stream?」
「Good job too—! Ever since that certain event, I have been making sure of that, so it’s alright 」
「Right now, because of the certain event, the LIVERs get that meme, which sure is Kusa. Ah, lastly, have you heard about the one where all of the LIVERs of LiveON will be making one music video ?」
「Yeah, I heard it from my manager!」
「I see, I see. About that, it seems like the project is starting to move for real 」
「Is that for real!?」
Vtuber Legend chapter 36 end
9: I actually have never played any Mario Kart games
Tasai: Same, I never played any racing game other than the one at the arcade, and mobile sometimes actually.
3pic: I played like actual racing games, like forza and stuff, but I don’t really play mario kart
Maddy: hello


  1. Arigathanks gozaimuch for the chapter. It seems I have discovered a new rendition of Sorrymasen and Gomenasorry.


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