HTG: ch 4 The Guardian is the great swordswoman


I was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and my Mission is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero.
Tozoku shoujo ni tensei shita ore no shimei wa yuusha to maou ni iyagarasena no!

Volume: A Thief girl will do whatever she wants

The Guardian is the great swordswoman.

Reeve is the daughter of a noble in the countryside. As she saw her sisters one by one being sent around for political marriage, she did not know what will happen to her.
When her turn came, she took her own belongings and ran away from home. From the start, she had known the basics of the sword; while on her journey, she had subjugated monsters.
However, because of that, she didn’t have much for travelling expenses.
With Reeve’s strength, hunting down strong monsters was difficult.
What she profited from were treasure hunting quests. If she can bring the target treasure to the guild, everything else other than the target becomes income to the whole party.
However Reeve hated men who are always vulgarly looking at her. Because of those circumstances, she couldn’t form a party.
Nevertheless, female adventurers are really scarce.
That was what the sigh some time ago meant.

“Reeve-san, the one that you were looking at, was it the Aida Labryinth treasure hunting quest? Both Father and I once explored there, why don’t you go with me?”

Aida Labyrinth, the labyrinth is easy enough that a Thief and a Warrior can safely enter, even with both of them being at elementary level. At the deepest level, a mushroom delicacy called Aida Mushroom can only be collected there; as a result, recruit offers are always appearing for the labyrinth.
However, it’s impossible to do it alone, but it is said that 2 people can do it.
Though it could be difficult, and there is always a chance that you’ll have to leave someone behind.
This knowledge came from Ellis and her Father’s diary.

“Ellis, is it fine?”

Oh, the oujo-chan changed to Ellis. ‘I expected this’ Ellis anticipated, and laid the trap.

“Yeah, it’s just that I have something to request, is it fine?”

Ellis proposed an idea to Reeve.

“If I can be of help I will,”

Reeve replied. Ellis was satisfied with it and continued.

“I want you to call yourself my sister.”

Reeve was perplexed by Ellis’ request.

“What do you mean by that?”

And then Ellis, talked about herself and Angus to Reeve who was listening. However, the Kevin couple in the talk was still a secret.
She continued on.

“I want to register as a Thief Adventurer, but if it’s just me, they might say that “Ellis has become odd” and start thinking that I became weird. That’s why I want Reeve to claim me as my guardian. Since Reeve wants to challenge the Aida Labyrinth with me, it can become an good reason.”

Some time ago, as she heard about Ellis and Angus she has only been crying, that’s why she has been reflexively nodding to the conversation.

“So then, right now let’s go to the Thief Guild. And then after that, Reeve-san, from this day onward, stay at my home. Since now, you don’t have worry about leaving the inn. Also, let’s eat dinner at my house.”

Ellis all at once showered her with requests.
Reeve didn’t notice that Ellis had grasped the lead, only nodding.

“So then, let’s go!”

Ellis pulled Reeve’s hand. and Frau, “so a relative sister came,” expressively coming along, and after that they went towards the Thief Guild.
Frau seeing the both of them, she felt a vague emotion gush out.

“Somehow the 2 of them, no, this Reeve, I somewhat hate this.”

The reception at the Thief guild is Cathy. A so-called a Cat Eared-girl.

“Cathy, I want a position revision.”

As Ellis talked with Cathy, a puzzled look floated on Cathy’s face. She replied with these words,

“Ellis, Angus dying is unfortunate, but this occupation, abandoning it is regrettable, nya?”

Now Ellis winked towards Reeve. Reeve continued it.

“I am Ellis’ distant relative, Reeve. From now on, I will be looking after Ellis, I came here because I want her position revised from the [Infiltration Unit] to Thief Adventurer.”

Reeve you’re magnificent. Just as expected from a noble.
Cathy’s gaze seems to pierce Reeve.
“Fuun.” Cathy snorted her nose and continued.

“If it nyike that we will proceed with the procedure nya. Ellis, you are really sure about nyis?”

Cathy did a last confirmation towards Ellis. Since [Infiltration Unit] is an Elite unit.
Then Cathy said that what Angus did to her was only to protect Ellis, while also receiving criticisms from the surrounding, and why Ellis became a member of the [Infiltration Unit], she knew all about it.

“It’s fine, Father is already gone. After this I will be living with Reeve. Cathy, thank you for worrying about me.”

Ellis’ eyes shot through Cathy.

What is this feeling.
I wonder how this girl feels this brutally cute. An image of fleeting, dangerous, and fickle tyrant was piled up, being transmitted. (EDN: no idea how to change second sentence. help)
In that place was a doll-like girl.
Still, from her, a pressure she doesn’t completely understand is shooting out.
Cathy couldn’t help it and replied “I understand nya”.

And then Reeve vacated out of the inn, and after they bought ingredients for dinner, Ellis with Reeve went back to the house.
Ellis introduced Reeve to Kevin and her wife.
From the both of their expressions, it was obvious that she was a person outside of their expectations.
A bunch of disqualified thieves.

“Kevin-san, Alicia-san, for taking care of me up until now, thank you. From this day on, I will be looked after by Reeve. Thank you very much.”

And then before the couple could react, Reeve barraged them with words.

“I am Reeve. I am Ellis’ Distant Relative. For looking after Ellis up until now, I will always be grateful towards you.”

And then 2 of them,”a u a u,” did a sidelong glance, and after that returned to their home.

“Was that fine?”

Reeve asked. Ellis replied.

“Yeah. Since up until now, Kevin and his wife had been looking after me. It’s just that, from now on I don’t plan to trouble them anymore. Thank you for your cooperation.”

From Ellis’ face her emerald eyes stared at Reeve.
Reeve unintentionally turn away her long slitted green eyes. And the reason she turned away was to shake of her feeling. She herself held interest in this doll. It was something society won’t allow.

“Have I turned weird?”(TL: nope its not you but the society)

And so forth she was answering her own questions, she herself must be the girls guardian, she herself found a different reason, Reeve was somehow able to smooth it over.


The HikiNeet, some way or the other, quickly noticed Reeve’s reaction. That’s right. Yuri yuri will do right.
The HikiNEET, once again realized that his delusions can materialize in this world.
This is also because of this characteristic of this lovely girl’s appearance.

“Hey, Reeve, let’s make do with a light dinner, tomorrow will be the day we will prepare for the treasure hunt so let’s quickly go to bed.”

“You’re right, let’s do that.”

Ellis and Reeve ate a simple dinner, and then before going to bed, they went to the bathroom to wash their bodies.
Reeve’s body was more beautiful than what she had imagined.
An ordered shaggy green hair. Long slit eyes of the same color, and a white skin to the ends.
Regarding her height as a woman, she is on the high side. If you see it here, it’s about 17bit(170cm).
Her chest was small, but at the head of it was a transparent like pink. (TL: i think you know what the pink part means)
Sitting straight up, from her smallish bottom to both of her feet were slender.
Reeve wiped Ellis’ body.

“I need to seem like a Guardian right?”

Reeve smiled.
Ellis-Eiji curiously thought about it.
Right here it would be simple to have sex with her. However, after that it will be over. If possible she wants to keep having sex with her. Moreover, she wants the person herself to want it. Fortunately right now, she didn’t have a penis to show her desire. Ok, this is an endurance match.

Ellis returned a smile toward Reeve.

“Hey Reeve, you being so gentle towards me, it may have been my first time.”

Reeve unintentionally had an impulse to embrace Ellis. She falsified it by wrapping towel on Ellis’ body.

“I will also wipe Reeve.”

Ellis wiped Reeve’s body with a towel.

As expected from the HikiNEET that had a pro call girl for him, it was unexpected that he was calm in this situation. (TL: OTL  さすが宅配風俗でプロ相手には百戦錬磨のヒキニート、こういうときは意外と冷静。)
The HikiNEET one by one expanded his delusions.
Maybe at the night after the labyrinth has been captured.
Seductively wearing a loose, sheer one piece.

“Reeve use this room, OK?”

Ellis was in her mother’s room, while she lead Reeve to her father’s room, where there wasn’t even one day that it was neglected from cleaning.

“I’ll be at the room next to this one.”

Ellis walked along with Reeve, and then continued.

“Reeve, good night. Thank you for today.”

Ellis returned to her own room.

Reeve wasn’t able to sleep.
In this one day, various things happened.
Up until now, whenever she was exposed, it was the opposite of the vulgar stares from men, the eyes of a lovely girl, it was as if it was able to grasp the bottom of her womb. (TL: yes it is womb………..OTL i totally don’t get why, am i too pure for this-d-)
right now she would be living with that girl.
and that girl is the room next to hers.

“is there something wrong with me?”

she asked herself.
she can’t sleep.

The door in the room made a sound as it was opened.
Reeve being a swordsman, something like a presence, she can immediately grasp it.
Then as she noticed it she got tense. The reason that she can’t sleep was there.

“Reeve, are you awake?” Ellis’ voice.

Reeve made an effort to reply.

“Ah, I’m still up. Ellis, is there something wrong?”

Ellis replied in a tearful voice.

“Nee Reeve, I want to sleep with you.”

Reeve’s heartbeat sprang up.

“If you are fine with it, won’t you sleep together?”

She wrung out the trembling voice, trying to calm down.
The little girl silently crawled into the bed.
The little girl showed her face around Reeve’s chest, her sweet emerald eyes looked up to her.

“Thank you, Reeve, good night.”

The little girl buried her face at Reeve’s reserved chest, and before long she started sleeping.
Being fished by it, it was as if the lust from earlier was a lie and Reeve pulled.
She hugged the little girl, and slept in supreme bliss.

yossha 1st stage completed.
the HikiNEET’s delusion materialization plan started.

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