Hello, Iced Tea here. I’m a new editor who started at Kansu Ch 44. I’m the last of this group of three working on the project, and the only one without a lazy streak it seems. However, I’ll be working at their pace, so don’t expect that much more from me. I’m sure the last thing the other 2 want is for me to be pushing them around. I’m no slavedriver: I’m gonna work at everyone else’s pace and put in my best effort. Though, I will try to make sure everyone in the project is on the same page.

I’m currently the primary editor for Kansu. I translate 9’s works into English. Ok, that’s a little excessive: I just make his TL’s sound like proper English. Then Ren goes in fixes everything up.

Of course, I will be editing anything 9 sends my way, be it Kansu or another project.

About me: I’m a human being, male, 18, of Asian descent, and currently suffering under the regime of one of the bazillions of Boston, MA colleges (I will not specify which one). I’m originally from right outside Washington DC. I love reading, eating, and sleeping. My biggest hobbies include manga, any Nintendo games, singing (and music producing), and nature walks.

Ok, enough of me. Onto serious business. As I mentioned before, I’m the non-lazy one, so I will be doing as many little things as I can for the site. So, if any of you find errors in the TL’s, write a comment and tag my name, and I will fix those. I will also comb through the comments too. Any other things that pop up, send them my way. If I can’t fix them, then I’ll pass them along to 9.

One last thing, many of you may be wondering where all the other novels went. 9 doesn’t really want to deal with this, so send all of those comments and issues my way. I will, I think, solve most of the problems with a quick explanation of the situation. Xant’s TL and ED team, who were originally working together on this site, split up. So, 9 (and us 2 editors) will remain on this site with Kansu and whatever others 9 wants to work on. Xant took the other novels over to http://www.xantandminions.wordpress.com. So if you are looking for those, you can find them there.


Ok. So I’m ZeRenMi. I’m the new editor who started helping since Kanstoppu Ch 44. I’ll be introducing myself first (in b4 IcedTea >:D ).

Currently, I’m working as an editor for the Kanstoppu project (will be linked). I don’t know if I’ll be working on any future project though but hopefully I can. I’m planning on writing some pieces here and there on my site when I can come up with ideas. Don’t expect much of the site to be anything but a flop because it’s just for me killing my time.

So without further ado, lets get to know me.

I’m 18 y/o (well nearly at least), a highschool graduate and someone currently unemployed in anything (school counts as employment) so yeah… I’m Canadian born and spent my whole life in Canada (fun fact: we even have a maple syrup reserve here). I’ll keep my gender, RL identity and address secret but I’m sure that any professional hacker can already figure out my identity from my IP address (talk about pessimistic – and don’t get any funny ideas). Well this is me, ZeRenMi; I’ll be working hard to help keep chapters looking good and readable (they were readable to begin with but just roughly worded).

P.S. Cuteness is Justice

ok lets end it with this. I’m already tired of this crap, i almost didn’t
have any motivation to anything yesterday due to depression.
i never thought of making you a bad guy, mostly I’m being the bad guy
(well, i won’t go into detail with this, it’s just that there sure are a
lot of *comments*). since this is the end, i will say this first, I’m
sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to those 2 messages, i was being a
child for trying to get your attention through silence, i wanted you to
ask me “why I was doing it”. well it’s probably already too late. I’m sorry
that i did not talk to you about it. xant, and the readers, I’m sorry for
being unreliable, irresponsible, and being lazy. It has been a part of my
nature since i fell in my life. and once again for everything else, i’m

and since this is also the end of this let me also say this, Thank you.
Xant, it was really really really fun working with you, from chapter 1-
40+. It’s not an exaggeration that the days that i did those, I really felt
alive and happy doing it. so thank you. also to the readers, reading your
comments was fun, good thing there wasn’t any jerk, or assholes who came
to the wordpress, well actually there was one guy
1/comment-page-1/#comment-1447 but he was awesomely ignored. and so thank
you readers. also let me tell you this readers, TLs doesn’t really enjoy
that much seeing something like “thanks for the translation”, you should
say more than that, talk more about the series and etc. you don’t know how
much it motivates the TLs. well, there are probably more stuffs to thank
about, though i probably just forgot about it. and once again, thank you

well, enough being the pessimistic “me” and its time to pass the baton to
the optimistic and crazy “9”.

even though the “me” says it’s the end. it’s not the end of everything i
will still continue TLing and doing my stuffs. actually there was another
reason that i was translating other than to learn JP. the reason was you
could say it as “trying move forward, from the place i fell to” basically,
making the “me” a manlier man and also a yuri-er yuri-fan muwahahahahaha.
though, as I expected it’s not that easy to take some steps forward without
activating the traps on the way. I should’ve improve my trap detection and
trap deactivation skills. so with the words above, lets hope it won’t
continue anymore.

And xant, don’t do “it”. you know full well, on how to me make me hate
you. and as i said in the comments “i don’t want to hate” especially you.
so please don’t do it. if you do its war.

anyway, it kinda felt good saying that. it felt like i was finally able to
take a shit that i was holding in for months.

so i will still continue TLing kansu.
also will look for another project.
my criteria for it is:
different world
Female MC.
(optional) Interesting personality, (ex, Anri, Kazane, Yuna and etc)
Either Yuri or No romance.
light-hearted(not too dark)
not too long chapters. (Like kansu)
either action or no action.

so if you guys have any recommendations that fit these, please rec it to

also to those guy that said they want to help me with editing, i will be
contacting you once, some chapters are done.


man, I really do go kamikaze during depression.

anyway, plans from now on.
actually I didn’t really expect xant and the others to move first, and because of that “my plan was foiled”. I was actually planning to still contribute Kansu to xant as a solo TLer, since my editing is quite bad(or maybe too lazy to edit). but with how things turned out, I can’t really ask xant anymore and so because of it I may need to find an Editor for kansu. well I will slowly TL kansu chapters(their chapters are long compared to other WNs).

about the projects
will slow down with kansu. also I might re-translate some chapters.
the new series i was secretly translating was actually Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear(had only translated 3 chapters as of yet), as shinsori TLs had officially gotten it first, i decided to look for a new one, though it’s really hard to find a new one TT_TT,

if you guys would like to recommend some stuff, my criteria for  the project is Female MC, not too serious(or something like slice of life), different world, comedy, no romance or yuri(the MC having no male love interest or no male romance flags). examples would be KKKbear, evil god average, or manowa, (yes i wanted to translate these stuffs). also i would like to avoid long chapters, the project is mainly for building up a pace( or you can call it a combo that increases your attack power as the combo goes up), Kansu received a combo breaker (mainly because of my bro) which is one of the main reason it slowed down, defeating  a high level monster starting with 1 combo takes quite a long time.
as for HTG, i will take it as a side project, will also work slowly with it.
I might also do teasers.

as for editors
If possible I would really to do solo, but with my editing skills, I might be needing some help. though if possible I would like not to have something similar to how it was with lazy 9(team), I’d like to work freely without any shackles, I’m not interested in being an M, though I’d like to do S stuffs. so, basically you won’t have the same authority as xant, you can only edit and I will credit you with my head on the floor. also for quality reason i will check your edits for just in case(humans aint perfect)

a lastly, I will make a new wordpress, Lazy 9 will just serve as some kind of archive once the new wordpress is up. though I still have to find a new series orz, anyway have a nice day

Thanks to the hundreds of readers that gave us input on our polls. We plan on listening to you guys and changing what needs to be changed, so this amount of feedback is greatly appreciated.


Roel’s Name:
She will stay named Roel.

Naming Conventions:
I, with my power as the editor & proofreader, will be making names for nameless characters as they enter the story based on appearance. Axeman and Speardude style till the end of days.

well, currently making the wordpress. though for now it won’t be used much.

i still only had finished 2 chapters of kansuttopu but having trouble editing it(i suck at it). if there is someone interested in editing it please tell me here.