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Vtuber Legend Chapter 43
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
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Chapter 43 Puniki Revenge 2
「No more…..this is the end…..」

Having to deal with the disappearing ball that completely negates your vision skills, the misses start to increase, making a mountain of strikes.
Moreover, you have to hit 28 home runs out of 40 balls.
Puniki Revenge has ended! Please look forward to the next stream of Awayuki-sensei.

「As expected of the one supposed to be like the last boss of this game, it doesn’t hold back at all」
「Run….there’s no way we can win….」

: She became the shitty prince Kusa
: So this is the rumoured “Based Ball”, how terrifying
: If you work hard then you can win against Tiger!
: Don’t give up!
[4:32 PM]

「It can’t be helped. This Nekoma shall pitch in and help! Awayuki-chan!」
「Ah, Nekoma-senpai? A huge star is disappearing and appearing….S〇X!!!」
「Excuse me for distracting you during your mind break, but have you forgotten what I taught you?! If you remember that, then this one is a patterned opponent. It would be like when Emiya 〇ro is challenging Kotomine 〇rei you know? ☆」 (9: from Fate stay night, Emiya Shirou, and Kotomine Kirei)
「That was a super close battle though 」
「Either way, you can’t easily win against a monster like this one, so stop messing around!」
「Are you perhaps drunk with stozero Nekoma-senpai?」

: Don’t force out a conversation www
: I can’t get enough of how brain dead this is
: Well, it’s not like she said anything about easily winning it after all
: Stop with the sudden surprise S〇X www
: The power (stozero) going out of your body
: Kimattemasu Awakko (Awakko drunkgirl)

「Awayuki-chan, the things you are lacking are, “PASSION, DREAMS, IDEAL, BRAINS, ELEGANCE, DILIGENCE!” and more than anythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!」
「M-more than anything…?」
「I made a mistake, YOU LACK RHYTHM!!」
「That was absolutely on purpose wasn’t it!?」

I knew it before the collab, but Nekoma-senpai really likes jokes.
Well, it might be inevitable since she likes games and movies that are basically a joke after all.
By the way, recently her favorite game seems to be, 『Saigo no Ken (Last sword)』. According to Nekoma-senpai, 『It’s like a Reversed OOparts game』.
……….for some reason I got off topic but, she did say that I lack rhythm right now.

「For now, put clearing the game outside of your head and remember the timing of when you need to swing to get a home run」
「Roger that」

Even so, as long as I can’t see the ball, all I can do is swing the ball with just my instincts.
Oh, I finally got a hit!

「Nice one Awayuki-chan! After that, you just need to swing at the same exact timing」

I see! The ball this Tigekasu is throwing, I’m just not seeing it and the speed of the ball hasn’t changed at all!
That’s why Nekoma’s advice on rhythm will help way more compared with Owkas.
Good Good! As time passed by, I was able to frequently get home runs!
Since my body remembers it, I can unexpectedly hit, you can get easily deceived by how it looks but I think that it’s way more fair compared to Owkas.

: You’re good!
: I guess Tigekasu was the most fun thing to do
: Was the Puniki game a rhythm game?

Look, the Quota is nearly there.
If you get used to it then the ball disappearing is nothing(Sensations numbed)

「There we go easy~」
「Nyany—n! Congrats—」

In the end I was able to clear Tigekasu much faster than Owkasu.
Wait a minute, doesn’t that mean…..

「I cleared Puniki!?」

Didn’t Nekoma-senpai say that this guy is the last boss right?
F-finally the time has finall——

「What are you saying Awayuki-chan, from this point on is the real thing you know?」
「Eh? but you said that Tigekasu was the last boss earlier….」
「I didn’t say you cleared it. This game you see, it has a secret boss」

I knew that blood faded away from my face.
Certainly in the opponent selection screen in the game, next to Tigekasu, there was one boy character that you can choose now.

: It’s here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!
: From this point on is the real hell!
: That sure was a long tutorial
: Just this guy, I will never forgive it, absolutely never
: Angry Bro Kusa

「Now then, if this character wasn’t here then people wouldn’t have called this an impossible game, I think? Finally we are starting the subjugation of the Puniki’s Legendary 『Robikasu』!」 (9: Christopher Robin the boy character in winnie the pooh)
「me not like this game, me not want more, me drink stozero~」
Vtuber Legend chapter 43 end
9: I rarely give up on a game because it’s too hard. The main reason I drop games is because I got bored of it, but I wonder about this game.
Tasai: Good luck Awayuki
3pic: Ah yes, I totally called it
Maddy: hi