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  1. Nice artwork.
    I’d have thought that Ryua’s hair would be longer after the dungeon but this works nicely as well.
    Unless it’s specifically mentioned that she has hair this long and I’m just forgetting that part.


    1. Tnx ^^

      also she didn’t have a long hair(sadly but oh well, short hair is also good) well, it was stated in some chapters that she had a short hair.

      well, i actually though she had a long hair and drew her with a long hair.

      (you might have to turn your head 90 degrees to the right)


      1. I notice that she’s wearing armour that looks to be higher-level in that artwork so maybe she’ll grow it out and you can claim prophetic insight.


        1. lol, it would be cool if my insight happened and then I’ll get a new title “9 the prophet’

          i drew it before i Tl’ed ch2 so i had no idea what her armor looked like. I expected that the dungeon has some armors but apparently she only used pelts or furs as her clothing


    1. It’s easier to see what’s going on if you set the gif to run at 1/2 speed….
      I actually really like the initial sketch. Ryua’s a tad more bouncy in it, and with only her soulless eyes to reveal her true suffering, her facade is not noticed by the oblivious Roel. No, but seriously, it IS kind of creepy, as Tolppo noticed, how Ryua can switch from the “teenage girl with little knowledge of the world” to the “been to hell and back and could shove my fist through your face monster” in a heartbeat.
      Plus there was that weird plot point were Ryua was all “hmm, I can’t recall how I stopped the bleeding. I was just bleeding and bleeding and how exactly did I survive? Meh.”


      1. That reminds me, Chapter 9
        “At that time my body was ragged and the blood wouldn’t stop leaking…….hmmm, I can’t remember what I did after that.”
        Why not say “my body was ragged and I wouldn’t stop bleeding” instead of going with passive voice?
        …And is it me, or does the Japanese language have some weird obsession with using passive voice?


        1. It really does, and that can throw off my editing a lot.

          I try my best, but I also have 9 dogging my footsteps when I’m done editing.

          To paraphrase him: “Don’t change it too much, even if it sounds weird.”


  2. Lol… when I saw the translator was 9, I wondered if it was the 9 drawing fanart for alice. Now i’m sure it’s you, nice blog and really enjoying Ryua’s fun adventures.


  3. Nice art! I actually drew ryua myself, though I expected her to have more scars actually (which I drew on my piece) and for her first sword to have been fancier since she got it from the lower levels of the dungeon. Critiques are mostly proportions. I think legs are a little on the short side, which makes it look overall awkward-y, and for a couple of the pictures the arms are a little long. In the colored version of ryua where she holds the glass, her hands are giant! Like yahoo hands LOL, not the hands I would see on a small girl. He feet are also on the small side. So basically I think if you fix some of those sizing issues it’d be good. You could even study human anatomy, that’s what I did hahaha B)
    … Wow sorry about the long comment >.>


    1. tnx a lot
      yeah, been practicing on anatomy and perspective(and i’m crying how i suck at it TT_TT), i’m actually redesigning her right now, as i read ahead to analyze her features.
      her features are:(if you want to draw her)
      lightblue/blue hair
      shortcut hairstyle
      blue eyes(found out recently)
      short build(but not enough to be called a loli)
      tank top, jacket, short pants as for clothes
      her first sword is some kind of a black sword(won’t say more cause of spoilers)
      as for scars, she has zero(yeah its zero, confirmed it)
      and she is flat enough to be mistaken to be a boy(like a trap)
      she basically just looks like an innocent tomboyish frail girl , which is one of the main cause she always gets underestimated and makes other characters wonder where such strength came from.
      also i don’t really mind long comments as long as it doesn’t have anything offensive and also can i see the drawing you did?


      1. Thanks for the list of characteristics XD that’ll be a great help whenever I draw Ryua again. On another note, yeah I agree human anatomy is difficult DX I have all tons of problems when figuring out poses hahaha. It helps a little if I take a picture of myself doing the pose or look up several pictures of similar body poses, if I do that the anatomy usually won’t look as weird.
        I would love to show you the picture, but how do I post it in the comments here?


  4. First picture:
    Note: The pose in this one is kinda, okay maybe a lot, weird, but I was too lazy to fix it. Felt like if I tried I would end up spending another 5 hours on it or something hahaha

    Second picture:
    Note: This one I drew after your comment. There are still some meh things about it… but MEH. It ended up looking kinda gothy/punk ish… I didn’t plan on that I swear… even though it’s a historical fantasy… =.=;; I feel like the proportions are off- okay, if i keep on staring at it I will end up finding a million things wrong so i’ll stop there Q_Q


    1. i have to say, your drawing style is cool and nicely detailed, also fashion in the story is quite advanced, they have Toilets! and vending machines! so the fashion in the story has quite a modern-fantasy-like feeling to me(like sao or log horizon)so i think gothy/punk style suits ryua well. also yeah, ryua’s proportions are always confusing and makes me crazy, i just hope the author would someday say all the details out someday, and fun fact I found out what her eye color at ch 200+ OTL , sometimes i hate the author because of this


  5. O_______O they have vending machines?! How surprisingly advanced… If it’s like that then now I feel it isn’t as mismatched… But ch. 200+ huh… When I write I like to put the entire character’s description in a few paragraphs all neat and tidy lol


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