HTG (Dropped)

I was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and my Mission is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero.
(Tozoku shoujo ni tensei shita ore no shimei wa yuusha to maou ni iyagarasena no!)



Eiji, a HikiNeet, died. A God offered a deal to him: Either he goes to hell or be his representative. Eiji chose to be the God’s representative and got cheats. His mission was to harass the representatives  of the God of Matches and the God of Sorcery. The Hero and the Demonlord respectively.

Eiji, previously the king of lowlifes, has reincarnated into a lovely little girl called Ellis. He now plans to materialize his sleazy delusions.

Volume 1: A Thief Girl Will Do Whatever She Wants

Ch1 – The God has an Idea.
Ch2 – Girl Reincarnation
Ch3 – HikiNEET Vs Thief Couple
Ch4 – The Guardian is the Great Swordswoman.
Ch5 – A Rival Appears
Ch6 – The First Victim

Translator: None
Editor: None
Proof/QC: None


  1. seems interesting. I was actually thinking about a story similar to this and wondering why i haven’t seen one.

    (The i was thinking about was about a hero and company being sent to another world. And the protag is a young girl assassin who makes it her sole purpose to ruin the heros life)


  2. Thanks for the update

    And let me confirm a thing please

    This is a TG reincarnation (like Le festin de Vampire or Alice Tales) right? and the other a monster’s reincarnation (like Re Monster)?


  3. Hey, i’m wanting to start translating a project, and i found this one rather interesting, but i see you are already doing it as a side project, and was wondering if you had an issue if i started translating this, or if you would rather i went and found a different project (don’t want to step on anybody’s toes by working on something that is already being done).

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Primarily through a dictionary sadly, lol, been learning Japanese for about a month now (so not that great at it), wanting to start translating so i can improve my Japanese and at same time do it in a manner that i find enjoyable


          2. fumu, if it was an MTL we would have refused.

            and honestly i self-studied jp for a month too and decided too translate as a way of studying. so wait a bit we will shorty contact you soon


  4. Thx, normally id try to join a translation group so there are others i can learn from as well as edit my stuff when im done, but most want translators with more experience than me and the others aren’t looking for translators atm. Then there is also the limitation of wanting to work on a project i find interesting, lol


    1. fumu, lazy9 is honestly fine with accepting new translators(well, the group is kinda new and not so many group members yet) so if you want to, you can join lazy9. you can have someone edit your work in the team. so if you want to just reply to this and we will send you some instructions(via email)


    1. lol , well, i have no idea how to make the test(or just lazy), so we just left it blank.

      so then does that mean that you want to join.


          1. weee my post got reposted *victory sign* I don’t need anyone harassed personally though. If he is too busy then I’ll just wait (im)patiently.


  5. Thanks for your translate and like my provides.
    from me halsan
    If you can check my activity report of ” narou” , you can check Im a true halsan.
    sorry by broken English.

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    1. ありがとう!


      Rather, we should be saying sorry for translating without your permission.
      If you dislike it, we will delete the translations.

      Halsan, the author of HTG has replied here, and made a post about it here.

      We are happy to see he found the work, and even more pleased to see he isn’t up in arms and angry. As per common sense, if the author decides he no longer wants his work translated, then we will have this removed.

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    1. Thank you for allowing us to continue translating the series, and as Xant said, if you ever decide you don’t want us to continue or would like us to remove the series just let us know as we will follow your wishes.


  6. Nine, are you still translating this? Do you still need an editor? Unlike Xant and sneakthief, I don’t have pedophobia, so I’m fine with the story. I’m running my own site as well, but it’s mostly just my own original works.

    I do have one Japanese LN being translated (prologue so far) and one other title planned for translation, but currently can’t finish either, as I’m busy preparing my book Felicia’s Second Life for publishing after christmas.

    If you want, you can see my site at


    1. yeah, I plan to still TL this but as of now I’m still trying to settle down(I just returned from a cave called Laziness, though sometimes i still wana go back again). I currently have 2 editors right now they are working on Kansu but i plan for the other one to work on another series once i find it , so i’m fine with another editor for it though this is a side project you won’t get as much action compare to kansu, or if you want to TL it you can go ahead i also don’t mind doing a joint project on HTG


      1. Thanks for the reply. I’ve been wondering about having a joint project as well seeing as many of the future chapters aren’t very long, but I already have two stories lined up for translation and I’m not sure if I will have the time to translate two stories and collaborate on another story. Thanks for the offer, though.

        So if you do translate and have anything done on HTG, feel free to email me what you’ve already done. Thanks in advance.


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