Isn’t it annoying when you’re playing a game with other people and someone forcefully prevents you from playing how you want to play, even if what you’re doing is completely within the rules? Completely spoils the fun.

Anyway, here. Chapter. Enjoy.


I decided that if Maddy didn’t post chapters by 12pm EDT/EST, then I would post them. After all, you guys want them sooner rather than later, right? I’m also doing this without 9’s permission because 9 is asleep right now, but I think it would be alright with them. If not, I could get my publishing authority revoked :o Well anyway, enjoy the chapter. (more…)

Hi people! I’m Bambi, a relatively new editor. I’ll be the one posting this chapter, but it’ll probably be a one time thing. You can expect Maddy to be back with the usual banter next time. Sorry for the boring intro.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter! It’s a long one.