About Project 9

Battle Cry: CUTENESS IS JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Overlord 9: Has enduring the harshest of training to overthrow this generation’s Demonlord and has ascended as the 382760th Demonlord!!!!! As our merciful hero, he provides us with stories of his former lives to brighten up our dreary lives in the stories affectionately called Kansu and Gob. Occasionally, he brings us the story of his friend HTG. He is known for being lazy and being a lolicon and yuri fan….but those are stories for another day.

The Mighty mllhild: This man is the second pillar of the site and upholds Project 9’s honor by providing Manowa chapters. He, although new to the battlefield, has proven his strength and risen the ranks. He is now a dependable leader who will unfailingly provide for his loyal fans. Link to self-introduction.

IcedTea: The non-lazy one. Official Herald for the Court of 9. Lead Editor for Manowa. Editor of Kansu and Gob. Link to self-introduction.

Ren: He is currently off training in the Shadow Realm. When he returns, we will exalt him to the heavens!!! Link to self-introduction.

rrlentless: Denizen of the 13th Dimension, Conqueror the Cerylix Realm. Editor of Gob and Kansu. Link to self-introduction.


9 thoughts on “About Project 9

  1. Thankyou for all your hardwork! I appreciate it and I’m sure everyone else does. I love to read so thankyou and I hope all things go well.


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