MaNoWa Glossary

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Yuihama Kazane – MC, 15 year old, light brown hair and eyes. Has over 3000 hours of playtime in Zexiaheart. Childlike build, can only get along with people if it’s about her hobby: gaming. Has a secret fan club at school. (In front of cover picture)

Yumika: MC2. Friend of Kazane, traditional Japanese beauty. Was in the archery club, muscle brain. Only around 100 to 200 hours of Zexiaheart playtime. Seems to get along well with males, but actually can’t any to be friends with and is envious of how easy Kazane can get along with people if it’s about things that interest her. (In back of cover picture).

Pran Prout –  Receptionist at Conrad Town’s adventurer guild.

Mrs. Rinrie – Owner of the Cooking Pot Inn in Conrad Town. Took Yumika into her care when she was first thrown into the World of Zexiahart.

Master Blacksmith Johnz Batroy – The representative of Zenis firm which controls this whole region in the Minishia Kingdom. He values Kazane and Yumika, providing recommendations and equipment in exchange for services and good relations.

Kimberly Rein – A high rank B adventurer who gave the rank up exam to rank C of Yumika and Kazane. He actually lost against Kazane

Jirou – A scout who also took the rank up exam with Kazane and Yumika. Later, Kazane spread false rumors that he had fought valiantly during the assault on the Berserk Ogre, while he had actually fainted before the combat and only woke up after everything was over.

Iron Horse Garra – A adventurer of Winlard town, fist fighter, 30 years old, holds grudge against the Berserk Ogres for killing his party members.

Anna – A magician, part of Garras’ party, busty dark-skinned, Garras’ wife?

Zinray – Fang of the Spear Soldier. A famous ex-soldier who has a dojo in Winlard Town. He is a friend of Master Blacksmith J. B. and was asked to teach Yumika. After the ogre attack, he joins Kazane’s party.

Yohan Simpson – Probably a transported player who came one year before Kazane to Conrad Town. Kazane found his skeleton in the Coral Temple.

Sieg – Kazane’s former game character.

Gyao – A Winlard Town adventurer. He is a beastmen with a sensible nose, but still loses to Kazanes “Dog’s Sense of Smell” skill. He gets along well with Kazane even though she keeps getting him in trouble: she can notice the smell of the woman he has been cheating with.

Mello – Gyao’s “ex?”-girlfriend. Frightened Kazane into telling her if Gyao had the smell of other woman on him.

Nina – Receptionist idol from the Winlard adventurer guild, had an affair(?) with Gyao.

Mondorie – Apprentice of Master Blacksmith J.B., he often travels with his master and likes analyzing and researching new methods of blacksmithing, but many of his prototypes never sell.

Ruu – ghost of a female adventurer that Kazane did find in the Argo mountain range, her party died trying to cross the mountain.

Tiara Tsurug Tsuwara – MC3? Princess of the Tsuwara Kingdom, was kidnapped by humans, then by ogres and then saved by Kazane and co before she could be raped. Escorted back to her kingdom by Kazane’s party she has a got a totally wrong common sense because of Kazane. (Shown in back of next volume cover image).

Audin Tsurug Tsuwara – Tiara’s father and the first prince of the Tsuwara Kingdom, also the de facto ruler at the moment.

Shelkin Tsurug Tsuwara – Second Prince of the Tsuwara Kindom


Signa Ruins – Ruins at ca. 30km distance from Conrad Town. Place of the first quest for floating stones where Kazane and Yumika met. Inhabited by Goblins.

Akana Highway – Highway passing throu Conrad Town and Winlard Town
Conrad Town – First town visited by Kazane and Yumika
Winlard Town – A town north of Conrad Town, was being attacked by ogres and home to Mondorie’s workshop Batoro.
Minshiana Kingdom – Kingdom of which Conrad and Winlard Town are part, a small country which is governers this area. It was founded around 500. Is preparing for war, just in case, because of tensions on its borders.

High Wywern Principality – A country north of Minshiana Kingdom. Famous for its excellent spear users.
Tsuwara Kingdom – Kingdom next to Minshiana Kingdom. The border is made by the Argo mountain range and a large forest. Currently has friendly relations to Minishiana Kingdom.

Argo mountain range – Divides the Tsuwara and Minshiana Kingdoms. On its peak is the Coral Temple.

Coral Temple – Only players on their second playthrough can enter. A temple where players can challenge their former character on their second playthrough to obtain the right to summon it with the legendary spirit summon ring. Also each player can get one of 8 artifacts. Contains also the indestructible futon’s and the magic light crystals (as long as Kazane didn’t loot them all).

Zexiahart – Game similar to the World where they got thrown into.
Batoro Workshop – Mondorie’s workshop in Winlard Town. Has a lot of prototype weapons

Black Stone Forest – Home of the ogres, also can harvest black crystal there.


Goblin – A humanoid type monster. It’s size is rather small. It has basic language skills, basic intelligence and lives in groups. Uses sticks and stones or any other weapon it can find. Can reproduce using females of the human race.

Horned Rabbit – A rabbit with a single horn. It has the [Air Jump] skill which makes its attacking direction hard to predict. The horn is dangerous since it can puncture simple armour.

Raider Dog – Dog type monster similar to large wild dogs. Usually come in groups and have a very fine sense of smell.

Chiruchiruhi – A giant (ca. 2m) earthworm type monster with a transparent body. Its disgusting, but the core is visible from the outside making it an easy prey.

Ogre – A humanoid type monster, 3m tall with a heavy build, does not have language, but acts in groups. A very difficult monster for intermediate adventures. In cases of a special individual, it’s possible to form a group of several hundreds ogres. Can reproduce using females of the human race.

Berserk Ogre – A deviant individual, has greater strength, resistance and the special skill [Fear Voice].

Golem – a creature made of stone, clay or other inorganic material animated by a magic core stone.

Skills: Specific Mana Circuit or Activation Sequence


Goblin Language – You can understand what goblin say, but do not expect poetry or even polished grammar.

Night Vision – Vision not completely obstructed by low light environments.

Crushing Blow – A heavy blow 0_0

Dog’s Sense of Smell – This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Golem Maker – Enables the player to create golems out of different materials. Type, stats, and attributes depend on material used and the application of mana.

Rush – Rush at high speed (generally toward the enemy).

Fire Principle: Second Chapter – The second level of mana manipulation with the fire attribute. Attack magic is possible, but not AOE spells.

Healing Principle: Second Chapter – The second level of healing magic.

Air Jump – Creates a foothold in the air to jump on.

Killing Leg – A kick with the strength of an ogre behind it.

Fear Voice – A scream that instills fear into the opponents. Can paralyze or knock unconscious.

Invisible – Contrary to the name, it does not mask you optically, but you become indistinguishable from the surroundings, even in plain sight.


Rush – Rush at high speed (generally toward the enemy).

Flash – A better version of [Rush]?

Innate Talent: Spear – Raises the speed at which the player learns spear-related skills, and raises the chance of learning Secret Skills of the spear by 80%.

Thunder God Spear – A technique that controls the magic power in one’s body, changing it into the lightning attribute, cladding it onto the spear and throwing it. Hasn’t learned it yet (but presumably will from Zinray).

Magic: Manipulation of Mana (Not in a specific way)

Fly – Party can fly, consumes mana constantly.

Torch – Makes a small flame to illuminate the surroundings.

Fire Needle – A sliver of fire shot out to pierce a target. Uses little mana, and is also the only one usable for hunting since the other spells destroy the materials.

Fire Lance – In a sense, a larger [Fire Needle] that can be thrown. Used by the Minshiana magician corps (and Kazane).

Exploding Fire Lance – A fire lance that explodes after it pierces its target.

Fire Vortex – A structure of [Fire Needles] rotating at high speed like a drill. Has high penetration power, can punch hole straight through an ogre’s chest.

Heal – Hasn’t been used yet.



Antique sword – Found in the Signa ruins. It’s over 1000 years old. Kazane gave it to Mondiere in exchange for the [Black Fang].

Two Handed Sword [Black Fang] – Has a short blade and the mana drain ability, a prototype made by Mondiere.

Cane [White Blaze] – Reduces mana consumption by 15% and increases damage by x1.2 . Received as payment for the defence of the town and the subjugation of the Berserk Ogres.

Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring – Can summon Kazane’s former game character Sieg. Reload time: 10 days. Use: 10 minutes.

Crimson Saint Coffin – +300 mana capacity, obtained by Kazane in the Coral Temple.

Artefact Infinite Keys – Can open any lock and lift any curse. Taken from the remains of the player in the Coral Temple.

Berserk Ogre Greaves – Made from Berserk Ogre horn, increases the power of Kazane’s [Killing Leg] skill.

Indestructible Cloak – Cloak made out of indestructible futon, can’t be cut or burnt, doesn’t get dirty. Is indestructible, duh.


Spear by Master Blacksmith J.B – Can cut stone like tofu, Yumika paid 2000 kiriga for it without knowing that it is actually worth several hundred thousands of kiriga.

Indestructible Cloak – Cloak made out of indestructible futon, can’t be cut or burnt, doesn’t get dirty.


Great Wing Sword [Rien] – Sieg’s sword. Comes with a skill that emits 7 rays of destructive light.

Heaven Mirror Large Shield [Zegai] – Sieg’s shield. Reflects all magic.

Full Body Holy Silver Armour [Seraphim] – Sieg’s armour.

Wisdom Circlet – Sieg’s bracelet. Prevents illusion and mind effects.

Divine Emperor Mantle – Sieg cloak.

Azure Sky Coffin – Sieg’s item. Increases mana capacity


1 kiriga = 1 dollar  
Cheap second hand leather upper part and belt a few kiriga Yumika had left, after buying her equipment, from collecting herbs and working at the inn for some days
Cheap second hand leather armor, cloak and metal gauntlets for children 200
New leather armor, cloak and metal gauntlets for children 2.000
Room for 2 in Inn in conrad town 8
morning and evening meal for 2 14
Reward for Horned Rabbit + its material(fur, horn, meat)l 100
Intact Golem Core Stone 450
Any weapon made by Master blacksmith +100.000
First request (Aka get floating stone) 300
Fire grimoire 500
Healing grimoire 1.000
slave 20.000
high quality sex slave 100.000