A college student who loves sleeping, games and light novels. Has a tendency to sleep cuddled against a wall and creates ideas while showering. - The definition of "Do it now, regret it later"

Well, its been a while (more like half a year almost) due to computer issues and RL bugs but I’m finally back, sort of. My laptop is still down and I only have my phone left, so editing will just be a tad bit faster with me and Icedtea splitting the loads.
On a side note, we’re working hard right now so expect something big in the next few weeks :D

Ok. So I’m ZeRenMi. I’m the new editor who started helping since Kanstoppu Ch 44. I’ll be introducing myself first (in b4 IcedTea >:D ).

Currently, I’m working as an editor for the Kanstoppu project (will be linked). I don’t know if I’ll be working on any future project though but hopefully I can. I’m planning on writing some pieces here and there on my site when I can come up with ideas. Don’t expect much of the site to be anything but a flop because it’s just for me killing my time.

So without further ado, lets get to know me.

I’m 18 y/o (well nearly at least), a highschool graduate and someone currently unemployed in anything (school counts as employment) so yeah… I’m Canadian born and spent my whole life in Canada (fun fact: we even have a maple syrup reserve here). I’ll keep my gender, RL identity and address secret but I’m sure that any professional hacker can already figure out my identity from my IP address (talk about pessimistic – and don’t get any funny ideas). Well this is me, ZeRenMi; I’ll be working hard to help keep chapters looking good and readable (they were readable to begin with but just roughly worded).

P.S. Cuteness is Justice