1. Gob Tensei (dropped)

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
(Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~)
raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8969cg/


from japan to an another world rusty was born as a goblin, and his gob life looks really hopelessy in a hard mode. However, after saving a loli elf, he started seeing a bright future. because an elf mother became his master, and he aims to become a great magician. adventurer extermination, dungeon part time job, hero subjugation….the protaganist is working hard but, sooner a phenomenon of a heroine having a reversal of role with the protaganist might happen.

*mother-daughter yuri or mostly limited to yuri, there will be ero depiction. for those bad with it please brace yourself.
as you read the degree of eroticness will increase. though it’s not as much as nocturne

Volume 1  A Goblin………becomes a disciple of an Elf

chapter 1 I’ll cry about the hard mode difficulty
chapter 2 My First Friend is Erotic
chapter 3 Adventurers are Natural enemies
chapter 4 I Barely Won
chapter 5 I Found Something Like a Cheat
chapter 6 Elf loli appeaーーーared!!
chapter 7 You’ll admire an elf loli if you see them
chapter 8 Mutating is not an all-purpose thing
chapter 9 Okaa-sama was a Godess
chapter 10 My daughter was a technician
chapter 11 Megami-sama was on the battle-faction (Megami -> goddess)
chapter 12 It’s punish time -gob

Volume 2  Holy Knight-sama and An Act of Mercy

chapter 13 Holy Knight-sama is in a Pinch
chapter 14 I hate Recklessness
chapter 15 Somehow, It’s kinda Complicated
chapter 16 Legal Lolis are Justice
chapter 17 I ended up doing IT right in front of others
chapter 18 All Preparations Done
chapter 19 We Invaded
chapter 20 I Punished Him
chapter 21 I Became Jealous

Volume 3 A Goblin’s Part-time Dungeon Job

chapter 22 I was Introduced to a Part-time Job
chapter 23 I Turned the Tables against the Hero
chapter 24 This Part-time Training is a Life or Death Matter
chapter 25 Hot Blooded Training Arc?
chapter 26 I feel like I’m forced into being an employee
chapter 27 Being a Saint is Painful
chapter 28 My Helper is A Cheat
chapter 29 The Saint has Fallen
chapter 30
chapter 31

Volume 4 The Elf Mother and Daughter’s Inner Darkness

chapter 32
chapter 33
chapter 34
chapter 35
chapter 36
chapter 37
chapter 38
chapter 39
chapter 40
chapter 41


Translator: 9
Editors: IcedTea, rrelentless, Ren


  1. … so far i tried to understand and enjoy this ln i really tried… but i cant…
    leaving aside the non-incest lesbian-love’ that that the author claims valid the mc is too much XD

    although i would feel it perturbing… i feel that the mc has to accept that he is gay… yes he is… in early chapters he accepted the idea of assaulting a village and pick up a trap elf…

    then he says that he wants to go to the brothel to stop been a virgin… but with his moral code he wont touch lolis and he gives what ever reason to not do it with adult women… well he can be in to zoophilia just like his father… but well he is more interested in humanoid bodies (his love with not woman-like body females is not enough to confirm him be straight… heck it could be a way to deny his homosexual tendencies :/) so he only has few places on a human body to stop been virgin :S.

    i really tried to enjoy this ln but like lazy dungeon master and death march… i just cant…

    the author really use the term lolita in its purest concept (regarding age concent… from 12 to 18) but damn even that loli elf has an even younger mind :S

    so if you guys enjoy this ln read lazy dungeon master and death march they are so akward as this ln XD (one of those heroes look lolis as pillows… and the other is not gay though but has like 15 slaves touch no one and doesnt wants to go to a brothel because he feels guilty)

    other points i cant enjoy are the masochist side of the mc… heck when he finds his dude what will going to happen?? XD and the mother sexually conscious of her daughter although i like that one.

    i do understand there are people that enjoy this kind of ln so have fun guys! and thanks author for your work.


    1. well, its up to you, and also the MC is not gay and an M. the heroines just haven’t revealed themselves yet, and also for the M part he just like lolis that he doesn’t care what they do to him. you haven’t read the raws so you don’t probably know it,


    2. errr not sure how much you read of death march but he sure as hell isn’t guilty about visiting brothels and the reason he won’t touch the slaves is hes only rather attracted to Lulu and Nana so hes waiting for lulu to grow up, and some of the others don’t like him getting to comfy with Nana or other well endowed women *cough cough* Arisa, Mia *cough cough*

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