Manowa has too many chapters…..

IcedTea here with a service announcement.

Manowa is currently over 1000+ chapters long. With our current speed and two TLer (colsane and Fen), it would take years to finish. We are not dropping it. We would like help tho~

So, if anyone would like to help out, please email me here:

We can talk things out after that. We are not asking for any sort of commitment really. But any help would be nice, even if it’s just a chapter here and there.



Hello! Tea here.

I know most of you all aren’t surprised about this, but I’m incredibly busy with school. And so are the other editors. Luckily, I have quite a few days before exams – a few of which I will obviously use to study – but I’ll make up that Kansu and Manowa I promised before at that time. Sorry for the delay everyone.

On that note, once summer rolls around, even though I am doing an internship, I have actual hours, so I’ll be able to work with a stable schedule.



Quick Update

Next week is midterm week, so I’ll give y’all two this weekend, and then once I’m done with my work next week, I’ll give y’all two more next weekend. Expect 1 Manowa, 2 Kansu, and 1 Cat or so. Please call me out on it if I don’t get it to y’all, since 9 has already Tled them and they are just sitting there rn.

Sorry for the delays.


PS. Have some Kanna

PPS. I’ll prolly use this gif again……it’s great…..yeah…….


Sorry for the delays everyone…..these chapters are oddly long and I am not feeling as rested as I thought I would be over break. The team is doing its best to come out with more Kansu chapters for you. We are trying to be un-lazy …….>.>

I know we are letting you wait, but we’ll deliver. I’ll try to get better fast and get them tasty chapters to y’all.

Stay well everyone!


edit: this is 9, i don’t mind what the Op-translations are doing. and thats from me.