At the current moment, we have 1 editor.
We need at least 3 more to balance out.

I can’t release Tridente, Cat, or Tag-Team until they’re edited, We desperately need help. So if you have a love for yuri and can do some basic English, please help us. Be prepared to work with others.  Join the discord if you’re interested and make some noise.

You NEED to help us.

Stop flopping around and get in here! You like what you read, Right?


Hello Everyone! IcedTea here!

As the holidays have come and gone, and the new year is starting to settle in, we here subjects of the Demonlord 9 are pleased to bring you one last piece of merriment to send you forth into 2017. Our ever kind, ever gracious Demonlord has lovingly provided us with exploits and stories gathered from his travels, and so we editors, IcedTea and kryolight, have diligently done our duty to supply our fellow subjects.

However, we have found it unwise give you too much at a time, as too much awesomeness might destroy us all, and as such, we will portion out the experience. Every 20-30 minutes, we will distribute the goodies to the masses! There are about 10 total and whatever we don’t give you today will be brought to light later in the week as I continue to work throughout my break. Also, we have a REALLY COOL SURPRISE THAT YOU WILL REALLY LIKE AT THE END, SO PLEASE READ IT.We hope you enjoy the treat!

In other news, if you haven’t noticed already, kryolight has helped out a lot with this, so please thank him. And of course, please hail 9 in the comments. Without him, nothing.

And one last bit of news, Manowa may be getting some love soon. Yes, your hopes may go up. Mine are as well.

And so to all, please treat us kindly as we move forward! May this year be better than the last! And as always, please give us some love in the comments and on the like button.

And as for me, there are few things better than seeing you all enjoy the chapters. I know you would like more, but thank you all so much for your patience, your kindness, and your readership. Please take care of me this coming year!


Hey everyone,

I know we haven’t uploaded since November and some series (Gob, cough cough) haven’t been updated for some time. Well, now that school has calmed the f**k down for me, I’m going to get back into it. We have a surprise planned for you, and I’m going to get back into the normal schedule.

On another note, our TLers for Manowa have been MIA, so there aren’t many Manowa chaps left. If anyone is interested in helping out, send me a message in the comments.

Well, in other words…some chaps on the way!


No chapters coming out until the weekend. But I promise I will give some on the weekend. This is the last week of the semester for me, so papers and tests. Once those are over and before I get ready for finals, I’ll make sure to send you guys some chapters!

Thanks for understanding,


Hello everyone, IcedTea here.

I’m not sure how many people will actually read this ’cause its not a chapter, lol.

But to anyone who does, our own mllhild, TLer of Manowa, is going to help ensign with Reincarnated As a Sword over on his blog here:

This will not slow down Manowa in any way (not that it’s that fast anyway). In fact, we have some chapters coming out in the near future.

So, please, go check it out. It’s a fun novel. And go support more of the community.



9’s first surprise is this new side project called “Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)”. Simply speaking, it’s a neko yuri story.  Find the synopsis in the tab above. 9 will translate it live and I will edit it and post the chapters here.

9 and I are doing this for fun. Each chapter is really short (2x shorter than a normal Gob). To give the people (mostly yuri fans too) on the chat a little treat, 9 decided speed TL this in his spare time in the chat room. We will not be trying to go word for word, no grammatical BS like normal. And, of course, this will in no way affect the rate at which Gob or Manowa or Kansu comes out (not that it’s that fast anyway….).

Bringing it here was my decision, so if the releases lag on this title, that is completely my problem. Please don’t bother 9 about it as he will probably still be TLing it in the chat. If you wanna read ahead of the release, head to the chatroom.

If people have questions or concerns, I will answer them in the comments. Also, please tell us if you enjoy it or not!

Either way, this will give 9 and others an outlet for their yuri romance, something our site needs more of considering that’s what we’re known for…..

Enjoy! — Iced.

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience. I did well on most of my exams, but I failed one, so *sigh*. I’ve got 2 more important ones in the coming weeks, so I’ll only be able to get the Manowa chapter out. I’ll make sure to get a make-up one out after school is over.

mllhild and 9 are hard at work, so please thank them if you guys happen to catch them in the chatrooms online and stuff……

And on a personal note: Thanks a lot for your support! It really means a lot to me that strangers would spend even a couple seconds to offer me some encouragement. And for everyone in exams or going through tough times, good luck! And enjoy the swag chapter!

IcedTea (more…)

IcedTea: Hey y’all. Good news, we have a new editor who will be relieving my burden a bit. He will be primarily working on Gob Tensei and here is his short introduction: “Hello, rreelentless here, editor extraordinaire and all round fan of anime/manga and LN’s!” He is from England and has joined us just in time for our Gob crunch.

Now, onto said Gob crunch: Gob 20 and Gob 21 are here!!!!!!

Gob 20 and 21 are the end of the Holy Maiden arc. Please enjoy!!

After these 2, there are 4 more chapters for the next week (hopefully):

The next chapter, Chapter 22, is the start of Volume/Arc 3: A Goblin’s Part-time Dungeon Job! This will be published within the day.

Gob 23 is f**king boss, so that will come soon separately. Great chapter, so hype……

Gob 24 and 25 are in the works as well.

Thanks for your patience!