HTG : ch 1(prologue) – The God has an idea.


MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA the shortest bomb!!

I was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and my Mission is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero.
Tozoku shoujo ni tensei shita ore no shimei wa yuusha to maou ni iyagarasena no!

Volume: A Thief girl will do whatever she wants

Prologue – The God has an idea.

This is the world of the God.

“Yosh! This time it’s my win!”

The God of War did a Guts pose.

“When he first chose his representative, I honestly thought that it was impossible”

The God of Sorcery droops his shoulders.

“You guys, why don’t you just stop meddling with the human world?”

The God of Thieves rebuked the other 2 gods, but they didn’t pay him any attention.

“It’s because human society has forgotten the term ‘survival of the fittest’ and has, in turn, begun to rot”

said the God of War.

“Because of our involvement. It’s all for the prosperity of the humans, you know?

said the God of Sorcery.

“If it’s like that then no matter where my believers stand, they would always be outcasts” said the God of Thieves who was already fed up with the other 2 gods.

“Yosh, our next match will take place on this world”

“I won’t lose like last time!”

So you’re just doing it again. The God of Thieves let out a sigh.
Eventually these guys’ representatives will go wild and end up killing my believers.

Oh, I just thought of something pretty good.
The God of Thieves will, in where the other 2 gods are holding their match, send in his own representative whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc upon his counterparts.

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