HTG : ch 2 Girl Reincarnation


9: I will be switching low-life and sleazebag according to the situation but both are actually one word but still will switch from time to time according to the situation.

I was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and my Mission is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero.
Tozoku shoujo ni tensei shita ore no shimei wa yuusha to maou ni iyagarasena no!

Volume: A Thief girl will do whatever she wants

Girl Reincarnation

His name is Yashiro Eiji. A legitimate HikiNEET.
His parents died several years ago and he is living off of the inheritance.
This, of course, reached it’s limit. Out of necessity, he booted up his favorite PC and opened the HelloWork website and in the search parameters he entered [Girl], then clicked search. (TL: hellowork is a website that lists jobs, found it by googling this ハロワ)

“So HelloWork has no girls. When will a girl fall from the sky for me?”

The keyword that he himself typed was the trigger that started Eiji’s sleazy delusions.
The King of Sleazebags.

Soon after, he attained Sage mode.

“Well, time to go out and eat dinner.”

Next to him were his usual toys that he had ordered by mail.
He heads to the diner next to a convenience store. It’s the only place he ever goes.
If he’s lucky, he might get to see the shopkeeper’s lovely daughter(estimated age: 8 years) who he worships.

“Oh, isn’t that the daughter of the diner’s owner? Why don’t I accompany her to the diner?”

Eiji, no longer in Sage mode, started to have delusions of going as far as grabbing her hand to lead her. Staggering, he headed towards the other side of the road where the little girl is.
He noticed something getting near. A huge, unique Semi-trailer. (ED: I imagine something like this:
Eiji was hit 44 tons of pressure, instantly turning into minced meat.

“Oi, Eiji”

Eiji opened his eyes from suddenly having his name called out. He was in a pure white world.

“Oh, you’re finally awake”

A voice resounded in Eiji’s head.

“Well, you… you really are a low-life. The things in your head… Apart from the common knowledge, aren’t most of them crimes?

“Mind your own business” Eiji thought while looking around the surroundings. There wasn’t anyone there.

“What a hobby, reading peoples minds. By the way, who are you and where in the world am I?”

“I am the God of Thieves. This is the border between heaven and the human world. You were turned into minced meat by a truck, do you understand that?”

Eiji remembered it. Being attracted to a little girl, he jumped onto the road. Then a trailer drew near, and that was where his memory stopped.

“What will happen to me?”

Eiji impatiently asked.

“If nothing happens here, you’ll be going to hell, you know? Since you’re scum.”


“However, I’m here to give you a proposition. Would you like to become my Representative and reincarnate into another world? I like guys like you who are the Kings of low-lives.”

“King of low-lives…are you praising me? What do you mean by representative?”

“You’ll be the representative of the God of Thieves. Well, when you reincarnate, you won’t remember that you’re the representative.”

“So, what should I do once I reincarnate?”

“You’ll be there with others like you. The God of War representative and the God of Sorcery’s representative will be in that world. I want you to harass them”

“That’s so troubleso~me”

“Then you’ll be bound for hell~”

“Ok ok! I understand. Just forget what I just said. By the way, when you think of reincarnating, you normally get some sort of cheat. What kind of ability will I get?”

“Unfortunately, the God of War governs over physical strength direct attacks and the God of Sorcery governs over wisdom and magical attacks, so I won’t be able to give you anything like that. In exchange, I can give you the abilities of thieves.”

“What do those do?”

“You’ll get Agile Aptitude and Prowess with Magical Tools”

The God of Thieves continues his explanation.
The Agile Aptitude will give various boosts to the thiefs normal abilities.
Hidden presence, trap discovery, lock picking, and assassination.
Prowess with Magical Tools abilities are as follows:
[Magical Tool Perception] I am able to sense the presence of a magic tool at a glance.
[Magical Tool Identification] I can determine the ability of a magic tool and instantly know the command word for it.
[Peerless Magical Tool] Magical Tools cost 0 Mana Power(MP) to use and can be used limitlessly.
[Magical Tool Duplication] Can copy the ability of any magic tool and apply it to any normal tool.

“Amazing, this is an appropriate cheat.”

“Isn’t it? If it’s like this, there won’t be any complaints, right?”

“No no”

“Yosh, the contract is complete. Well then, I will now hurl you towards your vessel in the other world. Your memories regarding me will disappear, but your abilities and purpose are drilled into your head, so you shouldn’t need to worry.”

The God of Thieves started chanting something.

Eiji’s existence began to fade and eventually vanished altogether.

“Well, if you don’t have a magical tool, the abilities will be useless.” (TL: say that first! -> tsukomi by 9)

“Ellis! Oi! Ellis!”

Someone’s voice resounded in Eiji’s head. Who is this Ellis?
His head felt like it was split open.

“That’s right, I was hit by a semi-trailer” Eiji remembered.
He searched for the feeling of both his arms and legs. There was no pain. The headache also quickly faded.
Eiji slowly opened his eyes. Right in front of him was an old guy who looks Italian.

“Ellis has regained consciousness!”

Again, just who is this Ellis?

“I’m glad that you’re safe”.

Eiji turned towards the direction of the female voice beside him.
There, he saw a woman with a nice body. It was an older woman with clothes and facial qualities that made her look Swiss.

“Who is this Ellis?”

Eiji impatiently asks the old guy.
The old guy grabbed both of my shoulders, and said

“What are you saying? You’re Ellis, you know?”

“She might have amnesia”

The obasan continued.
Eiji looked at both of his hands.
His skin was pale and white. The size was that of a childs.
He looked down and checked his body from chest to feet.
There was a cotton dressing wrapped around his head. No matter how much he looked, he was a kid.

Eiji was reincarnated into the body of a little girl.

Ellis-Eiji understood the situation to this point. She pretended to lose her memories and began to confirm the situation.
The old guy’s name was Kevin and the older woman’s name was Alicia. They were Ellis’ neighbors and her father’s business partners.

“Angus sure is pitiable”

Alicia mumbled.

In short, the story goes like this.
Angus is a member of the Thieves Guild. He was either the center of the guild, or just the head of infiltration. (TL: TT__TT アンガスとは、盗賊ギルド所属の盗賊。ギルドでも中堅どころで、主に潜入に従事していた。)
Ellis was Angus’ one and only daughter. Her mother died giving birth to her.
Since then, Angus has been anything but doting on Ellis. It was something you call tough love.
Ellis once ran away from Angus only to get chased around by slave traders.
Ellis already had the skills of a thief that Angus was drilling into her everyday.
Even so, Ellis was sweetly raised.
Her skin was glossy and white, with straight, blonde hair that she inherited from her mother that came down to her shoulders. She had big, beautiful eyes that makes her look like a doll (ED: Or an anime character…)
Angus was worried that someone would take her away from him, so he made her register at the Thieves Guild.
Ellis became a member of the Thieves Guild and Angus left her to one of his subordinates.

“For a female thief, their body is also one of their tools”

He couldn’t tell what his other colleagues would do.
Angus’ specialty was infiltration. It isn’t a gender specific job.
If she was in this field, he can bring her on jobs with him.
Angus though it was a good choice, until the time he made a mistake on a mission.

Angus and Ellis were on a mission in the house of a certain noble. It was a guild quest.
The mission should have been simple, at least from what he could tell with his experience.
However, this time, the situation was different. A poison dart trap was cleverly set.
Both Angus and Ellis were hit by it.
They were both somehow able to make it back to their hideout, but Angus ended up losing his life. Ellis would have also, had Eiji not reincarnated into her corpse.
Ellis-Eiji was to wash herself. Alicia prepared a bath for her. In the reflection of the water in the tub, she could see her own naked body.
It was Eiji’s dream to see a little girl’s naked body, but with this being her own body, she didn’t really get aroused. She could only think of it as beautiful.
Just like that, her sleazy thoughts exploded.
Her own body is a no go, but it’s other girls, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Instead of the body of a HikiNEET, this appearance will do much better.
On Ellis-Eiji’s lovely face, the smile of the King of Low-lives appeared.

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  1. Would it not be better to have the “God of Thieves” named “God of Rogues”? I mean since the start they have been talking about, theivery, spy stuff, assassine stuff, stuff and archer would do(magic tools and stuff) or well its a recomendation, maiby he is called that in japanese too.


    1. Interesting point, I agree with some of it. They’re both pretty well used terms, so i’ll write some why /why not either would be suitable, because I feel like it.

      Thief : Basically a wide ranged term, it can be applied to anyone who steal at some time, generally light/medium armor, sneaking, lockpicking etc. but it doesn’t necessarily limit them to just stealing. Some assassins might be parttime thieves until enough payment comes , and some thieves might decide to become lawabiding.

      Rogue: Pretty similar to thief in most situations, a little better in combat situations, probably more dependant on poisons & tricks rather than clever tricks thieves might use. Has a secondary meaning used for some people, meaning someone who acts like a rogue, either dishonestly or breaks from whomever they’re currently serving, therefore being a rogue **** whatever he was, possibly rogue knight.

      So, both might work, but if it’s just about thieving, Thief might suit people better.


    1. I was thinking the same thing as I was editing it. They call it a unique truck, so just imagine one of those dekatora trucks that’s all pimped out. Changes up the formula a little bit.


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