3. Kansutoppu! (dropped)

RAW link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0695bs/


Kansutoppu is an  abbreviation of Counter Stop in Japanese. It’s not “can’t stop”. Counter Stop is when a stat reaches the maximum, and the counter for it stops increasing.

Synopsis: temp by Xant

This story follows Ryua, a girl whose village was razed and villagers slaughtered by demons. After escaping the village, Ryua wandered in the mountains until she stumbled upon a dungeon. A 100 floor dungeon, unknown to others. The 100th floor, deep underground, was occupied by the in the guise of a senile old man . After a difficult battle, she found herself boosted to an incredible strength and escaped the dungeon. This follows her adventures afterwards.

Arc 1 (Full Text)

Prologue: The Thing That Awaited Me At The Lowest Floor
Chapter 1: Now To The Outside World!
Chapter 2: Dream And Reality
Chapter 3: The Days That I Lived In The Past
Chapter 4: Forming The Beginner Party
Chapter 5: First Mission
Chapter 6: Courage and Recklessness
Chapter 7: As Adventurers
Chapter 8: My first Dungeon Delving
Chapter 9: One Dungeon After Another, and Then…

Arc 2 (Full Text)

Chapter 10: The Night That the Mystery Started
Chapter 11: Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 1
Chapter 12: Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 2
Chapter 13: Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 3
Chapter 14: Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 4
Chapter 15: Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 5
Chapter 16: Mysterious Ghost Mansion End

Arc 3 (Full Text)

Chapter 17: Beginner Crusher Grundom Part 1
Chapter 18: Beginner Crusher Grundom Part 2
Chapter 19: Beginner Crusher Grundom End

Arc 4 (Full Text)

Chapter 20: The Situation of the 3 Sisters Part 1
Chapter 21: The Situation of the 3 Sisters Part 2
Chapter 22: The Situation of the 3 Sisters Part 3
Chapter 23: The Situation of the 3 Sisters Part 4
Chapter 24: The Situation of the 3 Sisters Part 5
Chapter 25: The Situation of the 3 Sisters Part 6
Chapter 26: The Situation of the 3 Sisters End

Arc 5 (Full Text)

Chapter 27: Crossing the Kizel Canyon Part 1
Chapter 28: Crossing the Kizel Canyon Part 2
Chapter 29: Crossing the Kizel Canyon Part 3
Chapter 30: Crossing the Kizel Canyon Part 4
Chapter 31: Crossing the Kizel Canyon End

Arc 6 (Full Text)

Chapter 32: My pride
Chapter 33: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 1
Chapter 34: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 2
Chapter 35: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 3
Chapter 36: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 4
Chapter 37: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 5
Chapter 38: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 6
Chapter 39: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 7
Chapter 40: Avangard Tougi Taikai Part 8
Chapter 41: Avangard Tougi Taikai End

Arc 7 (Full Text)

Chapter 42: Union part 1
Chapter 43: Union part 2
Chapter 44: Union part 3
Chapter 45: Union part 4
Chapter 46: Union end

Arc 8  (Full Text)

Chapter 47: The Girl That Didn’t Have It part 1
Chapter 48: The Girl That Didn’t Have It part 2
Chapter 49: The Girl That Didn’t Have It part 3
Chapter 50: The Girl That Didn’t Have It end

Arc 9 (Full Text)

Chapter 51: First Time on a Boat Part 1
Chapter 52: First Time on a Boat Part 2
Chapter 53: First Time on a Boat Part 3
Chapter 54: First Time on a Boat Final Part

Arcless Chapter

Chapter 55: The Country Called Metalika

Arc 10 (Full Text)

Chapter 56: Wizard Kingdom
Chapter 57: Wizard Kingdom Part 2

Translator: 9
Editors: IcedTea, rrelentless


  1. question i am wondering if its possible to have a tab or something that allows you to post none edited versions but not to much if you get what i mean? or would that be a bad idea?


    1. i can post the unedited chapters(that have been already been edited) but if its the latest chapters sorry but no, i will not take out any unedited chapters.


  2. Just wondering, any signs of Ryua getting a yuri harem any time soon? Or is this romance specifically dedicated to Roel and her?


    1. Unfinished “BETA” chapters could also benefit from added editing comments. These are available to PRE-READERS in a separate section of this website. That way, any editorial comments made there won’t mess up the normal comment sections for a final release. You and any official editors would be able to moderate that section. To help keep track, as you implement any edits, you would delete the post made by the pre-reader.

      Hopefully, no one will add a BETA pre-release to mangaupdates. If so, their account should be banned for adding spurious info and that should solve the problem.

      What is a pre-reader? This is someone not officially on the editing team who has access to the beta version. Comments and corrections (C&C) can be made on the pre-reader version before it is formally released to the general public. The concept of pre-readers stems from the prior century where many of the more prolific (and better) anime fanfiction authors subscribed to an email mailing list. Alpha and beta versions would circulate for C&C to members of the list before finally appearing in final form on the authors’ websites or anthology sites. Examples of longer fanfictions that used such pre-reader mailing lists are:

      Access Denied! Drunkard’s Walk II: Robot’s Rules of Order (complete){sequel available}

      Sailor Moon 4200:


      1. Let me get this straight, you want me to crowd source chapter proofing and such?
        Ain’t happenin bub.

        Final versions only around these parts. We used to be a lot more lax and I posted ‘early’ chapters on my blog, but we started getting some rules n stuff.


    1. Do I gotta slap a punk?

      I stated in my video announcement as to why things are slower now.

      And the other members have lives too.

      You got tons of free time? Awesome. Apply and help us out.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Still waiting.. Everyday I come back to check the progress bar.. Everyday I keep seeing the same Chapter 43 – 0%.. 1% is enough. I’m having a breakdown here.. At least change the 0% into 1%.. That alone will satisfy me..


      1. just had to make sure didnt wanna leave a tab up to refresh once a day if it wasnt getting worked on ^_^ sorry if it seemed a bit rude me asking :P


          1. yep. if its a decent read im there, i have over 120 tabs up atm all of things to refresh for updates that i do daily


    1. usually it takes 1-3 days to edit then another few days for proofing, well, i don’t really know with xant’s progress right now, he can usually finish editing in a few hours(if he is not busy) maybe he has the “busy” curse or the “lazy” curse casted on him.


      1. I am kind of new to this site, so I guess I kind of missed it.

        Here is a suggestion for avoiding this issue in the future: If it isn’t too difficult, change the name of the download to something like “Kansustoppu Arc 3 and 4”


    1. Really? Really??? You are soooooo smart!!!!!!!!!!!! Except it says right at the top of this page what it actually means…. I don’t mean to sound rude but seriously. If you are to lazy to scroll to the top of the page i’ll add it here.

      You even misspelled Kansutoppu…

      Xant: Kansutoppu is an abbreviation of in Japanese. It’s not “can’t stop”. is when a stat reaches the maximum, and the counter for it stops increasing.


  4. I just read through this whole thing in one sitting, and I need more @.@
    Keep up the good work, though I might reread this a couple times before another chapter comes out :P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’ve had this on my “read soon” list for like a week dreading this very feeling. everything from the synopsis tells me i’m going to love it, and thus i’m terrified of winding up in the maddening position of having to wait for the chapters instead of the initial glorious bulk read T_T


  5. Hello, i finished reading all of it in one go, it’s awesome continue your good work translator, (btw i totally ship Ryua and Roel)


  6. I am no longer certain where you’re getting your info, however good topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or figuring out more. Thanks for fantastic info I was in search of this info for my mission.


  7. I don’t want to sound rude but is this dropped? I’m still waiting for the updates. I get that the translator and editor’s busy with life but I just wanna know since it has been a great read and I’ve been thinking of just dropping this


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