Vtuber Ch50


Vtuber Legend Chapter 50
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 050

Chapter 50 4th Generation 3
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054934250334
『Yahho Everyone~! are you all good~? desu yo~』

T-this is bad, this is bad, Arisu-chan’s introduction earlier was so shocking that I blacked out.
Uwu, just thinking of Arisu-chan’s name makes my consciousness fly away again.
I guess from now on, I should just think of it as, 『A person who you shouldn’t call by their name』dammit.
Fuu, calm down me, it’s not the time for you to snap, the 2nd one’s introduction has already begun.
As their senpai, I should magnificently welcome them!
Now then, I wonder what the 2nd girl is like?
The figure that was reflection on the screen was…..yeah, if I were to say it in one word then it’s 『BIG』.
Eh, seriously, what’s going on with that breast? Just how much hope and dreams do you have to have for it to be like that?
If you show me that, then there is no choice but to pull out…..it’s rude not to do so …. (9: the last parts are actually a ref to kimetsu no yaiba)
Her height is on the shorter side I guess, her body style has her chest as the main focus, which looks so soft that you’ll have too many desires. Not really plump, but just a little bit chubby.
Her face is round, matching together with her kind green hair coiled up until her shoulders, her looks are motherly.

『Nice to meet you~, Director of the Eirai Zoo, Sonokaze Eirai (苑風エーライ) desuyo~. To let everyone know about the charm of mister and miss animals, I have become a Vtuber desuyo~!』

Hou hou, I see, so a Zoo director has come huh.
Then I understand the motherhoodness that I feel from her.
So the reason that she is wearing explorer-like clothes is because of that too huh.

: Mama role is here!
: BIG (Happy)
: Could this finally be a person with a common sense role?
: Finally a salvation to Shion Mama!
: No wait, it’s still to fast to judge it from her looks, It’s that LiveOn you know

Certainly, just as the chat said, as of right now she looks really proper.
Is this really a cute person with a common sense role!?

『Well then~, up until we have little bit of time left, I would like to talk about Trivias about Animals~! As a start let’s start with one that everyone knows about a 【Gorilla】~! By no means that they are those who have transcended human limits on a rhythm game at a game center, or those who live in a post apocalyptic world who have their asses kicked, those are different ones so please be careful desuyo~!』

Wait, for some reason…..eh? She just said something that is different to how she looks….
Yeah, for some reason, from how this was going until this point, I might have guessed what the messed up part might be.

: Asses (realistically)
: Oh?
: The direction of the conversation changed
: N-not yet! There should be no law that says that a Mama archetype cannot say asses!
: If you’re going to say that then there is also no law that says that a Seiso can’t get high on Stozero ya know

『Of course I know that everyone knows what a gorilla looks like but, I think that a lot of people don’t know the little details about their ecology desuyo~. For example, do you know of the Gorilla’s act of using both of their hands to strike their chest to produce sound, they don’t clench their fist but have their hands open up and hit it with their palm~?』

: Ma?
: I have heard about this
: Hou hou
: Really? Didn’t that certain gorilla with a necktie clench their fist? (9: prolly donkey kong)
: Yeah

『There are a lot of works in movies or games that shows them clenching their hands so the misunderstanding started to expand desuyo~. But in reality, it also hurts them if they hit themselves with a clenched fist and no sound will be produced. Everyone does not clench their fist to hit a person’s ass when you do spanking play right? It basically means that, desuyo~』

hmmmmm, I see.

: With an innocent smiling face she just used an example that just basically the end of the world which is Kusa
: I wonder why she knows about that kind of role play…
: Even though it should just be normal trivia, but every time she just talks about it too much Kusa(edited)
: I still haven’t totally gotten over it, It feels like she mixes in a bomb in everything she talks about
: It feels like it might become a habit…

『And also, people frequently think from how gorilla looks that they are aggressive animals, but actually they have a fragile heart. They are also an animal that doesn’t really like to fight desuyo~. They are so weak against stress that they end up having stomach aches. But, sometimes, towards humans! They throw their shit!! That happens so please be careful desuyo~. I’m obviously impossible with it, but those who are into sc〇t and moreover a super veteran that feels sexual desires to animals, a pervert like that would be super happy desuyo~』

LiveOn sure have an eye for their recruits (eyes dead)

: Oiii!
: She really had big smile when she said throw their shit Kusa
: I wonder why she knows that much about fetishes and role plays….
: Her smiling all the the time feels so uncomfortable that you could feel her darkness
: Ah, this normally just a person with a screw loose in their head
: It seems like there is someone that cheerfully does their introduction and starts talking about animals that throws their shit
: But still it helps as a trivia which has an exquisite balance
: there’s that too

『Ah, it seems the time has come desuyo~! It’s unfortunate but the introduction to Gorilla, scientific name Gorilla Gorilla is going to end~. From now on, in my streams I will be introducing animals so please look forward to it desuyo~!』

: good job~!
: I’m curious about her streams
: It was not a person with common sense lol
: Isn’t she on the strange girl side?
: I see

「Geez, how to say it, LiveOn kinda became like Zoo with strange creatures 」
Vtuber Legend chapter 50 end
9: yay chapter 50!!!! she is probably my most favorite among the 4th gen, compared to the other 2
Tasai: If this is a real life agency I’d honestly be impressed by Live On. Then again… (remembers Nijisanji) Real Life aren’t that different really…
3pic: I think that LiveOn is a mix between Hololive and Nijisanji in terms of the personalities of the Vtubers.
Maddy: Vtubers


  1. Aaah again…
    I mean, I know I can’t complain since this is just a charity(?) work
    But how they stop after tens of chapters, dropping it, then moving into a new series is really… Uh, never mind

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