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The Lonely Monster and The Blind Girl Chapter 12

The Lonely Monster and The Blind Girl Chapter 12

Bocchi Kaibutsu to Moumoku shoujo

Brought to you by:
Original creator: Neji 寝路(ねじ)(
TL: Mr. Meh man, yu-yu, Gert and Gertrude (basically one person, our discord gives a member various nickname, btw this is the person who tl’d this chapter)
Expnull, SHSinen, Miki, Aura, Nibosshi (note: they are all names of one person)
Editor: Fumin-senpai, Bucket Snow, Snow, Old beginnings, Anzu
some random names: Sonocchi, Maddy, Madoki, The Goddess, Madoka, Homura, Godoka, Devil Homura, Yuuki Yuuna, Meow
also to support the TL: by giving him some coffee

9: meow meow meow
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