Kansutoppu! Chapter 15 – Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 5

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Xant: So just to make the readers aware, I’m now editing for Re:Monster and Hajiko. I won’t let those get in the way of this series, but I may be a little slower in editing. 9 says he might have another chapter for tomorrow so keep an eye out~

Chapter 15 – Mysterious Ghost Mansion Part 5

<Francois>’ body twitched and then sprung up.
Before long, <Francois> was twitching rapidly and started to bend into the shape of a bow. At that instant her head expanded to about 3 times its original size, and her skin and eyeballs fell off and hit the ground.
Her head was swollen, and she had turned into a skinless, bony monster with an unnaturally large body.

During all of this, it was rotting away.
From the cracks of its body there were maggots pouring out.
These changes made it look less and less like <Francois>, I don’t think there’s anything left of her in this thing…


Roel held her mouth and was somehow able to endure.
The strange rotting smell in the air only added to the disgust and hatred that I felt.
What could be driving her to do this? What could she want to do, even though it meant turning into something like this?
(TL: こんな風になってまで成さなきゃいけない事なんてあるのか。)
I won’t let something like you defeat me.

【Francois’ form changed!】
【Living Wraith appeared! HP 1222】
(TL: リビングワース(Ribinguwaasu) if you can give a better name please tell us)

“Surprisingly…….<Vengeful Ghost>………monster now……..”

“A monster now? So then, that thing is now definitely a monster?


Tolppo muttered, sounding unsure. If it is a monster, this is a good opportunity for me.
Since <Francois> changed from a <Vengeful> ghost-type to just a ghost-type, it means she’s the same as those guys we ran into earlier.
In short, I can crush <Living Wraith> with all of my strength.
Even though I say that, <Living Wraith>’s atmosphere is way different from those previous mobs. This guy became way stronger than them.
Before Tolppo and Roel get hurt, I should finish this.


From the <Living Wraith>’s voice, it seems that no longer has vocal cords…no, this kind of monster can’t talk.
(TL: もはや声帯なんて存在しない怨霊の放つ声、いや音はなんとも形容しがたかった。)
I decided to aim at the unsteady head and delivered a kick to it will all my might.
I really want to avoid touching this thing with my hands.
On contact the head exploded and some rotten fragments from corpse scattered around the room.

【Ryua attacked!】
【Living Wraith received 4456 damage!】
【Living Wraith HP 1/1222】

I think I completely lost control of my strength there, the body was barely able to hold on to its head and it was staggering.
This time I jumped and delivered a kick aimed towards the body.
My strike blew <Living Wraith>’s body inside the wall, and some chunks from the wall fell on the the floor.
It felt different from earlier, I’m sure there was a reaction. But somehow….it’s strange.

【Ryua attacked!】
【Living Wraith received 4123 damage!】
【Living Wraith HP 1/1222】

<Living Wraith>’s body slowly stood up, staggering just like before.
I wonder if this is some kind of resurrection?
At the <Caves of Hell> there was a monster I fought that had a fierce vigor and its wounds just closed up. This situation is different.


The head shouldn’t be able to do speak, I’m sure I heard that from its body.
Roel went near the monster’s body.

“Roel! Its dangerous!”

“I can’t watch this anymore!”

Roel’s eyes are red from crying.
Without a trace of fear she stood before the monster.
The monster was staggering and seemed like it would fall any moment now, but it was somehow able to manage staying upright.

“Francois-san, please stop it now……I don’t know what happened, but if you had any regrets please let us help you as much as we can.
So please, be at ease…….”

After saying that she used <Heal> on Francois.


Francois’ body was wrapped in a faint light, and then she disappeared.

【Roel used Heal on Living Wraith!】
【Living Wraith HP 0/1222】
【Living Wraith was defeated!】

As it happened, tears were falling from Roel’s eyes.

As if the fight earlier was a lie, the underground room was silent.
All that remained was the corpse of the mummified little girl and the skeletal corpse of that man.
Thanks to Roel, we were able to resolve the situation.
However, after all that had happened, this ending was somehow disappointing.

There, in the middle of the underground room, the little girl and the man stood before us.
They weren’t corpses, I guess this is what they had looked like.
Roel immediately ran towards them.
The two smiled towards us.
And then both of them turned into light, and the room became white.


I noticed that we were watching a family of 3 at a dining table.
They were happily sitting together as a family.

Next we saw Francois and a woman we didn’t know eating at the table.
The woman was boasting about her own child.
Francois was doing it as well.
Francois smiled.

In the child’s room, Francois was scolding a little girl.
The little girl was forced to sit and study at her desk.

Francois was condemning the man.
The profit of the man’s business, the grapevine field, is declining. She was earnestly mad about that matter.

There are 2 women and Francois.
One of the women was boasting about her sparkling necklaces.
Shortly after, the other woman was boasting about her clothes.
Francois was frantically making a smile.

The man was sitting on the sofa and was holding his head.
Francois did nothing but rebuke him.
With his patience at its end, he hit Francois with all his might.

The little girl tried to leave the room on her own.
She was tied to her stool and wasn’t able to get out to the toilet.
(TL: イスに縛り付けられていてトイレもいけない。)
The little girl continued to cry her mother’s name.

Francois was scowling at her household finances book.
With a grim expression, she counted something with her fingers in one hand.

When the man saw her daughter’s condition, the daughter was already dead tired and had collapsed onto the floor.
The man pulled Francois away from the little girl to help her, and Francois was trying to stop the man.
(TL: 助けようとした男の人をフランスワスは引き剥がすように止めようとする。)
The both of them were struggling, and then Francois was pushed away.
The man carried the daughter outside of the room.

Francois threw a vase at the back of the man’s head.
The man fell to the floor and neither he or the little girl moved, the man’s head was bleeding profusely.

The man was being dragged by the delicate arm of Francois.
Taking breaks here and there, she she eventually reached the underground room.
She kept both of them in there.

Before long, the bizarre phenomenon started happening at the mansion, tormenting Francois.

—Once again the light spread out, and we had returned to the underground room.

/ / /

It was over in an instant, but we saw what happened and everything fell into place.
Actually it was the ghosts that showed us, so we didn’t really see it firsthand.

“Even though at the beginning they were living together happily…..”

“I can’t believe it either….this is so wrong.”

In the cold underground room, 2 corpses were laid down.
Even though their bodies were dead, they were still alive.
If they hadn’t made that mistake, their appearance wouldn’t have ended up like this.
I wonder what would I do, waiting for an unknown future.
(TL: どうすればこうならない未来が待っていたのか。)
I won’t be able to answer that even if I think about it.

Author Notes: (Fix’d by Xant)

Next chapter, the Mysterious Ghost Mansion story will finish.


TL and ED note version: http://pastebin.com/WkJptATZ

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    And Jesus Ryua…. It changes into this disgusting monster, and everyone’s like, “Oh god no” while Ryua’s just, “Can I kill it now? I can kill it? Chance!”
    I’m pretty sure if Roel hadn’t stepped in, Ryua would’ve just keep pounding it into the wall until either it’s trapped under rubble or just a pile of mush….


  2. Damn, I was expecting something like this but it’s still sad. It sucks about the family but I feel worse for the child. She had her whole future ahead of her, she just wanted to play goddamnit!


  3. Thanks for the chapter. It both sad and not as the same time. It seem all the faults lie with both Francois and the man. If an accident like that didn’t happen and if Francois somehow didn’t jealous(she is jealous of the 2 women right?) of the 2 women from showing off then…


    1. I think the blame is more on Francois.
      1. The man had no power over his business doing worse than normal
      2. Francois let jealousy get the best of her regarding her child, and started taking out her frustration on her daughter.
      3. The family did not need a mansion for the three of them, I imagine Francois was the one who wanted a big, posh house (assumption based on her getting jealous of another very easily)


  4. Thanks for the chapter :-)

    At the beginning I was thinking that the name for the monster was meant to be “Living Wrath”,
    but after reading till the end I’m not so sure, “Livin Worth” does seem fitting concerning her character…


  5. “Bohoho, so sad”, for fucks sake, does this author think that anyone will seriously feel that with such subpar shitty writing? Seriously, that was one of the worst freaking endings to a “horror” story I’ve ever seen. So freaking anticlimatic, nothing makes sense, everything just happened with no reason whatsoever. Then we magically get to see some freaking crappy sob story that is supposed to… what? induce feelings of sympathy? sadness? yeah, right. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a similar setting like this, going somewhere, yeah, something is wrong, find out shit, finding dead bodies somewhere thanks to ghosts or whatever and then seeing what really happened. It has been done so many times and yet this author manages to completely screw it up on such a level that it is nothing more than a boring waste of time, I even wish I could get my time back, I surely hope this author will get back on track now and stop with his horror-wannabe arc, because the scariest freaking thing, the only thing that truly managed to induce some horror in me, is how bad this was. Shit. Consider your characters, settings, environment and reasons before trying to write something like this, a level 2216 super overpowered character picking up a quest to a freaking haunted mansion for no apparent reason when other things are easier to do and this is also in a world where monsters are everywhere(haunted mansionXthis kind of fantasy world setting DOESN’T WORK). And for some reason, those unholy ghosts are invincible without using holy magic, for no reason whatsoever. I could accept ghosts with spectral form needing some holy magic treatment, but a freaking solid body should be possible to kill, even if it’s by freaking pulverizing it and burning the body…

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  6. “if they hadn’t made this mistake”..

    what fucking mistake? the wife went totally bonker because another woman had a richer husband and a more brilliant child, that’s all on the wife’s part

    for fuck sake, she tied up her daughter without letting her rest, eat or go to the toilet, then kill her husband trying to stop her, she was just crazy, the other two didn’t do any mistake

    and “killing your whole family due to your social status lowering” isn’t a “mistake” it’s fucking insanity


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