Update out of the Blue…and RECRUITING!

Hello. Tea here. I’ve got a few things, so bear with me.

First, sorry for the inactivity. With my parents being really anal about some of my grades (I really only did badly in one class) and work, I don’t really have the time to be consistent. I’m working a full time summer job, and studying for GRE’s and things in the evening. Plus getting my internet shut off randomly by my parents (like seriously, wtf there….I can’t do shit about that). I don’t think it’s going to get much better in the future either, but 9 told me that he’d rather me try than give up on it, and I don’t wanna give it up either, so I’ll do what I can. I’ll apologize for that now.

Second, as y’all know, our team is a lazy bunch, and we’d like to make up the lost effort with a bit more manpower. So, if anyone would like to help us edit, even if it’s only a bit, it would be much appreciated. I know it’s probably not that enticing to work for a group that doesn’t update much, but if it tickles your fancy at all, please at least try it out. Basically:


Third, a chapter of Cat will come out soon. I’ll do my best to deliver a Kansu as well.

I really should have posted this update earlier. I feel more guilty than I might sound. I’m sorry for leaving y’all with nothing.


Manowa has too many chapters…..

IcedTea here with a service announcement.

Manowa is currently over 1000+ chapters long. With our current speed and two TLer (colsane and Fen), it would take years to finish. We are not dropping it. We would like help tho~

So, if anyone would like to help out, please email me here: jlinsta15@gmail.com

We can talk things out after that. We are not asking for any sort of commitment really. But any help would be nice, even if it’s just a chapter here and there.


Kansu Ch57

Tea: The semester is over, and while I’m doing work over the summer and studying for big testy tests, I’m out of that undergrad crunch-time. I know a month is a long time, so I apologize if ya need to spend a bit of your free time rereading some things :3.

Anyway, going off of a 1 chapter a week schedule and adding the two I already owed, I will do my best to send out 5 or so chapters in the near future. Here is the first of them. Enjoy!

9: meow

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Hello! Tea here.

I know most of you all aren’t surprised about this, but I’m incredibly busy with school. And so are the other editors. Luckily, I have quite a few days before exams – a few of which I will obviously use to study – but I’ll make up that Kansu and Manowa I promised before at that time. Sorry for the delay everyone.

On that note, once summer rolls around, even though I am doing an internship, I have actual hours, so I’ll be able to work with a stable schedule.



Quick Update

Next week is midterm week, so I’ll give y’all two this weekend, and then once I’m done with my work next week, I’ll give y’all two more next weekend. Expect 1 Manowa, 2 Kansu, and 1 Cat or so. Please call me out on it if I don’t get it to y’all, since 9 has already Tled them and they are just sitting there rn.

Sorry for the delays.


PS. Have some Kanna

PPS. I’ll prolly use this gif again……it’s great…..yeah…….