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I’ve decided what this page will be basically for now it will be a free-for-all page.

You may comment whatever you want(but of course avoid offensive ones who knows i might “accidentally” ban you from my wordpress if you know or i might suddenly stop TLing) , you may also suggest a WN series,

I might be also putting music stuffs here since i’m quite a music lover(though i like J-music the most). and might also put something totally random.

-kinda like a memo for me where i left reading them and a way to share them. i will also be updating this whenever i have finished reading its latest chapter

Crystal Demon Queen(I) one of the Demonlords. (btw the “I” there is not number 1 but I as in myself)
a story about a guy that died and reincarnated by a god into an OP Demon queen which has huge breast. an SSS rank Demon Queen. and due to circumstances she became a Magic tutor (or a maid), and btw this is yuri.
(I read up to ch 30)

Magi’s grandson
go to japtem lazy folks!!! well, if you want a spoiler then i can tell you some.
(read up to chapter 50)

Tōha seyo, sekai o
a story about a guy reincarnated into an Ou Ma( Ou = king Ma=Demon) which is the highest kind of monster,  born at the Dragon’s hot furnace labyrinth (too lazy to make a proper name for it) gaining  power as he was capturing the dungeon while being a monster he met a dying knight which became his godparent and gave him a name which is “Revuu” and accepted the dyings knight’s request to take his pendant to his daughter. then when he reached the lowest level, he fought against a black dragon. then after defeating it the black dragon taught him how to change his form into a human. then when he changed he, no , she turned into a little girl with gray hair and eyes and had an inhumane beauty which rivaled none. He had 2 goals, No 1 Goal To defeat God, No 2 Goal to become the strongest being.   this is actually a summary of the first 4 chapters but I hid some details so that it wouldn’t take the fun too much. btw this is also yuri
(read up to chapter 35)

Raising Slaves on the other world while on a Journey
this time its about a girl who decided to play a VRMMO called Infinite Dungeon Online <<IDO>> her character name is Maika. she chose to be a solo player with a not famous job Samurai plus a 1  katana user (since 2 swords is a man’s romance and she is not a man she chose 1 katana user). though when she logged in, rather than the game she was transported to the other world as a hero, but she refused thinking that its annoying thing to do then she went out being given money due to not being able to return her home. she wanted to level up but when she looked at her stats. all of it was already at counter stop, realizing that she won’t enjoy leveling up she decided to raise(make them strong) slaves to kill time. but soon she became attached to them and decided to do something for them rather than to kill time.
well this is my summary for it, though honestly what i like most about this series is the personality of the MC. She rather has quite a personality, first she is a silent type and i don’t give shit type. she is quite in between Kuudere and Yandere. there was a scene when some guy just touched the slave’s shoulders, she just went straight for the kill(well she was stopped by her slaves). yes, she quite like Hajime but more merciless, she can kill a human whether they are innocent or not without any hint of hesitation and thinks of it as nothing. well, i highly recommend this one, its a good read and btw its yuri.
(read up to chapter 22)

I became to be able to make a dungeon………….now, what should i do?
A guy was reincarnated by Hoshi-chan and No-chan (god like beings), into the other world. he was allowed to become almost anything but in the he ended up choosing mostly “random” . Then he was reincarnated into a human called Iris. He had cheat like stats and skills but his body is weak enough to be beaten by a lvl 1 monster if hit (his hp is 4 which is very low) then he was given a power to make a dungeon.
well, honestly i chose this because it has a yuri tag…….but there is no yuri at all!!!! though still it was a good read. Hoshi-chan and No-chan are funny and interesting characters. mostly the chapters talk about making dungeon floors but its quite fun to listen to the details it makes you want play a dungeon crawling games. interactions are also fun to read. btw the heroines are a OP knight-like beauty and a yandere that curses
(read up to chapter 30)

ゴブリン転生記 ~エルフ幼女に格で負けてる勇者の俺~
Goblin Reincarnation ~ I as a hero falls behind a elf little girl character ~
a story about a guy that likes lolis reincarnated into an another world but into a “goblin” its not like RE: monster where the guy has a cheat. he lived in hard mode but when he rescued an elf loli his future brightened up. the mother of the loli is a great magician(OP elf MILF) which became his master in magic. he kills adventurers, got a part-time job at a dungeon, hero subjugating.
well that is my summary for that. basically a story where the MC needs to work very hard unlike other OP reincarnaters who are OP from the start(basically like MT). well what i like about this one is that 1st the characters: MC Rusty is a lolicon with a rule of YES LOLITA NO TOUCH! though he still likes adult females(over loli ages) he gets 2 girls. also his appearance is something like a human-like so its not those ugly goblin types, but he has no hair which still makes him look like a goblin (he gets hair later on, and celebrates about it).  next is the loli elf sherina honestly  she stands out more than the MC, and so far she is my fave character in this series(more than the MC) she is basically like the 2nd MC, her personality is great and fun i wont say anything more about her cause it will kill the fun though she has mother complex, then next is the OP elf MILF Reibell , sherina’s mother, basically the strongest being in that world but she is an airhead and quite too kind and then has a hot body which kinda brings trouble too her(and yes hot body does give her a lot of trouble). they are basically the most important characters.
The way the story is told is quite unusuall, perspectives changes a lot from the MC, loli, Milf and other characters. i like how it changes cause i love hearing what are in other char thoughts(kinda hates 3rd POV). then about the story, its dark. there are a lot of killing, the MC kills humans a lot. and also a lot of pervy scenes that makes you wonder why its not in nocturne(R-18 wn site). also about that most of those scenes are yuri scenes (muehehehehehe). and Yuri in this story is quite strong, despite the MC being male the girls around him are mostly yuri girls though he still gets a harem though someone else *a girl* has more girls than him(though its more like she conquered them through her techniques). man i should move this soon to an another page, i have more things i want to say about the series. so far this is my fave series in this list
(read up to ch 84)

Item shop’s female shopkeeper
a story about a girl ,Kaname ,who ran away from the country and opened an item shop at the capital using the money she sold by selling the charm she get from her childhood friend( the friend didn’t mind and was instead happy). but the shop is at the end of the city (basically a bad place for business) this about a story of her life being bored with not much costumers.
that is my summary, but leme tell this she is an OP mage-type character , yun-like(item/weapon maker) and her childhood friend is a Ryua-like character who conquered an unknown dungeon with 150 floors alone a girl and is totally in love with the MC, though the MC is dense she doesn’t know that the childhood friend likes her and thinks that its the usual.
well, another story that i came  to like, the mc gets a bored a lot and does lot of things to kill time, story telling is like slice-of-life not much fighting cause it ends immediately, mostly about interactions with others. well this may be obvious but this is yuri. and i hope the author continues writing it cause i really came to like it.
(read up to ch 27)

Geister Kontinent   精霊大陸での日常
Geister Continent            Everyday life at the Spirit Continent
a story about a girl named Wintel Winter, a reincarnater. She was reincarnated with a weak constitution in a noble family, her family consist of her beloved younger sister, father and mother. before she was reincarnated she also had a weak constitution and died because of it(?).
man, i kinda suck making the synopsis for this one, well, a story about a girl who reincarnated, which has a weak body and has to rest a lot of times. though she can still fight just that almost every fight she has to stay in bed after. and also she is a genius magician, nearly OP but because of her body she is not. this is another story which has yuri elements but the MC doesn’t show any signs of romance but the other characters. her younger sister got ahead of her and got a girlfriend. though in this story, being Bi is ok. the gender of MCs partner can be either a guy or a girl. when i said the Bi is ok. in their country same sex relationships is supported or OK in their Religions, though no signs of yaoi. most villains in this stories are men and mostly they are trashes and horny. there are rapes in the story(of course they didn’t have any scenes they just say “raped/violated”). the story is good just quite confusing(gotta study jp more TT_TT) most people here are nobles and they speak mostly in the same way which made me confused and i gotta say the author isn’t that skilled. well maybe its because my favorite character didn’t  have much screen time anymore! Miranda-chan please have more yuri yuri scenes with Wintel !!
(read up to chapter 101)

I’m a vampire but, i became a maid
a story about a vampire who lost everything to the humans. she wanted to take revenge but as her mothers last words she did not. she traveled into another country and saved by a human princess, then  soon she came to love her and offered her loyalty to her, thus she became her maid.
well, its about an OP vampire who is head-over-heels with a princess who will do anything for her. well,  the story is short(finished, 50+ chapters and short chapters) and its quite a cliche story but its quite good for a refresher and also its the author’s first work and he quite did it on purpose(?). though it still good, battle scenes are quite bad but the dramas are quite good. there isn’t much yuri scenes which is quite sad(for me) probably because the author kinda rushed it. honestly it has quite the potential, it could become more better if he had more chapters(since chapter are short, same length as kansu ch 1, finished it in one night)………. I want more yuri scenes RAAAAWR!!!

異世界転性 ~竜の血脈~
Sex-Changed in an Alternate World ~Dragon’s Bloodline~
for the summary I will redirect you to this
(there might be a hint of spoiler in this one so……..)
I have to say this one is a very good one. the story doesn’t really focus on how the MC just beat the hell out of her enemies or its not really like an adventure story compared to other RE and transported OP MCs. the story also involves wars and some politics, how she deals with it(strategy and the like), i won’t say how or why she has to deal it with just that its in the story.
she starts reincarnated with a cheat and she nurtures it, but she is not the strongest being on the world(well, i think in the end she might become one). her personality, a cool-wild-type of character, adventurous, who thinks properly also she is a battle freak and really likes fighting strong guys and she can kill a human properly(unlike those MCs who are too naive to kill). she has no signs of liking guys and openly says she likes girls. Her weapon of choice is mostly katana(but sometimes uses other weapon depending on the situation), she really loves katanas, enough to have a collection on her previous life and also a pro(trained) at using it. as for the romance, she has a harem(girls of course), and loves them back(like MT). the other characters also has an interesting personalities but well i won’t say anymore than that , i don’t really want to say more since it might really spoil the fun and i purposely hid some details. I highly recommend this one, The author is awesome for writing it and the translator is awesome for picking it up, so go to the TLers wp and read it!.
(read up to ch 105)

まのわ ~魔物倒す・能力奪う・私強くなる~
MaNoWa ~Mamono Taosu-Nouryoku Ubau-Watashi wa tsuyoku naru~(Defeat Monsters-Steal their powers-I get stronger)
(TL site: )
A shorty named Kazane Yuihama got transfered to an another world and surprisingly similar to the game she played and there she has a unique skill to gain the power of the monsters she has killed. and before she knew it, she had saved towns , rescued a princesses, met a ghost, and went to the hotsprings, and went to the hotsprings, and hotsprings and hotsprings and hotsprings.
MaNoWa really became one of my fave WN, it has more than 800 chapters and the author is freaking fast at writing almost everyday there is an update despite also writing the LN ver(LN and WN ver are different , the author said so). well, basically the story is full of adventures and many events, its like every town they visit there is an accident happening. Kazane’s personality is interesting and funny which made me like the story though other character also has interesting personality that makes you laugh a lot, yeah it has a lot of comedy but still it has nice battles well there a lot of battles. Opness -wise kazane isn’t that powerful but still in the OP category, leveling is very slow in their world, kazane defeated a level 200+ monster and just gained 1 level(her level was around 40+ when she defeated it) its not like other WNs where they are really OP from the starts she had to start from scratch and not all monsters’ skill can’t be gained. what makes Kazane really powerful is teamwork and equipments, almost every battle they have formations, strategy , preparations and stuffs. the equipments are mostly things she designed(she designs them and have them made) made by the materials from the monsters she has defeated and things she got from dungeons. if she is alone she is strong but she won’t be able to win every battle alone, many monsters  there are very strong many of them can kill her in one hit if hit directly. and also she is flat and a shorty, and every night she prays that her breast will grow big. and sadly it isn’t yuri well romance isn’t really focused in the story.
(read up to第七百九十一話 基地内を片付けよう )

I need you

(in construction)


Music stuffs



















麻枝准×やなぎなぎ 「終わりの世界から」

to lazy to translate the title, but its A Yanaginagi X Jun Maeda Song. I don’t much about Yanaginagi but all i heard that she sung a lot of songs in anime, for example Nagi no asakura she sung one of the ED i think. then about Jun Maeda i did a little research about him since his name sounds so familiar, turns out that he is the writer for the visual arts Key series like Air, CLannad, Little buster , Angel beats, Rewrite and etc I played some of the VNs and it became my favorite.

The song itself is kinda nice to the ears, i especially liked the way it was sung. I can feel a lot of emotions in the voice and the music which is so nice to hear, it really conveys the emotion felt by the characters in the story.

well, most of you won’t understand whats going on so i’ll explain what happens (well, not 100% sure if this is correct though)
its about a girl that likes her childhood friend, but the boy likes a senpai at their school. Realizing that she has no chance of winning against the senpai. She used a power that takes her back in time, thinking that she might be able to once again start and win the boy’s heart. But, instead she erased her past self, the boy in the past search for the past her. She wanted to tell him that the on he was searching for was her, but doing so causes some kind of paradox destroying the future(I think). So the boy kept searching for her.

Then year later the boy was going to move. She stopped him and then the boy said “I wish you were the person i was searching for”. and in the end she brokedown and told him everything then suddenly she was suck backed to the present. There, it was a monochrome, destroyed world, the only thing that has color was the picture she had, a picture of her and the boy and some other friends. Then in the monochrome destroyed world she went into journey, hoping to meet the boy again.

actually you can read the comments and there some users that explains it. well thats its for now i got 4 more songs like this that  i want to post but this will get too long


















yay i finally know how to use something like a spoiler tag

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  1. If someone else is feeling bored check out the some of the conversations that Xant talks about in Xant Does Stuff and Things.
    The link can be found on the bottom right just underneath the pics from Art Page Gallery.

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  2. 9-san… About your notice, does it have to be someone? how about kanji tomo? Alternatively (although it is quite time consuming), you can learn about neural network or image recognition software.


    • I tried using Kanji tomo but everytime i use it my computer lags(probably due to using to much memory or my pc is slow).
      also i tried, using image to text softwares or orcs(free ones not sure about the paid ones), but their accuracy is bad.
      then i tried googling the neural network and the image recognition software, i totally don’t get them OTL…….


        • nah, its fine.
          I’m just too lazy to search the dictionary, unlike WN you can just copy past the kanji at jisho then you can get the meaning and etc. this is just a way to speed things up, if i had someone i could properly release in like, 1 chapter per 3-5 days (or even at the same pace with my kansu)


  3. 9 i am doing a random guess out of boardom is the manga thing your translateing spirit migration even tho you said someone else is doing it they could of droped it and thats the reason i think you might be doing it


    • fumu, spirit migration is good. if remember it correctly,ak scans should be the one translating the manga, they may be kinda slow(cause they translate lots of manga) but i think their quality is good. well, the answer is “no” ,it may be good and i may seem to want to TL, but in the end it isn’t enough to motivate me.

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  4. I think I can use Kanji tomo to convert raws to text. I tried it on a random Nisekoi raw page and it worked out fine. Can I try converting some pages of the manga your trying to translate?


    • i can probably only make a teaser of it but i won’t take it as a side/main project cause the updates are irregular and unreliable, there hasn’t been any update for months already


      • thanks for the replys when you posted it i gave it a check and it sounded really fun but if it has unreliable updates then it would be unfair for both the tl editors and lechers since they will get into it and enjoy it but it will stop and have to wait


        • yeah, i read up to the latest, it was a fun read its quite sad the the author doesn’t update much. Though its something i can recommend to newbie TLers since the chapters are short and they only have to translate 30 chapters(considering the author will not update),


  5. question have you ever thought of doing a page where some words are put down and there english words are writen beside or under or will that not work? if it worked i could then use it to try to help (cant translate or edit but i want to be helpfull to one of the people that translate and edit one of my frav books)


    • well, depends on what reason you are learning jp but the basic tip is learn(if self-study) hiragana, kana, then kanji then the grammar and stuff(just google all these stuffs). though if you seriously want to learn it, i think its better to take lessons somewhere.

      well, if you are lazy like me, i suggest finding a good motivation and ironically don’t be lazy


  6. Since your so crazy about yuri how about translating le festin de vampire it was translated all the way till chap. 27 and the dropped at a major cliff hanger I really wanted to flip the dude off.


  7. Hello,
    I’m looking for chapters 10 and 11 of Black Knight (“The Black Knight Who Was Stronger than even the Hero”)
    Baka-updates says that those chapters were TLed on this site, but I can’t find it. I saw that the site was under construction, so I’ve explored as many links as I could before deciding to ask this:
    Would you happen to have the links for those two chapters?


  8. That Vampire becoming a maid webnovel. I haven’t found a translation anywhere online, so I’m assuming that it hasn’t been translated.
    I’m thinking of translating it, though my Japanese is still pretty bad (for reading written Japanese). Just dropping that thought in.


  9. Can you tell me if ‘Tōha seyo, sekai o’ is being translated to English by someone? If so, can you tell me who? Or where I can read it!?…… plz?



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